Why your website is a disaster on the phone

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The majority of website business traffic is conducted on the phone, yet most websites are a complete disaster.

It’s got nothing to do with internet speed !

The average Millennial born after 1980 will drop your website like a stone if it doesn’t load in less that 2 seconds.

If your a bit nerdy, go Google “why is my website so slow on the smartphone”

The Millennial actively looks for QR and the New Progressive Web APP in combination.

Almost for sure your fancy website is a terrible disappointment, yet you keep paying out a fortune for your “web team” or put incredible effort into your own website that continues to under perform.

Use your own website as an example:


Find out the speed of your website, prepare yourself to be really upset.

Are you on a PC ? Now load this webpage on your phone.

Millennials predominantly dont use PCs !

Do the same test with a QR live link DEMO

Do the test again with a Progressive Web APP DEMO ( No APP store required! )

A website on the PC an APP on the phone

Perplexed ? you should be.

Talk with the people who believe that the website is over

Long live the website

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It is a website Jim, but not like we know it

Captain Kirk

Google has invented a website code for the phone that acts like an APP

It acts like a website but its an APP

“It is a website Jim, but not like we know it”

It’s called a Progressive Web APP or PWA

Business with people born after 1980 is predominantly on the phone

“websites are so yesterday”

Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk

It is a website Jim, but not like we know it

A PWA looks like a website on a PC

But its natural hunting ground is on the Phone

It loads at warp speed and functions like any other APP

Doesn’t need to be downloaded from the APP store

Doesn’t have to be downloaded onto a phone to operate

Works offline and sends notifications for free

It is a website Jim, but not like we know it

“This is the biggest change on the internet for small business since the dream of the internet began in the 1960’s”

“William Nicholls Global Development Director Maltix”

Captain Kirk

“Captain’s log, star-date 41153.7. Our destination is planet Deneb IV …”.

Should DATA go on your balance sheet ?

Let us look at the King of predatory data stealing.

Facebook’s market cap is £444 billion, but its book value (value of its tangible assets) is only £66 billion.

So where does the £378 billion come from ? your DATA !

Small business the PWA and keeping your own DATA

Shall we repeat Facebook numbers for the real world of small business.

Small business valuation for sale £440, 000

Tangible assets £66,000

Are you a small business that takes the new PWA seriously?

Are you going to manage your own DATA through smart form pages on your website ?

Are you going to invest in a PWA and manage your DATA on your CRM?

Replicate your clients needs on the phone?

Damn right you are, “Captain Log: Star-date 2022: Our destination is Maltix for a chat.

Connect your products and services directly to the phone. Improve service levels dramatically. Stand out from the crowd and generate word of mouth sales and rave reviews. 

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Ask Mr Benn for a QR journey in your business

Mr Benn

Maybe you remember Mr Benn ?

Mr Benn, a man wearing a black suit and bowler hat, leaves his house at 52 Festive Road, London, and visits a fancy-dress costume shop where he is invited by the moustachioed, fez-wearing shopkeeper to try on a particular outfit.

He leaves the shop through a magic door at the back of the changing room and enters a world appropriate to his costume, where he has an adventure.

The magic door is waiting for you and your business, the journey is only limited by your imagination.

A cartoon character of 50 years ago has a modern affinity with the QR code invented over 30 years ago.

The magic door is a Dynamic QR code and takes your business on a magical journey through print and media.

Talk to a trained Maltix partner today and take the first step into re imagining your marketing journey.

Hold Mr Benn’s hand because this holistic marketing journey is fun and perfect for your customers phone.

Where would you like to go today?

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The Hoteliers problem with old tech

The grand LOGO

It’s not so much the tech its the Hoteliers mindset that needs rebooting.

old telephone

The Hoteliers problem with old tech

In conversation with Will Nicholls MD Maltix partner programme.

Interviewer Jamie Townsend, Hotel press

Press release:

I sat in the lounge area of a famous Hotel on Malta, obviously too early for a reluctant conversation with somebody who replaced the Managing Director to talk to me last minute.

Nuts really, they organised a chat with me based on improving Hotel communications.

The laughable part about this was the youth I was “talking to” was a techie, he had a marvellous understanding of their website and all that jazz.

But when we spoke about connecting to the Hotel Guest phone, a glaze malaise spread across his face along with finger fidgets and a need to escape the conversation by any means.

He did continue to say that we are working on that.

How ? I enquired.

He smiled, ” We have put all out menus on the in room TV system”

Wow I exclaimed, how well is that going ?

Very well he replied.

I then asked how the guest ordered, he said “I really dont know, I guess they phone the front desk for room service”

Thank you for your time, I replied, I guess you are busy.

No he replied, Im off today, we are gaming today.

And I kid you not, in that very minute of departure, he placed an order for 6 breakfasts on the McDonald APP for delivery.

It was my turn to glaze over and hold my hands up in the air momentarily.

Here it is Mr Hotel Director, your guests trust their own phone.

So why doesn’t the Hotel use a food APP to deliver food to their guests?

After all, thats room service isn’t it?

Why on earth would you put food menus onto the telly, defaulting probably, that really ticks people off!

Then you expect them to pick up a telephone thats dates back to 1975 and place an order?

What world are you on, I thought to myself.

And yet the solution for this Hotel remains in the ether

It’s not so much the tech its the Hoteliers mindset that needs rebooting.

All part of life’s journey I guess, I’m sure my next appointment will be more fruitful.

Mind MAP
Will Nicholls in ” conversation “
William Nicholls
William Nicholls

Marriot food and beverage APP

Hotel reception

Recognising the importance of F&B in the Middle East market, Marriott International is doubling down on its food and beverage focus. In the UAE, the US hotel giant has launched its More Cravings app, which promises to showcase the UAE’s “biggest culinary offering ”

Marriott’s hotel portfolio in the UAE includes around 70 hotels and more than 300 restaurants and bars. The app includes details of offers at all of these.

Caterer Middle East caught up with Robert Juntke, the vice president of F&B, design and development, EMEA for Marriott. He said: “More Cravings by Marriott Bonvoy was born out of the need to position our restaurant portfolio in the increasingly competitive market space and make restaurants available to anyone at the click of a button.

“William Nicholls MD Maltix Hotel solutions”

Fabulous to see Hotel groups waking up to the power of an APP within their Hotel and within the Geo code area they arrange to deliver to.

In reverence to the hard work the Marriot has put into their services

Maltix has created a holistic Hotel solution based on subscription flyer information so that Guests can scan directly to the services they require during their stay.

This is a fully outsourced bespoke solution for Hotels on fixed price investments.

Scan room service. Click SELECT and ORDER. Click on the food offering Pizza maybe ! Look at the DEMO Progressive Web APP (PWA) take over the order and payment service.

Branded Room service

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Hotel Guests trust their own phone.

Hotel reception

“The skill and precision this Co has brought to our Hotel Guest room offering is changing the very fabric of our communications”

Paula Newton THF

” We simply had to wean ourselves off booking.com we couldn’t afford it “

Derek Laynes

Post House Hotels

“Hotel Guests put trust in us on their phone, thats creating much stronger long term business”

Petra Dochavic

Treswyth Accommodation

” Honestly, the data from our Hotel Guests smartphone is changing our marketing forever”

Tupenny inn

Debbie Vant

Book a call with the experts in QR hospitality

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Hotel internal communications and hotel print is broken.

grand hotel room discounts

90% of new business that comes to Maltix are from Hotels who instruct their tech teams to do something their printers have no idea about.

“Connecting Hotels to the guests smartphone is critically important for business recovery”

loyalty discounts

Without subscription print connected to subscription QR it doesn’t work.

Talk to a Maltix professional

more discount deals
group room booking
room discounts 2 for 3 nights
room discounts 2 for 3 nights

DEMO HOTEL Room Service

Connecting hotel guests
Demo Hotel landing page

This is a Demo page, designed to be a Hotel website landing page or just a dedicated landing page for changes to the food and beverages offering through Hotel flyers connected to the “Room Service ” QR

The print design can be outsourced through Maltix on subscription or it can be kept in house.

Subscription QR and Smart Form pages can be changed within 24 hours for Hotel campaigns without the need to re create or even reprint the QR.

This is a serviced agreement, although in house tech teams can be trained to operate the system on our white label platforms.

Scan this QR and you will see it connects to a professional branded landing page.

When the Hotel guest places an order by clicking ROOM SERVICE this DEMO landing page appears.

From there on, any Flyer image that is clicked immediately connects to the Smart Form order page.

This way, the Guest only has to Scan the QR once to access the order page.

On submission the request goes immediately to the relevant departments for a Room call or Guest Smartphone call.

A reassurance email is automatically sent to the Guest.

This service can also be SMS enabled.

Internal Hotel contact information can also be sent at this point.

All client data is handled with full https:// security and the data can be automatically added to a Hotel CRM for future newsletter segmentation.

Room service

Hotel branding here

Welcome to the Grand Hotel :

Click on the images below to order.

Room service will confirm your requirements immediately.

Click to order
Click to order
Click to order
Click to order
Click to order
Click to order room drinks

The Grand Hotel front desk contact information

Websites suck on the Smartphone

print with impunity

But can dramatically increase in tandem with Smart QR landing pages.

The average Smartphone user’s download patience has reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds in the last 18 months.

Will Nicholls 2 days ago·5 min read MALTIX newswire

Will Nicholls

Discovering trends through Industry research and development.

A Smartphone enabled document.

Independent and newswire publication update November 2021

Research and precis conducted by:



Research dissertation UWE Bristol Dr Phillipa Coles

Some discovery facts related to the Estate Agent / Realtor , and E-commerce industry UK, South Africa, US, Australia and NZ

The average Smartphone user spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone 7 days a week, equating to 50 days a year of their lives.

It’s easily the #1 place to go to visit the internet.

The average person picks up their phone 58 times a day or around 22,000 times a year!

70% of sessions on a Smartphone are less than 2 mins.

25% are between 2 and 10 mins.

5% are more than 10 mins.

The average Smartphone users’ download patience has reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds in the last 18 months.

The average website takes 10 to 23 seconds to load on a Smartphone.

The average APP has a load time of 2.75 seconds.

The average QR code download from click is 1 second.

Branding continuity continues to be regular problem between websites and APPs

Developers are still behind with industry brand guidelines advice.

In a major survey it transpires that Smartphone users are increasingly focused on APP options but particularly the immediacy of QR scan codes.

QR codes offer a “Right Here Right Now” approach

The Millenial and Gen Z generation continue the strong trend to avoid websites in preference to APP and QR.

Smartphone respondents repeat their preference for a Google like search experience within APPs.

With a minimum of 10% business growth projected every year.

Smartphone users actively look to turn on and turn off notification options for their preferred content engagement.

With a strong preference to search using the familiar “burger bar” APP navigation.

Advanced APP analytics confirm these trends with individual APP operators.

Smartphone users increasingly use APPs for their specific information research such as mortgage calculators or geo maps.

And a dramatic trend towards future notification requests.

All the reports highlight the severe shortcoming of websites to personalise targeted content to the Smartphone.

Smartphone users tend to avoid word documents, excel documents and PDF in their scrolling habits.

But via fixed position Smartphone QR codes, proprietors are now able to change the link or documentation associated with the QR call to action.

They are slightly more likely to engage with a live google document but prefer the instant update content within an APP or the point and get what they need immediately from a QR scan.

This QR trend is igniting a revolution and a reversal to print marketing techniques, particularly public spaces inside or outside.

The Smartphone user demands through QR are expanding, particularly video, appointment booking, discount vouchers, geo location and pay now functionality.

QR can connect directly to payment platforms such as PayPal or Stripe via Smart form pages and indirectly to e-commerce check out.

Dynamic QR continues to experience huge growth with a focus on touchless interaction but also specific information interaction.

Users still avoid downloading APPs onto their Smartphone desktop unless it’s a progressive web app or PWA which has up to 300 times less Smartphone memory depletion.

The “do and delete” App culture of Smartphone users is still very prevalent because of continued Smartphone memory issues.

The extrapolated information within the Estate Agency / Realtor and Retail sector.

“Connecting professionally to the Smartphone user for more Completions and more E-commerce sales”

The growth of instant gratification appears high on the Smartphone users agenda.

The route to instantaneous information has been calculated within QR scan reporting systems.

The “Call to Action” is increasingly getting more diverse and sophisticated, many bespoke to particular campaigns.

The pandemic drives contactless information more and more to QR codes for a myriad of instant solutions.

Reports prove that dynamic QR connected to instant updates is a more trusted conduit for Smartphone property information than websites.

Smart brochures and printed leaflets are seen increasingly as a trusted and rapid information point using smart QR, in part reversing the trend for paperless communications.

Although QR codes also have a live link capability for social media sharing.

QR scan reporting systems bear little relevance to high street opening times, suggesting highly visual QR uptake in multiple locations on a 24/7 basis

Including window dressing inside and out.

Vehicles, VCards, commercial hoardings, QR video alongside photos, for sale boards, bespoke brochures and leaflets.

Increasingly, high quality QR printed and framed for strategic alliances and affiliations gains momentum.

We hope you find this Medium.com and Newswire article of interest.

Research contributors: Maltix Fliplet UWE Bristol

Research Precis Compiler

Will Nicholls

The Maltix goal is to solve the problems of senior Business people using a portfolio of smartphone friendly digital solutions. WILL NICHOLLS FOLLOWS

Research Doc SCAN

Maltix QR scan DEMO

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Print Run 10,000

Campaign Start Sep 27, 2021

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Sep 06, 2021 — Oct 14, 2021 Month



AndroidOS38.55%iOS32.65%Windows13.71%OS X11.61%Linux0.33%ChromeOS0.21%Ubuntu0.02%WindowsPhoneOS0.02%BlackBerryOS0.01%JavaOS0%SymbianOS0%


1United States475617.93%2Denmark365513.78%3Brazil19777.46%4Indonesia10363.91%5Mexico10323.89%6India10133.82%7Germany9193.47%8Spain6802.56%9Viet Nam5512.08%10Italy5372.03%


1Hørsholm359713.56%2Ashburn6262.36%3Newark6012.27%4Jakarta5892.22%5São Paulo3741.41%6Madrid2530.95%7Frankfurt am Main2460.93%8Hanoi2420.91%9Mountain View2180.82%

Small business continues to take great risk with GDPR

In time and risk it’s exactly the same as not wearing a seatbelt

Tripping up

A subject request could come in at any time following the introduction of the GDPR and from any direction.

An employee could ask for a copy of all the personal data you hold on them – and remember this could include all images you have of them as well as documents and records.

A former customer could ask you to delete all personal data you have collected on them.

A supplier could ask you to correct the misspelling of their name.

Would you be able to confidently deal with and respond to the request within the 30 day period required by the GDPR?

MMM I thought so

A data breach can be as simple as emailing the wrong person, leaving a document on the train and losing a phone or more complex, like falling for a phishing email or being subject to hacking.

With only 72 hours to report a serious breach to the regulator, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), one person and one person only is in control.

All it takes is for one disgruntled former employee or customer or even a neighbour or competitor to raise questions about your compliance and complain to the regulator.

It doesn’t take five minutes for anyone to check whether you have a GDPR compliant privacy notice on your website or whether you have paid your data controller fee to the ICO.

But even if you have those outward facing steps in place, would your approach to GDPR compliance withstand a probe by the regulator?

Could your business survive the financial and reputational impacts of a data breach or compliance failure?

Maltix Partners have a simple proven solution and we are internally trained on implementing that.

It’s NOT expensive

And it’s https//: from start to finish.

And it’s contactless.

And you are 100% in control

One user name one log in one person responsible.

happy gdpr
clunk click every trip