It is a website Jim, but not like we know it

Captain Kirk

Google has invented a website code for the phone that acts like an APP

It acts like a website but its an APP

“It is a website Jim, but not like we know it”

It’s called a Progressive Web APP or PWA

Business with people born after 1980 is predominantly on the phone

“websites are so yesterday”

Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk

It is a website Jim, but not like we know it

A PWA looks like a website on a PC

But its natural hunting ground is on the Phone

It loads at warp speed and functions like any other APP

Doesn’t need to be downloaded from the APP store

Doesn’t have to be downloaded onto a phone to operate

Works offline and sends notifications for free

It is a website Jim, but not like we know it

“This is the biggest change on the internet for small business since the dream of the internet began in the 1960’s”

“William Nicholls Global Development Director Maltix”

Captain Kirk

“Captain’s log, star-date 41153.7. Our destination is planet Deneb IV …”.

Should DATA go on your balance sheet ?

Let us look at the King of predatory data stealing.

Facebook’s market cap is £444 billion, but its book value (value of its tangible assets) is only £66 billion.

So where does the £378 billion come from ? your DATA !

Small business the PWA and keeping your own DATA

Shall we repeat Facebook numbers for the real world of small business.

Small business valuation for sale £440, 000

Tangible assets £66,000

Are you a small business that takes the new PWA seriously?

Are you going to manage your own DATA through smart form pages on your website ?

Are you going to invest in a PWA and manage your DATA on your CRM?

Replicate your clients needs on the phone?

Damn right you are, “Captain Log: Star-date 2022: Our destination is Maltix for a chat.

Connect your products and services directly to the phone. Improve service levels dramatically. Stand out from the crowd and generate word of mouth sales and rave reviews. 

Lets Talk

First name: Last name: Telephone: Email: Note:

Congratulations you have your own company !

You may also think it might just be your free ticket for you and your family towards financial freedom.

Unfortunately, there might be some pitfalls along the way that you need to take in consideration and be prepared for.

What if, one of the business owners dies or becomes disabled or suddenly suffers from a serious disease?

What impact will it have on the business as well the owners families?

Each option carries consequences for each family, which one do you think is the most important one that you think you need to consider and be prepared for?

  1. Keep it.
  2. Sell it.
  3. Liquidate it.

“One Option is to keep the business in the family.

Is that a possibility?”

“Another popular option is to sell the business as a going concern.

Would you want to sell your share of the business to other owners and have them buy out your family members?”

“The third option is to close the business and sell the assets for cash.

How does this sound for you?”

Although not easy I urge each and every business owner to ponder on this option and to take the necessary step.

Small business continues to take great risk with GDPR

In time and risk it’s exactly the same as not wearing a seatbelt

Tripping up

A subject request could come in at any time following the introduction of the GDPR and from any direction.

An employee could ask for a copy of all the personal data you hold on them – and remember this could include all images you have of them as well as documents and records.

A former customer could ask you to delete all personal data you have collected on them.

A supplier could ask you to correct the misspelling of their name.

Would you be able to confidently deal with and respond to the request within the 30 day period required by the GDPR?

MMM I thought so

A data breach can be as simple as emailing the wrong person, leaving a document on the train and losing a phone or more complex, like falling for a phishing email or being subject to hacking.

With only 72 hours to report a serious breach to the regulator, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), one person and one person only is in control.

All it takes is for one disgruntled former employee or customer or even a neighbour or competitor to raise questions about your compliance and complain to the regulator.

It doesn’t take five minutes for anyone to check whether you have a GDPR compliant privacy notice on your website or whether you have paid your data controller fee to the ICO.

But even if you have those outward facing steps in place, would your approach to GDPR compliance withstand a probe by the regulator?

Could your business survive the financial and reputational impacts of a data breach or compliance failure?

Maltix Partners have a simple proven solution and we are internally trained on implementing that.

It’s NOT expensive

And it’s https//: from start to finish.

And it’s contactless.

And you are 100% in control

One user name one log in one person responsible.

happy gdpr
clunk click every trip

Smartphone for business stats.

And the information lag to implement change is costing business a fortune.

And the information lag to implement change is costing business a fortune.

Read the short report, it will take your breath away.

Research conducted by:

Research dissertation UWE Bristol Dr Phillipa Coles

Some discovery facts:

The average Smartphone user spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone 7 days a week.

Many more startling facts within research paper:

Latest Smartphone for business research paper
Latest Smartphone for business research paper

Over 50 touchpoints in most completions.

broken customer service
Broken customer service has to stop

And why Estate Agents simply cannot keep up with he demands of the Smartphone user.

In the high-stakes world of home buying and selling, understanding the path to a purchase is both an art and a science.

Our analysis shows that the average home buyer requires 52 touchpoints, spanning from initial research to contact with an Estate Agent to actual purchase.

What were our top findings?
There’s an average of 52 touchpoints from first inquiry (like a smart form submission, chat room query ) to completion.

The Metrics.

If one sales agent sells two homes per month, that’s 24 buyers per year x 52 touch points = 1,248 touch points a sales person has to manage in a year.

And that doesn’t include all of the other inquiries and contracts that cancel.

Average time from first inquiry to close was six months for primary residence and 15 months for secondary homes.

80% of Clients submit a smart form to start their enquiries, mostly off their Smartphone.

Drip email and newsletter campaigns can increase traffic by as much as 5%

But our research suggests a Progressive Web APP with no download required will increase enquiry traffic by as much as 20% using a combination of free notifications and SMS

Over 50 touchpoints in most completions.

How did you determine the amount of touchpoints in a single home buying transaction?

What are the top most crucial touchpoints? MIND MAP

Progressive Web APP notification advocacy
Online and QR based smart form submission
Email, CHAT and TEXT
QR based appointment booking
Bespoke Smart Brochure interaction EXAMPLE
Video interaction via Smart brochure and window QR

How can Estate Agents make the most of each touch point?
Speed is critical.

The probability of reaching an online lead goes down the longer you wait with a follow-up email, call or chat reply.

The Millennials insist on absolute immediacy on their Smartphone and the killer is that whatever platform they touched, they expect you to have a record!

Your Smart Brochure, Smart form pages, Company email, telephone calls and texts, QR links, Chat room, and Progressive Web APP have to be joined into teams within a CRM

The rule for the Smartphone user now is a maximum of 10 minutes on any medium, or they drop you like a stone.

Get it right and Smartphone advocacy on social media goes through the roof.

Within the first 10 minutes of inquiry — 98% chance of reaching them

Contact 4 hours later — 95% chance of reaching them

Contact 8 hours later — 92% chance of reaching them

Contact 12 hours later –80% chance of reaching them

Contact 24 hours later — 60% chance of reaching them

Contact 48 hours later — 5% chance of reaching them

This is why it’s critical that sales people get immediate notifications about hot leads and that follow up is relevant and automated.

Depending on the stage of where the buyer is in the purchase cycle, personalisation is important.

Estate Agent Touch Point MIND MAP

Link to Smart brochure functionality

Mary-Ann-Dougherty Board Mentor Maltix. The Millennials demands are extreme.

The Compelling benefits of a Progressive Web APP

Customer benefits of the PWA
PWA Smartphone benefits
PWA Smartphone benefits

1. Low Development Costs.

For the first time a modern APP is affordable for small business.

A simple user interface and reporting system.

PWAs do not require different versions for various devices.

Significantly reduced build time.

Dramatically lower investment.

Acts as an APP and a Website in one application.

Two entry levels:

Less than 200 users £499 plus hosting

Up to 900 users £999 plus hosting and support

2. App-Like Look and Feel

Smartphone users prefer apps to browsers as applications.

The Millennials actively look to do A to Z business on a PWA

Operates offline which clients adore.

A familiar simple navigation interface shared with all PWA’s

An advanced user experience, combining the look and feel of mobile applications and the best of website performance.

Search engines index them, which is why systems such as Google or Bing can find PWA pages so easily.

The pages of these applications found on the internet will dramatically increase the number of page views.

Driving down variable costs in small business.

Pushing down marketing costs.

3. Fast Installation

Users just download an app, quickly and directly to their devices.

Do not need to go to the App Store or Google Play.

Significantly reduces user abandonment.

Once downloaded, they can access it via a desktop icon.

No required installation, users can easily access the PWA via a URL.

Very high share ability, referral and advocacy on local social media.

Tiny memory requirements on the Smartphone.

4. Better Performance

PWAs cache and serve text, images and other content in a specific and efficient manner.

Ultra fast operation with impeccable performance every time.

Adopting Smartphone first technology will improve retention and customer loyalty.

5. Platform and Device

PWAs work everywhere.

A single app can satisfy the needs of various consumers and provide a uniform user experience on different endpoints.

Customers can switch between their devices for a continuous experience.

Because users can access an app that has the same settings and data on another device.

They adapt instantly to various screen sizes and Smartphone users love that.

6. No Updating Issues

PWAs have a specific functionality that allows them to update automatically, without notifying users and bothering them with permission requests.

These apps update themselves every time when users visit them.

Small business owners have full control of the information and content at all times.

7. Seamless Offline Operation

Operate offline.

PWAs much more convenient than websites, which require a proper internet connection.

Built-in service workers cache, progressive web apps features and information update automatically.

This eliminates the necessity to download it and allows users to access it without an internet connection.

8. Notifications to manage your business.

Deals, awards, vouchers, discounts, book now rewards, call to action

Fill quiet times, promote new lines, latest property, financial offers, customer benefits.

Use the in built hosting tools for a variety of really cool Smartphone oriented information.

Look to build trust and above all Advocacy on local social media.

The Compelling benefits of a Progressive Web APP

All of the above are compelling reasons to adopt Smartphone first PWA technology.

App share
The power of clients sharing your notifications on social media.

The most compelling reason to future proof your business with this simpler technology ?

Your Millennial customers expect it of you !

Time to pay the Piper

daily time on smartphone

“He who pays the piper calls the tune”

A modern idiom from AD 1284

The famous Grimm Brothers legend, the Children of Hamelin.

And one of Robert Browning’s best-known poems, The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

The Piper was hired by Hamelin to rid the town of its plague of rats.

Trailing after the hypnotic notes of the rat-catcher’s magical flute, the rodents politely filed through the city gates to their presumed doom.

They weren’t the only ones lured by his music, though.

When the town refused to pay the Piper for his service, the saviour turned into a more satanic seducer and came for Hamelin’s children.

Entranced by the notes of his flute, the transfixed boys and girls followed the Piper out of town and simply vanished.

Time to pay the Piper

I guess the 1960’s version of this was the terrifying child catcher in the Chitty Chitty bang bang film.

An 11th Century story invoked into a Hollywood film.

I’m sure our children are more secure these days, but not necessarily the house that they live in!

But here we are again in the land of never never.

Never worrying about our borrowing and never being concerned about paying it back.

But the Banks are on their pipes, their pointy hat and shoes are coming into every street near you.

As an example Wells Fargo announced this week that they now only lend on secured debt !

The bank is shutting down all existing personal lines of credit, just like that!

The property market is already showing signs of disaster ahead even without the eviction ban coming to an end, US side.

This financial experiment on liquidity is playing out in a grotesque manner.

It’s utterly imperative that business future proof right here right now.

The very business technology that brings fixed and variable costs down in a deflationary cycle is accelerating like the SS Enterprise at warp speed.

The competition can simply sweep you away in the slightest downturn.

The figures your competition are enjoying.

  1. 68% increase of mobile traffic.
  2. 15-fold improvement of load and installation speed.
  3. 25-times reduced use of device storage.
  4. 52% average conversion increase.
  5. 78% average session increase.
  6. 137% engagement increase.

How I sold £5 million worth of new contracts in a bar !

Tam Duran

Why the Millennials would never buy a contract like this today.

Tam Duran trend adviser and coach on the new digital high street.

Tam Duran board adviser Maltix
Tam Duran ( a towering influence on digital migration for small business )

Maybe I’m an opportunist, perhaps it was luck.

My visions and dreams manifested in just one day.

I was back packing in south Africa 20 years ago and stayed at a timeshare reserve in Kruger park, on a cheap travel deal.

The restaurant was awful and the beer limited, but nonetheless, after a gruelling 18 holes on the golf course I was ready to drink and sleep.

I wasn’t playing, I was picking up stray balls for a pittance.

The guy I was working with that day came from the township, he told me he was so poor they couldn’t afford the mortar between the blocks in his house.

I though he was joking, but one day I saw him carrying bags of carrots from the mall to peoples cars for one rand ( 50 c in those days )

When I visited a couple of days later, I had to step over the electrical cables in the mud that supplied their intermittent electricity.

But he was sharp, he listened and he listened and smiled a lot.

He shared with me that the South Efrican Eccent people with the beards were unhappy with their timeshare at the park.

He said it was a secret, and I had to listen, so I did.

After a whole day of banter, it emerged that the timeshare contracts that the wealthy folk from Johannesburg had signed up to were onerous.

He had taken a crumpled contract from a bin after a heated and angry debate from the sales office which was next to the clubhouse.

Truthfully, he couldn’t read it, but he knew the big guy on the golf course that day was super angry, and he was a lawyer !

I listened and I read, I read it so many times, oh my word.

But buried in the contract was an interminable termination date, in fact it was in perpetuity, which means no end date. I had to look that up!

In addition, on a page un associated with the the contract page, the owners of the park can legitimately add 6% every year to the ‘maintenance charges’ of the property.

At school, I learned about compound interest, my master, Mr Harding, kept on and on about the importance of the rules of compound interest.

It just pieced together in my mind, this contract was designed to collect compound interest forever !

That’s why the Lawyer guy was ready to commit murder, he hadn’t read the contract but instead became obsessed with the dream property on the Golf course.

After extensive negotiations with the Developer, I explained that the value of contracts was in the change of the contract.

It took 3 years to talk to nearly every contract owner, usually in the bar area on the complex.

We charged more than the original value contract, by and large , the additional benefits in the contract outweighed the extra investment.

How I sold £5 million worth of new contracts in a bar !

In conversation with the “wired magazine” Tam Duran talked ‘off piste ‘ about the savviness of the Millennial generation using the smartphone as their life tool.

He has identified a massive shift into the trust of strangers on social media.

He claims that it would be infinitely more difficult to sell a contract like this in the first place.

The first sniff of an problem would be shared and re-shared, or as Tam highlights, made more searchable and more searchable.

Why business has to be developed on the technology that the millennial yearns.

Tam Duran spoke of generational digital divide and the consequences that invoke digital inequality.

Put another way, the Millennial’s have developed an in-built ability to rapidly close any knowledge gap.

They are comfortably self sufficient leading their lives on the internet.

Millennials actively dismiss tech platforms in less than a second.

And they actively and rapidly dismiss tech platforms that fail to deliver their considerable needs in a blink of an eye.

The vast majority of Websites are included in that dismissal.

The DO and DELETE culture of APP usage with the Millennial

The Millennial crave for the simplicity and responsiveness of an APP

An not just any APP, they hate downloading APP’s that impinge on their precious Smartphone memory.

They also search and work on the APP that can be shared on their social media.

And they know that if its an APP from the APP store they probably cannot do that.

It feels like a fabulous opportunity for small business with vision because the production and hosting costs of this new technology are so dramatically lowered.


And before too long the GEN Z generation spending power will impact the digital high street in many shattering ways.

Look out business people, adopt or die.

Tam Duran trend adviser and coach in the new digital high street

Tam Duran a Maltix board member and support partner.

Newswire article 31-07-2021

Soundbites and latest tech news for the Maltix PWA

Maltix partner programme

The soundbites of PWA a Google technology

Core features and benefits to identify client requests on the call.

Maltix strapline

Take this link on your smartphone and watch the Salon APP spring into life.

(Off the home page)

Maltix PWA
Smartphone QR link to example APP

The Smartphone generation expect immediacy alongside APP simplicity and your reward is advocacy

Baby website specifically for all smartphones

Operates like a website that has taken all the right smartphone vitamins

A single development for all types of smartphone operating system.

Up to 20 times cheaper to manufacture than native apps

Acts as a website on a pc and an APP on any smartphone.

Loads 4 times faster than a website

Can run off the same URL as a sister website ( PWA cleverly removes the website www )

We offer a unique URL on our platform included in hosting.

A PWA works without being downloaded.

Our PWA works offline because of service workers ( advanced cache )

Sends notifications irrespective of download onto clients smartphone.

“Touch it and you’ve got it technology” a useful phrase

A PWA acts like a slave similar to an Apple i watch

Our hosting package is I-frames enabled ( can grab anything from somewhere else on the internet )

Woo-commerce and Shopify enabled

Up to 200 times lighter than older native APP’s when downloaded

A professionally hosted product with client tech support if required.

Smart form integration to CRM, Digital signatures, Banking, product

SMS built in and works on downloaded APP ( Client receives 20 per month for free )

Additional SMS Credits are currently priced as follows:

Additional investment costs as required.

100 SMS £10 (0.10 per SMS)
250 SMS £20 (0.10 per SMS)
500 SMS £40 (0.08 per SMS)
1000 SMS £70 (0.07 per SMS)
10000 SMS £500 (0.05 per SMS)

Subscription platform built in

The client can create subscription plans for groups and manage content access on their APP with monthly or annual fees.

Integrated payment built in with Stripe and Paypal

QR to APP URL built in.

Subscription QR services are additional from Maltix.

Unlimited free notifications

No App Store required ( If a client insists on the Apple APP store, normal and additional costs apply *

Replicable templates

Burger bar navigation

on-board here
Maltix strapline

App in App readiness , for example FRESHA within a Maltix built SPA APP.

Clients retain their own data with this philosophy. DATA is a Balance sheet ASSET

Booking systems using Appointedd

A simple online booking system is included in the hosting package.

More advanced Appointedd systems are available for 20% discount through Maltix, and extra fees will apply.

Limitless shareable tokens, promotions, vouchers and discounts, third parties will be required for advanced campaigns. *
















Bye-bye App Store, hello customers!Did you know that 8/10 apps never make it out of the App Store? We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but the App Store odds are not in your favour…unless you happen to be owned by Facebook, chances are good that your app will get lost along with millions of others, floating aimlessly in the App Store, never to be seen again.

From our platform, you can distribute your APP directly to your customers via SMS, email, social media, a widget on your website, or even a QR code. They get the link, they click on it, they have the app. Kaboom. It’s just that easy!


Let’s make that app go viral! Maltix APPS are scary shareable

PWA as infectious as laughter

Maltix APPS can quickly and easily share with their own network, via SMS, email, or social media.

Work across all devices and OS types, they can be shared across previously incompatible devices. So there’s no stopping it…it really can go viral!

If you want to use your APP only to share content with a select, private group of people, never fear.

You can always turn off in-app sharing to make sure the buck stops wherever you’ve left it.


If you’d commissioned a traditional APP and put it through the APP store, you’d be faced with lengthy approval processes to make any changes to your APP.

Make any changes you want to your APP, hit the publish button, and see those changes appear in real-time.


Chat Bots

In-app chatbots to communicate directly with users & prompt behaviours

Machine learning

Add Machine Learning to your app to personalise app users’ experience

Loyalty points

Loyalty points program. App users can earn points through purchases or by completing in-app activities, or purchase bundles of points. Then they can use those points for rewards determined by the app owner, from prizes to discounts

More templates

Improved template system with more choice & design themes

Adaptive rendering

Adaptive rendering of apps depending on device type to deliver the optimal experience on any screen size

Geo improvements

Searchable user database with geolocation visible on a Google map

Event calendar

Event calendar with ticket purchase capabilities

Marketplace improvements

Searchable list of marketplace service providers with geolocation

Food delivery APP

Food (or other goods) ordering and delivery system. Comparable features to Deliveroo, Just Eat, or Grubhub – but commission free!

Livestream video

Livestream Video

Payment subscription manager

Payment Subscription Manager

Apple and Google PAY

Apple & Google Pay Capabilities

Digital Loyalty card

Digital Loyalty Card


Enhanced Analytics

Push notifications

Enhanced Push Notifications

Advanced Timers

Workout Timers & History

Form submission SMS

Receive Form Submission as SMS

Eventbrite replacement

Event calendar with ticket purchase capabilities