Property Agents are behind the curve.

Will Temple

As the market slows, many probably wont survive.

Thought leadership article

Valuable insight is still a top way to reach and connect with customers, partners, and other industry influencers.

Will Temple works in many sectors, but recently the problems inside the Property market industry are much more focused on the needs and expectations of the Smartphone user.

Will Temple
Thought leader

A Thought Leader is an individual or firm ascribed the quality of ‘Thought leadership’.

Thought leadership is influencing a narrative by understanding what needs to be done

Real Advice to Share

No one rises to the top without a few war stories and major lessons learned.

In this age of mentorship and yearn for professional development, people want to be able to understand how you got there and what you learned along the way.

There are no shortcuts, but writing gives you the opportunity to spread your message to a larger audience.

Driven to Help Your Audience Solve Real Problems

A common misconception of thought leadership is that it’s a soapbox and an ego boost for one person.

And while one’s expertise and wisdom is incredibly valuable, the rules of engagement are changing at tremendous speed.

Learning More From Your Peers and Pioneers

The best leaders admit when they don’t know everything, and the growing challenge is making decisions on future proofing,

It’s not down to the techie in the office anymore, its a much broader brushstroke.

Interviews with others in your industry—learning their founder story, mistakes they’ve made along the way, and the best advice they’ve received—is interesting and inspiring.

Although eventual solutions for our clients may well be complex, that is an irrelevance with the majority of my clients.

Reaching out on a telephone call is usual, movers and shakers have no time for phaff, they have problems on their mind that need to be solved, putting trust in the solution comes from putting their trust in me.

The questions I ask come from hard earned industry knowledge, they focus on identifying the problems and resolving the issue.

The majority of my calls result in decisions being made on the day, it like a weight is lifted off my clients shoulders.

Will Temple newswire article July 2021

Future proof Estate Agents ? no everything is fine.


Morag Mclintock business journalist newswire 2021

As an observational writer Morag Mclintock is a retired Estate Agent from Dumfries who ran an Estate Agency with her late husband for 25 years until 1991.

Future proof Estate Agents ? no everything is fine.

We never saw the down turn that seized our business and we never prepared for the future, I don’t even remember discussing making changes to our organisation.

People rang in, we answered the phone and arranged viewings as normal.

We assumed that the growing business would continue, but it did not.

The phone stopped ringing, and walk in’s dried up just enough to put us out of business in October 1991.

We made 8 staff redundant, including my sister.

I have an uneasy feeling that some past similarities are emerging in the market place with soundbites I have heard before.

” This house had 12 viewings today ” ITN news

” Anxious buyers feel they are going to miss out ” SKY news

” The ONS figures put the average price of a home in the UK at £250,000 in February, an increase of £20,000 on the same month of last year”

” Prospective buyers are reporting that properties for sale are flying off the shelves, so an amount of panic buying has set-in” Dumfries and Galloway news.

“Stamp duty deadline at the end of next month” The Sunday Times.

“Scotland average property increased by 8% to £162,000” Office for National Statistics

Future proof Estate Agents ? no everything is fine.

The tragedy and the impact of the bankruptcy of our business was one thing, but the pain we experienced with our children who had all bought property as they got married in the late 80’s was even more upsetting.

Early marriages were tested and unfortunately the seeds were sown for future unsurmountable problems.

The problem all those years ago was a surge in interest rates.

The new problem I feel in my bones is unidentifiable by me, I’m no economist, but something feels wrong with the property market.

And the majority of business owners under 50 have never experienced a serious downturn, they are as naïve as I was at the same age.

What I do know is that Estate Agency and Property sales seem to have become super elevated in society, and the ease of borrowing has all the hallmarks of the pre 2008 crash.

If I was an Estate Agent again, I would be looking to slash my variable costs, particularly staff costs.

And I would find ways to focus on my bread and butter customers, and look for new ways to communicate effectively.

If I had know then what I know now, maybe we would have survived as a business.

Morag Mclintock is a retired Estate Agent and observational writer from Dumfries.

The Real Estate industry is resting on its laurels.

red herring

It wasn’t that long ago that Estate Agent offices disappeared and consolidated on the back of huge jumps in interest rates.

Now we have a Government manipulated property market alongside money so cheap it beggars belief.

But those are not the Laurels under scrutiny today, this market could last for years and whether prices continue to rise or fall a bit, thats irrelevant to the Millennials aged 20 to 50.

Julia Skern observations as a new house owner purchased on her Smartphone.

“We are not old enough to remember any corrections or problems in the property markets, its a none sequitur in fact it’s a red herring.

Julia Skern posted her joy of discovering and purchasing her new house on her Smartphone.

A republished Newswire article.

I’m 33 years of age, I know !

red herring
Bayr ny Skeddan , my red door on the Herring Way Isle of Man.

The Real Estate industry is resting on its laurels.

More than 70 percent of today’s buyers search for homes online using their Smartphone.

From blockchain to quality video tours, technology is shaping the real estate industry for the better.

Now is the time to focus on the Millennials expectations and that will hedge against any bumps in the market place for sure.

They love moving pictures to send to their friends on social media and they adore connecting to QR codes for property videos.

If they love it, then Property Agents can feel their love with a little focus on change.

“I noticed a wee Agents window in my village had made the effort to connect to my phone, and I bought the house.”

An article from Julia Skern a surfing and observational writer originally from Cornwall who has just bought her first house on the Isle of Man.

Julian Skern: Newswire article 2021

Potential customers sense estate agents previous rejections.

Paul Thompson

Nothing comes close to one word – REJECTION

Every experienced Property Agent has had a family member or close friend chose a another agent over them, thats rejection!

An article from Rejection coach Paul Thompson.

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson

Agents signing up a new property is akin to dating.

On our best behaviour, breathing deeply, trying to talk slowly as we try to impress.

But previous rejection scars are there for any new potential client to see hear and feel.

That potential customer will inevitably go elsewhere.

We all remember dates when the pain of rejection lingers for years.

Potential customers sense estate agents previous rejections.

We cannot expect all people to like us.

Building trust is more than the brand we represent.

We want to do business with, but when the rejections start to mount, it is hard not to become depressed.

Paul Thompson states it best when we lose out and get rejected to exclaim “NEXT!”

A top agent sucks it up, learns from it and moves on to find the next potential client.

For agents who are being rejected over and over, they must look in the mirror.

How do they look, how to they present, is their performance lacklustre?

The fault is usually not with the public but with the agent.

Too many agents fail and the turnover is incredible in real estate.

Agents do not learn, do not train, do not invest in their education, do not hire a coach and fail to practice.

Paul also shares the new failure of digital migration.

Much of this failure is endemic and cultural within an organisation and cannot always be attributed to the agent themselves.

The tools of their trade are missing.

Especially neglecting the immediacy of clients needs on their smartphone within the new digital high street.

No time to wallow in self-pity take action.

It’s a personal journey based on the choices you make.

It's a personal journey based on the choices you make.

An article from Rejection coach Paul Thompson.