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We estimate adopting Maltix tech, compared to website hosting, will reduce your GREEN footprint by as much as 90% 

phone usage stats
phone usage stats


Through a collection of robust secure online client or prospect interactionsthat work in the background of your Business

We have future proofed small business on the phone with an unprecedented low investment.

Maltix is the worlds first subscription based QR phone-tech Co with a clear upgrade roadway for small business from QR basics to a top quality APP (Progressive Web APP) thru data compliance to recycling hard won data.

All iterations and changes are managed for you via Lares VA services within our Global Real person CHAT support service all within your subscription

Moving from Mouse to Touch

Website reporting systems confirm the trend that people are doing all their business on their phone.

The Mouse has gone down the rabbit hole

Trends eh?

Just listen to the logic.

Business is now intertwined into a social media rabbit hole, agree?

So moving small business from mouse to touch is a wise move when connecting the phone user to your business. 

Welcome to Maltix, our mission is to be the bridge between Entrepreneurs and SMEs, the business processes they need to run their businesses, and the tech available to make that happen.

We know what business systems you need in order to make networking, sales, prospecting, advertising, social media, and the rest, work for you and your business.

We also know what, state-of-the-art technology, including AI, CRM, PWAs, SFP’s, and more, is out there to deliver those systems and how to put them together to make them work for you.

Our mission is to make sure that you can use that tech to run your business without having to learn much about it, other than what buttons to push to get the job done. 

For those that don’t even have the time or inclination to do that, we provide a whole team of human Virtual Assistants to do the job for you, for a small fee, and available 24×7 free, to answer queries.

We know we can do this and provide it, in an easy to pay for, cost effective, monthly subscription, to suit the way small businesses work.

If this is how you would like to work, I or my team will be happy to talk you through it.

Maurice T Watts Director

Never mind the quality feel the width

A comedy programme from the 60’s but quite apt in the clash of data knowledge for 2023.

The stakes have never been higher for businesses to become data-driven as they battle against a perfect storm of challenges.

Customers have unprecedented product choices across geographies, regulations are increasing, competition is growing fiercer.

Never mind the quality feel the width

Applied effectively, data gives business the agility to succeed against all odds.

Data-driven small businesses have a secret advantage over neighbouring small business competition.

“Data valuation on the balance sheet will be worth a great deal of money when you consider the lifetime of the client”

Same sector competing business.

Scenarios help explain data success and data failure.

A question for you : which device is being targeted here ?

Lets compare 2 public houses by firstly looking at the basics for success.

The Nags Head and the Rose and Crown

Captivating one liners, copy and call to action ensure QR enablement.

Options with customers for repeat business.

Hand outs : “Book your table for 10 or more in January 2023 using this £50 voucher, SCAN now”

Phone Voucher: “Scan and share this QR Voucher for £50 off your January table booking”

QR social media link “Scan and share this QR Voucher for £50 off your January table booking”

QR social media link “Scan and share this EVENT QR to claim £50 off your January table booking”

Email: “Open this email for a £50 gift from the Nags Head”

SMS QR link “£50 gift from the Nags Head, claim today”

Daily APP notification: Nags Head Pizza takeaway deal of the day, order before midnight”

Never mind the quality feel the width

Routine QR data collection can be automated to a central management system for a secure and compliant system.

When you encourage past clients to submit their data, then they will return for repeat business again and again:

And this is completely irrespective of the business sector.

  • Food App event

Would you like some ideas for your sector?

Lets talk, write a blog or two and have some fun on the way.

A conversation with Michelle Scott.


Fast track My Most Trusted trainer and relationship builder extraordinaire.

Michelle Scott
Michelle Scott

You can feel experience in a conversation can’t you?

Michelle imparts infectious enthusiasm partnered with absolute belief that business on the smartphone has moved into a completely new era.

One of four kids growing up in South Africa her father worked in a goldmine and her mother had 32 boys aged 6 to 18 in her house at a large children’s home, she ran it with an iron fist.

Michelle’s inherent feistiness inherited from her mother, and the considered thought process of her father are admirable traits.

After schooling Michelle studied fashion design, and quickly realised she enjoyed the process side and the psychological side of people in business.

Feeling her need to grow and discover people in life she’s she switched jobs including spells as a switchboard operator and a bartender in a nightclub.

But it wasn’t until she started to be involved in the Florist industry and working closely with senior management she began to realise importance of relationship management.

It’s core to her thinking process core to her career growth and one particular woman poured emotional problems into her work which again helped her to learn how to work with senior management in other industries, including estate agents and landscaping.

So, with this experience and core confidence she reveled the interview process, and it took her exactly where she wanted to be, the rewards were good

The only thing that didn’t really work out was a short space of time working in a hotel, but apart from that she’s forged a career with huge administration skills, interpersonal skills and above all relationship building skills.

Getting married and moving to the coast.

Michelle loves Mossel Bay near the Klein Brak river bordering the Garden Route National park, a beautiful part of the world, she loves watching the whales in the mornings.

Earlier in the year she bumped into Scott Cundill of My Most Trusted and she just knew instinctively this was her vocation, she would say that My Most Trusted {MMT} has changed her life.


It’s a big role on the fast track training program and Michelle is fastidious.

The benefits

Michelle’s clients are looking to reduce their marketing costs and increasingly they are focusing on return on marketing investment. She is moving ahead of the trend for quality relationship building and warm lead generation.

Although my most trusted is a simple to operate proven system for creating warm leads, it requires time training yourself, her clients haven’t got the time and they want to quickly implement MMT succinctly and precisely.

She confidently exclaims that any business can generate 1500 warm leads a year PER LinkedIn account without a hint of selling.

Her fast track training program instills the habit of use.

Her quickly delivered training guarantees anybody using the My Most Trusted platform will absolutely fly.

Maltix Partner

Intrinsic to her belief that the smartphone has become the number one business tool, she’s also smart enough to see the adoption of small business problem solving using Dynamic QR landing pages.

Implementing professional in situ QR solutions has been a rapid learning curve for her and she’s very excited about getting these solutions into her business community.

Her leading question is “What keeps you up at night ?” we have a solution.

These QR are going on the side of her car !

Click or SCAN

My Most Trusted Trainer
My Most Trusted Trainer

VIDEO explainer for My Most Trusted

My Most Trusted
My Most Trusted

A conversation with Lis Hoyte BA (Hons) MSc. Author

Lis Hoyte
Lis Hoyte
Lis Hoyte CLICK to BUY her book

My first impressions of this wonderful woman are her very fast talking and visual skills.

Tucked away in a back bedroom for a bit of peace and quiet with a woolly hat on told me that it was quite a cold day in the UK today and she agreed.

A mother of three kids plus step kids, she launched into a whistle stop tour at breakneck speed that challenged my short hand skills, thats a first !

The self help tools for Coercive control in any relationship

Empowering men and women in controlling relationships.

Lis helps Women and Men to ‘Break Free’ from Coercive Controlling relationships.

Her belief system is chiseled from her own experience with a thoughts on realising your own ‘Power’ with less focus on the perpetrators actions which can ultimately hinder.

After experiencing this type of abuse for nearly 2 decades Lis wants to spread awareness of coercive control on different platforms in order to create new beginnings and build new models to support those experiencing this type of abuse. 

Her first book was called Break Free my journey, and she talked about her personal journey over the last 18 years and how this has helped her develop and precipitate change in peoples mindsets.

She spoke at length of abusive relationships that are put onto children from any gender and the damage that causes in parenting relationships.

This inspirational work is forging her new book focusing on children with tools and ideas to empower children on their transformational journey of change with disjointed parenting.

Lis spoke about co-parenting within coercive controlling adults, and a unhealthy propensity or obsession to turn children against the protective parent. Using children as pawns inside an already baffling relationship.

Super encouraging

What’s super encouraging is that the book stands a great chance of entering the national UK curriculum. Its being tested with three local schools for national quality assurance thereafter.

I asked questions about her views on the judiciary system and we both agreed that the system is divisive citing a recent story on Malta.

A woman was actually murdered last week by her abusive estranged husband.

Court cases and divisive lawyers rolling on for months or years, ineffective policing.

Stuck in the middle of all these problems are the children.

Lis asked this question, do social services fully understand coercive control and have they got the skills to recognise?

From experience, her opinion is they filter problems into layers within the fabric of social services and that that hinders effective process.

We agreed a resounding NO on the capability of courts to facilitate a healthy outcome for children.

Lis is very focused on self-help and she actually helps protective parents put together historical abuse information for court cases.

We share a vision of connecting her books to the readership through Dynamic QR codes, The smartphone is the key to this success.

We shared the wonderful idea that she can hold events one on one with her readership or run events with up to 100 potential people on any call for free using Google Meet organised on a new smart phone event platform built by Maltix, the first of its kind.

In order for Lis to be in better position to make this project fly she became a certificated speaker in May 2021.

3 things about Lis: Courageous: Emotionally intelligent: Quick !

Lis Hoyte
Lis Hoyte



A conversation with John  Ambra

VP sales TAWK The largest CHAT room on the planet

Business tech blog for small business from Maltix online stationery.

serviced vcard
Online stationery

In preparation for a google meet call next week to some contacts via Marc Jarret’s WhatsApp networking group, I thought an introductory BLOG would be useful.

Eight years ago, I decided to install a chat room into my WordPress website, I was recommended TAWK and have used it ever since without a hitch and also use the App.

A couple of years ago, a group of us banded together as Partners within the My Most Trusted programme through Scott Cundill.

We became a self help support group, the idea was we would learn much quicker collectively than individually.

As ringleader, I set up a SLACK system where we could share and manage vast quantities of email correspondence and documentation.

We began integrating technology we were using, especially Google Meet for up to 100 people for free, a brilliant tool and so easy to use to this day.

It was during this time that we began to realise there was a lot more to TAWK than met the eye, so I invited the very modest John Ambra into our sessions.

A conversation with John Ambra, nonchalance Aussie style

Lovely relaxed conversation with John this morning, the sales VP from Tawk the largest chat room on the planet.

John is an unassuming man with an interesting background in direct sales.

He started off as a door-to-door knife salesman and his party trick even today is to cut a five cent coin in half using the very same knife from 20 years ago.

That’s the value of selling something that’s worth $1200 I guess.

After university he set up a small business being a DJ and with his parents help put some money into the musical equipment, he then got more and more into direct sales.

The mindset of commission only

I’m with John, the best sales people in the world are commission only.

To be excellent earning through cold calling commission takes its toll.

You don’t hear of people talking about the benefits of commission only and the personal growth you need to experience to get really good at your job.

Jump forward to a 21 year old John starting his own sales company with some big US Brands.

After nine years and loads and loads of different types of products, boutiques etc over 120 people were on his team, commission only.

After 9 years running his own company, a good friend of his Rob began to talk about the next stages within his CHAT room creation called TAWK, on New Year’s Eve 2017 the stage was set.

Rob was looking to refocus on his company and needed somebody to take over sales within a couple of days over a percolated coffee, John and his brother committed to TAWK

In 2018 a big change came into John‘s life because he decided to shut down his sales company, that was tough for him, but he needed change.

John said it was really interesting going to work with people he had known since primary school, including their wives!

A bootstrap company with numbers that take your breath away.

Numbers trip of the tongue with John, nonchalantly announcing that the dashboard attracts 4000 new clients a day and they have got 7 million users.

Tawk controls 20% of the marketplace and they get regular offers for the sale of the company, it aint happening, the journey has a long way to go.

And the strapline hasn’t changed from day one “Forever FREE”

I asked how they make money, a bit cheeky maybe ? not at all replies John.

There are elements in place that make money.

Many business account managers employ TAWK chat operatives for a dollar an hour and then there’s the VA service to let you become more productive by freeing up time.

There’s also a White Label offering if you’re not familiar it allows you to brand other peoples technology within your own brand, a seamless provision of service.

Tawk has also added video screen share and very sophisticated CRM

2023 is a real big year for growth adding more tools and more value into into the system.

John confidently predicts that the integrated services of TAWK will become the biggest business operating system on the planet.

With 2.9 billion widget transactions a month on Tawk, you cannot possibly doubt that.

Next year this CHAT room moves into SMS and email ability to seamlessly interact all your channels in one place.

WhatsApp Facebook Instagram, website, App all in one place with more integration of in situ payments and in chat payments.

This is the exact same spirit of in situ smartphone business we keep on about.

There are more exciting announcements on the horizon moving towards crypto-based payments as well perfect for small business.

It’s easy to see business adopting TAWK as a one stop shop, one place to login into in the morning, everything you and your clients converse about all in one place.

3 Words about John: Gritty. Generous. Intune

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This is the worlds first EVENT platform built for the Smartphone with secure CRM integration. RENT directly from Maltix

Add EVENT to the diaries you use and share via you phone.

Chat room coaching
Chat room coaching

40% of all Estate Agents are going out of business

going out of business

Especially the ones that know that this probably cannot happen.

Just like policemen, estate agents seem so young these days dont they?

Older estate agents, almost certainly in their 60’s know what’s coming, it’s in their waters.

There is no shortage of property thats a farce, in fact its a ruse invented by ebullient estate agents and mortgage brokers.

The reality is that the housing market is driven by avarice and cheap money alongside the removal of the Gold standard back in 1970.

The public used to hoard precious metals, now they hoard DEBT.

It’s got to the point whereby folk in their 70s with a mortgage PAYED OFF cannot afford to retire.

We now have UK National Debt running at close to 3 trillion. Just to explain that NOT in estate agents terms, debt is not an investment.

If each pound was the size of a grain of sand, 3 full Olympic sized swimming pools filled with sand would represent £3 trillion, get the picture?

Even the basics of basic mathematics covers the reality of “to the power of”

property investment is over
property investment is over

The party is over for decades.

So how do some estate agents survive ?

Number one : Drop the website, its not suited to the smartphone.

Number two: Get off the high street, you cannot afford it.

Number three. Embrace social networking on the phone.

Number four. Quickly learn how to manage your data properly for SMS, CHAT and WhatsApp.

Finally: Get you online stationery in order, we are going back to the 1970’s in a whole new HOLISTIC way, that starts with your business cards.

SCAN or CLICK to stay in business.

Maltix Master QR
Meet Luna

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics” is a phrase describing the persuasive power of statistics to bolster weak arguments.

40% of all Estate Agents are going out of business SCAN OR CLICK

The most effective QR code tactic

Talking to a Doctor yesterday.

In our opening conversation she complained that her QR was a waste of effort, so I asked her what she was expecting from her QR campaign.

She created flyers to distribute locally for her cosmetic beauty salon in London.

“Not one response from 2,000 flyers, she exclaimed”

I asked her how sure she was that the flyers had actually been distributed, actually that didn’t go down very well.

So I changed tack !

Can you tell me what you paid to have the QR created ?

“No she said, but I paid £390 for the flyer design and distribution”

She sent me the flyer for my opinion. It looked ordinary and was created without love, so I told her.

Even worse it had zero copy and zero call to action and the QR was static, in other words it was free to create.

The most effective QR code tactic

I explained that if she were to invest in Dynamic QR, she would have a professional landing page that has a dedicated URL for social media.

That means a small investment into professional online stationery.

And every scan touch or click will now be recorded.

We would have to devise a strategy for the QR to be scanned and that requires professional copy and “une raison de faire”

The most effective QR code tactic

A voucher or discount dynamic QR that can be changed AFTER PRINT

A phone friendly discount so that the client can book their treatment, pay for it and receive a discount.

This is a specific pre built system connected to a Dynamic QR.

It’s not cobbled together, it’s thoroughly professional.

Doctors response

” So all the leaflets I had printed cannot be changed ?”

No I replied, the QR is static, it cannot be changed after print, plus the fact that we now need to create the copy, and create a reason why anybody would reach for their phone and scan or click on social media.

“Oh she said, and how much would this cost to repeat the exercise with you ?”

Here’s my PhoneSite I said, handing her my business card, I suggest Silver subscription.

CHARITY or are you hosting a fund raiser ?

Are you a CHARITY or are you hosting a fund raiser ?

We are offering up to 5 CHARITIES a FREE QR code connected to a Smart Form Page that automatically collects all participants SCAN DATA and sends information to a designated email address.

SUPER COOL Just like this !

St Lukes charity
St Lukes charity

CONNECTED TO THIS- SCAN QR to see how fast it loads on a smartphone.

APPLY for your Charity HERE

First name: Last name: Email: Note:

Losing my Queen

My Queen

An article about modern marketing.

Losing my Queen and mentor is similar to losing my Grandmother, albeit 50 years later.

My grandmother was a large property owner, her advice still resonates.

” If you do what you have always done your going to get what you always got! ”

Unlike 50 years ago property is the modern version of GOLD and diamond investment.

My grandmother also said.

” You never own a house, it owns you” how true!

Trends come and go but modern marketing is too complex for any single mind, talking to an estate agent yesterday really brought that home to me.

So how about some advice from my Mother:

“Let the baby walk” very often used in situations whereby people in the family are trying to control another or are overbearing with their views or over supportive when experience has to be learned.

Marketing is intimately connected to the sales cycle.

The reward for doing a good job is more work, no marketing required

The referral comes first and last, but you have to trust the process and you have to ask for the referral.

So if an Estate Agent was to put trust in their referral process ( and my goodness they really should )

Why on earth do they not put the simple phone technology in place to achieve that ?


The link is actually a dynamic QR link and because QR can also be scanned, the business card (called a vCard) is the absolutely perfect vehicle for the referral.

No marketing required, no expensive website campaign, in fact nothing more than trust in your clients to spread the word for you.

Have you taken the QR link? Sure it works on a PC

When you SCAN or take the link on a smartphone, thats when the magic of referral begins.

Click every link on the business card, especially “Download vCard” and “Share this page”

The simplest of solutions and not just for Estate Agents:

Online stationery CLICK HERE.

FREE QUOTES immediate turnaround simple administration required.