The internet is not FREE nor ever has been.

How to grow your business in a down turn using APP technology.

Back in the 90’s we were involved in a new industry building websites.

With over 80 recruited Consultants in the UK and a website build centre in Canada and another one in the UK what could possibly go wrong ?

Two things really, internet speeds and PC speeds were hopeless and extraordinarily expensive and everything had to be built from scratch.

You wanted a chat room you build it, you want a shop, you built it

9/11 was the death knell for many a tech project.

What began to emerge in 2000 were website building templates you bought or rented and the linux community grew alongside tech share.

Word press is a shiny example of the combination of 2 open-source technologies

Its a super flexible content management system with over 60 million websites built using it.

So why does it cost money to build websites ? in a word labour.

These days instead of employing technical people, we now employ somebody who’s quite good at jigsaw puzzles with an ability to extract information from the contractor.

The other interesting aspect of the labour cost is the time required to research the exact piece of the so called free technology to complete the task.

Increasingly, every quality component in any website probably has a subscription cost.

No the internet is not free, its still labour intensive but a decent fully functioning PWA does not cost a fortune,not like the early days.

Google has smashed the pot with development code which allows us to build you a PWA, perfect fro the mobile phone for one tenth of the cost of an old APP or a website

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Have heard of APPS or PWA APPS ?

How to grow your business in a down turn using APP technology.

Have heard of APPS or PWA APPS ?

But can you see how to leap frog your competition ?

A business APP is a website for the Smart phone ,it can easily link to a shop or booking system on your website or in the cloud.

It can easily be linked to world leading staff management and individual staff access system with full client invoicing right there on the APP

And unlike a website it’s the perfect tool to distribute and share on social media.
Imagine your own APP but let’s imagine a hairdressers APP

Let’s say it’s a barbershop It’s a busy barbershop in town with loads of competition.
With analysis they actually offer 17 different services !

Each with an estimated completion time and cost.

And the barbershop is more than happy to switch to an online calendar, the phone ringing has already halved freeing up staff time.

When the phone does ring, the staff book it directly on the APP anyway, on their own phone.

You have heard of APPS or PWA APPS ?

They always ask every new client if they would use their Barbershop APP to save money.

They take the time to ensure the client has downloaded the APP, it takes 10 seconds.
Now clients book directly on their APP, it sits on their clients phone waiting to book their next appointment.

A big street window sign encourages new clients to download the APP for discount notifications.

Barbershop can now identify quiet spots on the calendar and promote deals through notifications.

Are you getting the picture ?

Does the barbershop example ring any bells ?

Can a CRM really make that much difference in my business?

Capsule CRM training from Maltix

Good question, after all you have always done things the way you do, why change?

Firstly Client Relationship Management is something we all do isn’t it?

Larger business can afford a Relationship Manager or Client Account Executive, but your average mom and pop small business rely on their instincts, their memory and organised emails and phone address books right?

YEAH ! right

So lets say your a small business is up to 20 people is that you ?

I could say medium sized up to 100 people is that you ?

Lets use an example from the Maltix CRM today

Can a CRM really make that much difference in my business?

Actually we run 3 business from the same CRM but I immediately knew which business hat to put on.

Pam Schroeder phoned in, I knew it was Pam because the CRM told me and went straight to her record.

I knew immediately what we had spoken about before because every email, note and telephone call for the last 18 months is recorded right there in the CRM

Irrespective who she has spoken to in our organisation.

Out of 50 searchable tags on my system and 40 searchable records.

I knew Pam was interested in 2 particular products, so no beating about the bush, the system records everything.

I also knew she had received and read the latest newsletter, because the CRM and newsletter are joined up, the data flows between them seamlessly.

I knew she had not only read the newsletter but had opened the product video blog and watched it to the end.

Pam and I had Lots to talk about, she is very impressed with my memory (LOL)

She had pre-empted the reminder that I was going to phone her this week anyway, that’s the calendar reminder that integrates with our business g-mail inside our CRM.

So we spoke a bit on her needs she placed a small order and I added it to the order pipeline.

I can see whats coming in this month and anyway she is already added to my accountancy system so that is 100% automated, as is my bank account through the Maltix shop, vat sorted and everything.

The beautiful thing about all of this is that my telephony is integrated as well.

I can listen to all previous telephone correspondence to make sure I didn’t miss anything, not bad for £15 per month with Global coverage.

AND the killer is that my team can see what I allow them to see as well.

If Pam had phone in and the call was picked up by Andy in Scotland or Dorian in France, Pam would not have known anything different…. that’s astonishing isn’t it?

That’s customer care, client knowledge, succinct business recording, telephony, diary, notes, reminders, money pipeline, banking and accounts all 100% automated all in one secure place….. CRM

Now imagine your competition is this well organised and you ar not ?

Leapfrog your competition

Wouldn’t the check out girl chat when a client is purchasing in store ?

So why haven’t you put CHAT in your website?

CHAT is inclusively priced on a PWA, flick the switch and you have CHAT

DID you know ?

Your checkout can have a virtual assistant 24 /7 !

You can have Video and Voice screen sharing ! WOW

You can hire live agents for £1.50 an hour !

You can have auto translations into dozens of languages !

You can have in chat payments in your store !

You can integrate chat directly into your shopping cart !

Wouldn’t the check out girl chat when a client is purchasing in store ?

Put live chat into the heart of your online business.

Apps are replacing websites why?

How to grow your business in a down turn using APP technology.

Because 55% of all websites are accessed through a phone.

Not a happy experience for most people, modern folk don’t mess around, they want it instantly on their phone, with an order now pay now mentality.

An APP is different, its designed to work on a mobile phone, its specifically designed to intermingle with all social media especially Facebook.

And the phone owner deliberately adds the APPS they want to their mobile phone

Why ?

Because their hairdresser has realised and had an APP built for them to book a haircut.

Because their garage has taken the care to build an APP and sent it to their clients to book a service or an MOT or free carwash with next petrol purchase promotion.

Because their Lawyer has digital contracts and can conclude business in seconds.

Because their local shop has connected their web store to their APP and the client can get a delivery.

Because the Driving instructor can manage his booking calendar and can convert happy newly passed clients into new clients via social media.

Because the Indian restaurant can SMS their clients through the APP to manage their order times.

Some common signs that your wage bill is out of control.

QR codes for property agents

Using a daily or weekly book keeper

High Accountancy fees

Printers in your offices

You employ a Techie

You have a server in your office

You visit your bank regularly

You allow email on employees PC

You employ a payroll person in your offices

You send bills in the post

You still use cheques

You use Bank POS machines

Streamlining your business for survival is no longer something for the future

Lets have a chat 07397901597 or 0035679914000

PWA APPS are replacing websites


A couple of FACTS

99% of website traffic goes to 1% of all the websites.

80% of Apps in the APP store never get downloaded

So why build an APP and put it in the APP store , that doesn’t make any sense does it ?

Especially when 60% of all traffic is now conducted directly through the mobile phone

Why not build an APP that’s 2020 generation that sits on your clients phone nestled alongside your clients SKY and Weather APP ?

Now you have invested in a bit of tech that is permanently ready and waiting to serve you client personally.

And it works without being connected to the internet.

Sounds better doesn’t it ?

Are you going out of business ? Lets not blame Covid 19

APP for your clients

They say we are experiencing the 4th industrial revolution and the velocity of disruption is hard to comprehend.

We say if your business systems are not connected directly to your customers mobile devices, you are almost certainly going to go out of business.

Today are talking about APPs….no not the handful that dominate the APP store ( FACT: 80% of APPS never get purchased )


Sorry we are shouting but there is a lot of noise out there.

Your APP connected to your online store,

Digital contracts.



Newsletter system

Accountancy system

Clients mobile telephone number social media.oh yeah that APP your APP the PWA

Have you past and present client emails ?

email hippo

Does that data work for you….does it make you money?

There is a logical flow for you to think about to connect your DATA to your income.

GDPR and compliance is step one Maltix recommends mail hippo an automated system and great value.

Step two is compiling your cleaned and compliant email list into a logical format ……… name, surname, email, address, etc etc

Step three import your data into a cloud based CRM and connect to a newsletter system

Now you are getting somewhere, now you are well on the way to controlling your future digital business.

Maltix has a free rolling 30 day programme on Google MEET to answer your questions and help you get started.

“If you do what you always do your going to get what you always got”