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Understanding how the sales cycle has been smashed by the millennial Smartphone user is key to the adoption of the Progressive Web App.

Addressing immediacy in your business processes is fundamental to survival and growth post Covid

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Can you afford to pay your staff?

Free advice

Not being able to pay your staff their wages on payday can spell disaster for your business and your mental well being.

Have you pre-warned staff of this ?

It doesn’t mean they will be any less angry or upset by the news.

But it won’t come as a nasty shock to them on payday.

Don’t be surprised if you are met with a hostile response.

Exacerbated with rumours of lay offs and redundancies from their friends and family.

Your employees are likely to be much more concerned with their own financial situation.

They will be understandably worried about how they will be able to meet their own bills.

Can you put your finger on a few things that might help ?

Not too sure how to go about it?

Perhaps you have suffered unexpected expenditure that has hit your cash reserves?

Have clients failed to pay you on time and this in turn has had a knock-on effect on your cash flow?

Back to basics for a minute, are you a business or a charity ?

Have you let late payment slip as a priority ?

Have you adopted an ‘everybody in the same boat mentality’ ?

What are you going to do about it?

An option to get cash you are owed

Into the business quickly.

Tempted to invest into the internet as your salvation ?

Thinking of asking a local website builder to give you a quote ?

Maybe you have already done that and received a truly bewildering response in a quote that brings water to your eyes.

If you could use the internet to dramatically reduce your variable costs and operate much more efficiently, would that be a good place to start ?

Reducing costs is just as effective as growing your business.

Except reducing your variable costs is easier and cheaper to implement.

Can we suggest you look at the internet in a holistic way.

In a way that does not require capital outlay.

That runs off your wi fi connection through the cloud.

And reduces payroll simply by implementing it ?

Knowing where to start is always tough.

Maltix started with a CRM

A CRM is like a central control for a TAXI business or Emergency Services, hierarchical in nature that records every piece of outbound and inbound communication.

It will compartmentalise and tag or log every piece of information for future searches.

A CRM is completely malleable to your organisation, like a piece of clay !

So cheap to rent, yet so powerful in driving down costs

Hugely drives down:

Paper wastage and time loss.

Drives up:

Staff efficiency

Customer service

If you have got to start somewhere, start here today, sign up for free trial with free support.

Debt collection services.

Debt collection

A subsidiary of Maltix UK and Malta ltd

Persistent, relentless, experienced Debt collection and documentation fulfillment services UK and EU.

Subtle, experienced and persistent DEBT collection services in the UK and Europe
Better in your bank account than theirs eh?

Maltix offices have a discreet specialist Debt collector at very reasonable rates.

We have over 30 years of Debt collection experience using proven methods of professional letter and email writing services.

An email and professional letter writing division.

With credit control letters and emails.

We specialise in the collection of monies.

And professional letter or email writing services.

Government documentation fulfillment
30 years experience, UK EU
Government documentation fulfillment
30 years experience

Official documentation fulfillment.

Quarterly subscription.

Rates are extremely good value with quarterly subscription for individuals at €5 per month  .

€25.00 per month for companies of less than 5 employees

Larger companies €50.00 per month.

Maltix-print offers a full letter writing/email service, filling out of Government forms or any other forms included in the quarterly subscription.

Debt collection services Malta and Gozo
Claim whats yours

Credit control services

Credit control services are charged by the number of letters.

Up to ten collection letters €10.00 euros

From 11 to 25 €20.00

25 to 35 €30.00

Additional letters can be negotiated.

Resolving difficult money collection issues at minimum cost
Resolving difficult issues at reasonable cost.
Beat those penalty deadlines with official documentation.
Beat those penalty deadlines

UK payment in Sterling

Euro payment in Euro.

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