Case studies: Demonstrations

The Maltix Business App plan follows these guidelines to prepare your QR solutions

“QR is not just a picture it’s a gateway for your clients to your business”

Maurice T Watts Director Maltix

A focus on Dynamic QR, Serviced Print and compliant data management.

THE STEPS within The Business App’s plan

  1. Read and examine your case thoroughly
  2. Focus on analysis.
  3. Identify main problems.
  4. Uncover QR solutions for your business
  5. Select the best solutions

PhoneSite and vCard combinations in the field using QR inside the vehicles being promoted, with weekly change

Field demonstration examples

Auto SALES PhoneSite Click Touch or Scan

star car

Real Estate PhoneSite Click Touch or Scan

Requires Biz Card subscription per Agent, PhoneSite subscriptions per Sector and one Corporate Subscription to manage data and one third party subscription to Momenzo.

The Maltix QR Events is available within the Business Applications Subscription. Click Touch or SCAN

Sonia Lambert QR Events page

EVENT link is within her Touch Carousel