Dr. Vishi Verma is a doctor and an ICU consultant for the Royal London Hospital.

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Dr Vishi Verma using WPA APPS from Maltix to update COVID-99 first responders at The Royal London Hospital
Dr. Vishi Verma is a doctor and an ICU consultant for the Royal London Hospital.

Vishi’s medical specialisation is in neuroscience and brain injury and trauma. While at a conference he heard of WPA Apps for The Royal London Hospital to update procedural guidelines for his trauma surgery department via first responders mobile phones. His first APP was commissioned around trauma surgery procedural guidelines…and then COVID-19 struck.

Now, Vishi has re-purposed his Maltix APP to convey the latest, up-to-date procedural guidelines and checklists for COVID-99 first responders – to help support them in real time as they battle the virus.

We’ll let him explain further: WPA APPS from Maltix examples.

“I realised that, with this COVID-19 crisis, we have a lot of things to memorise in a very short period of time. I wanted to give people something that they can have on their phones and easily access, as opposed to the standard of having these guidelines on paper. When you’re dealing with a live situation, you never seem to have that paper on hand. But everyone has their phone on them…so you can just take your phone out right there in the moment and check that everything is OK.

One of the key issues for this virus is the personal protective equipment. We have to wear them in a particular order, we have to remove them in a particular order. We have guidelines for how to deal with someone that is very sick, so that we don’t contaminate ourselves. And you realise that this is all coming in such a short period of time, and it’s just too much information to memorise and to be able to use.

The idea behind this app is to make sure that the doctors and nurses working in COVID wards and in ICUs have these guidelines at hand, so they can consult them at any time.

It has guidelines around a series of important topics for COVID response, and checklists to complete. For example, a checklist of what to do before entering a room.

Or, as another example – if we have to put a breathing tube in, to put a patient on a ventilator. It’s a very specialised procedure and it can be dangerous. So you need to prepare before you go in.

We are now going into the stage where a lot of doctors who are not trained in intensive care medicine are going to be needed to help and are going to be needed to help with the COVID-19 response. And it’s extremely important that we have these guidelines available for them to reference at any time. WPA APPS from Maltix examples

So I thought – this can be a good platform to propagate that information.

I access through the secure back office to continually update. It’s a work in progress, as there is a lot of information to put on there, and I don’t have much time – but I’m trying to make sure I get all of the key procedural guidelines in there.”

Vishi’s app is getting more and more users in his hospital, from the ICU, to the Infection Control group, to the nurses.

And Maltix wants to help other healthcare workers across the globe to create similar apps, which can aid in real-time transfer of information around COVID-19 response protocols and on the ground training. 

If you are working in healthcare and fighting this virus, then please contact us below so that we can help to get you started with your app.

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The new 5 minute Progressive Web App guide for starters:

Professional WPA business APP

The Maltix Progressive Web App Guide has a 5 minute and 20 minute read section depending on the amount of information you require.

This is the 5 minute read.

If you are a bit more detailed, technical or you just need to know to convince yourself or others, click the green button to see all:

With massive sea change in our COVID 19 dominated lives, customers have undoubtedly become the ones to have the final word when it comes to setting certain rules and expectations.

Nowadays, customer experience on a website or a mobile app is crucial for determining the great – or not so great – digital presence of a company or organisation.

Maltix has invested heavily into new APP technology that is revolutionary for improving your customer experience deploying the Maltix PWA.

Understanding this amazing new technology, and the benefits for your online and mobile phone business presence takes 5 mins to grasp and 20 minutes to understand technically.

Benefits of Maltix Progressive Web Apps SUMMARY 5 minutes.

  • Easy to produce and market – because one progressive web app is enough for both desktop and mobile devices, production and time to market becomes much more easier for businesses that choose a PWA instead of a native mobile app.
  • Lower development and maintenance costs – while a regular native app is typically associated with higher development costs, PWAs are significantly cheaper to develop and maintain. A single progressive web apps works for all app stores and operating systems!
  • Better visibility and SEO – compared to native apps, PWAs are actually indexed by search engines – which means that you can optimise them to enhance your visibility on the Internet, and drive much more traffic.
  • Look & feel of a native app – PWAs combine the look and feel of a native mobile app with the full functionality and efficiency of website performance.
  • Offline mode – additionally, progressive web apps have the ability to fully operate even if there is no Internet connection. For users, this means that they can access their favourite app from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Saving add space – in our Maltix PWA guide, we already mentioned that progressive web apps also save a lot of space. Compared to a regular native app, PWAs can be up to 90% lighter, an they do not take valuable space on your phone.
  • Faster loading speed – with improved performance, faster loading speed, reduced server load and mobile-first indexing, it is no surprise that PWAs have higher engagement and conversions rates than their native counterpart.

There are many issues that most companies with a digital presence are facing.

Consumers expect an easy and interactive mobile experience, but are getting tired of downloading storage-hungry older native mobile applications.

It has to be fast and snappy otherwise the client will move on in an instant ( and you will never know !)

Good Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) depends on a fast-loading and easily discoverable APP just like a website.
As a business, a body or a service you need a great performing portal for your products or services but you also need to keep costs low whilst providing timely updates via notifications and SMS.

This Maltix PWA guide, will show how progressive web apps are the right solution for all these issues.

PWAs are the future of the internet, taking the principles of website and application development and combining them into something infinitely more discoverable, easier to create and manage, and better for all-important SEO.
Progressive web apps take the web – which, let’s face it, wasn’t exactly designed with tiny, mobile screens in mind – and evolve it into a mobile-first and interactive, ease-of-use based, digital landscape.

Maltix has an all inclusive pricing policy for the majority of new App development.

Request your on-boarding document and if you need any help, click the website CHAT button or Whats app whilst on your phone.

The benefits of using a professional form page system


Customers like Options:
Some people would prefer to speak directly with a company representative while others simply do not!

Providing all the possible ways to contact you (i.e. phone number, address, email, and web form) allows your customers to choose the contact method they prefer and avoids frustrating customers when their preferred method is not available.

Web forms are unique in that they give you the ability to control the type of information you collect from your customer and gives the customer the option to share or not to share their information.

By providing specified fields and designating which of these fields is required, you ensure that your web visitors are giving you the information you need.

When you simply provide an email address, your invite open ended communication with no direction.

Different areas of your website or varying strategic newsletters collect different information for different recipients.

Every assigned form page is managed directly inside the CRM and all data auto collected, whether its from the website or the APP.

Forms are Trackable:

Professional form page management not only allow you to make changes that automatically update on the website,newsletter and APP, but the reporting systems give invaluable information about the clients navigation prior to filling in the form.

Inquiry back-ups:

All the data fields integrate into the CRM and newsletter to automatically update a clients details, periodically you can ask clients to update their details from a form page and it automatically updates their details in the CRM

Convenience is Key:

Clickable email links automatically open your customers’ default email program, using professional form pages stop all the problems that may occur, problems that you are oblivious to.

Maltix specialises in creating form pages that work beautifully on your website or more importantly on your PWA APP.

How to push information to your clients phone, just like SKY news

push notifications

Your new WPA APP from Maltix is distributing like wildfire, so what about using push notifications?

Your shiny reporting system is screaming at you to do something, the APP is being downloaded onto your clients phone everywhere !

So, your APP is being shared in APP by your clients for their special reward, well done !

It’s distributing on social media because its built to do that well done !

You are sending a download my APP link on email to all your clients, perhaps by mail chimp, great!

You SMS all your telephone contacts to download your APP right next to their SKY new or Facebook APP clever!


Whats your business ? What do you want to promote ? is timeliness important ? Are your appointment times precious ? Have you a product to promote ? A shop deal to promote ? a vacant slot to fill ?

Endless isn’t it ?

MALTIX APPS have price inclusive technology including push notifications a smart purchase!

Just like Sky News or those other notifications you receive that even ping your Apple watch !

Beginning to see the importance of a WPA APP ? a lot different to you website right?

Why can we not share our APP right out of the APP?

Professional WPA business APP

IN-APP SHARING within the old Native APP is possible, but your developer maybe didnt include that in your quote or you didn’t ask for it ?

Without it your APP cannot go viral, its stuck inside the Apple store with zero downloads just like the overwhelming majority of Native APP’s

Maltix apps are more shareable than the common cold!

Maybe not the best analogy at the moment, but listen up.

Users of any Maltix app can quickly and easily share that app with their own network, via SMS, email, or social media.

Do you have incredible content that people will want to spread?

Well, they can, and you can encourage by offering special discounts or prizes to customers who get your app lots of downloads by sharing it.

Since Maltix apps work across all devices and OS types, they can be shared across previously incompatible devices. So there’s no stopping it…it really can go viral!

If you want to use your Maltix app only to share content with a select, private group of people you can always turn off in-app sharing, a nice option to have.

Now with a bit more clarity its easy to see why a MALTIX PWA APPS have all inclusive pricing and an an boarding process that’s a simple tick box exercise.

All the technology is inclusive, no additional quotes, no sneaky maintenance contracts and almost certainly 60 to 90% cheaper than the old NATIVE APP production centres.

Perfect for small business to leap frog the competition in these interesting times.

The huge disparity in APP production costs and the questions you need to ask.

Give you APP wings

Are you thinking about grabbing an important piece of space on your clients mobile phone and putting your business into the heart of your client’s phone desktop ?

Here are some important questions hosted in a fun short 3 way conversation with the Founder of Maltix APP development.

Designed to show you the disparity between the older iOS production costs and the all inclusive technology platform of a modern PWA.

Benefit from sea change in the mobile APP industry.

Give you APP wings

Earlier in the internet industry, everything was hand built with a void like the grand canyon between the technical salesman, the tech spec, design companies, pricing and delivery.

Around the time of 9/11 the internet boom catapulted change and one of the most notable outcomes for small business was the ability to build and maintain a website at very low cost That principle, the principle of renting malleable technology has enjoyed explosive growth particularly cloud based management technology like a CRM or push technology like Mailchimp in the last few years.

But the dominance of Apple and the prevalence of Android has hamstrung one piece of technology that should have been available to small business at an affordable cost, but was not.

The APP, the genius invention that sits where the majority of business internet traffic actually comes from, your clients phone.

The problem is that over 90% of Apps never get downloaded because they are lost in space behind a hopelessly outdated and seriously cluttered and expensive Corporation firewall ( iOS )

That in combination with the exorbitant if not prohibitive hand build pricing of the NATIVE APP has literally made the APP unavailable for the small business person.

And with a Jeremy Clarkson style gesture Maltix announces ………..UNTIL NOW !!

Maltix is the first APP company to offer a low investment, fixed pricing structure for small business APPS.

AND the APP will be built with wings to flourish and share on social media plus the added ability for you or your marketing team to Search Engine Optimise.

The watch word here, a Google invention is WPA APP not really a word but nonetheless important. ( FULL PROGRESSIVE WEB APP)

This allows MALTIX teams to quickly develop your shiny new APP with the use of a single code between all platforms.

So listen up, put your business into the heart of your clients phone today and register for your free on-boarding document by clicking the button now.

The new generation WPA APP has a ton of stuff included, some you may already have invested in ?

Give you APP wings

Remember: An APP is not a website its much more personal and you may well already have all sorts of technology running within your office and website.

No worries, it’s probably all included on your new APP price inclusive on-boarding.

You may already have an e-commerce shop

You may send digital contracts

Or send newsletters such as Mailchimp

Perhaps you have form pages that link to payment gateways ?

A CRM automatically collecting client details and emails ?

App based professional telephony ?

A Pay Pal, Stripe or Revolut account or something like it ?

Maybe a Salon or Spa using FRESHA or some other clever system out there.

Appointment scheduling ?

So add these things to an APP with wings on social media that can SMS and send pertinent notifications and promotions and ………………………………………………………..


Get you on-boarding information sheet and lets talk via chat, its that easy.

An App that talks to your clients using SMS ?

Give you APP wings

Maltix APPS are new generation WPA APPS developed with the considerable resources of GOOGLE.

Unlike the old NATIVE APP Store APPS, Maltix provides a huge price inclusive feature rich platform.

You just Tick the box on your data collection sheet that you receive by registering your details via the green button below.

Imagine the explosive growth of your APP not shackled to the APP store, distributing like wildfire on social media that sends SMS to the very place your New APP sits ( Right next to Facebook )

Knee slapping Country dancing celebration !

We offer expert chat support to fill in the data collection form right off our website.

So here are the inclusive CORE features exclusive from MALTIX £, € or $


  • Subdomain or Connect your own custom domain
  • Distribute app via email
  • Distribute app via social media
  • Distribute app via QR code
  • Initial SMS credits: 200
  • Distribute app via SMS
  • Purchase additional SMS credits
  • Push notifications – unlimited & automated, incl. rich media content
  • App analytics
  • User account creation with Member login
  • User chat
  • Member-specific data

You want to send SMS to your clients ?

On the very phone your APP sits on waiting for action ?

SMS Credits allow you to share your app directly to your user’s mobile phone using SMS Text Messaging in any Country.

1 SMS Credit is for 1 SMS Text Message where your users will receive a text message prompting them to download your app.   

On the Maltix subscribed plan you will receive SMS Credits each month onto your account (20 SMS Credits on the Launch Plan and 40 SMS Credits on the Accelerate Plan)

Additional SMS Credits are currently priced as follows:

100 SMS £10 (0.10 per SMS)
250 SMS £20 (0.10 per SMS)
500 SMS £40 (0.08 per SMS)
1000 SMS £70 (0.07 per SMS)
10000 SMS £500 (0.05 per SMS)

To send an SMS message, first add a Contact to the Distribute -> CONTACTS section of the Maltix Dashboard. 

You can add International mobile phone numbers by using the country dropdown*

Then choose Distribute -> SHARE VIA SMS and select the contact(s) you wish to send an SMS message to and choose from a pre-selected message.

* Note: we support sending SMS to most countries in the world and will be adding more as we add further countries to our Maltix SMS gateway.

How to get the APP you want: An information video from Maltix based on looking at existing APPS

Professional WPA business APP
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