CAPSULE CRM connected to your Maltix PWA APP keeps all data in one secure place for hierarchical searchable access from any device.

Remove paper and printers and chaos forever, record every piece of correspondence securely in the cloud.

CRM free trial
FREE CRM trial

Even a small organisation has complex interactions with a complexity of clients.

Scale-able architecture is important.

A CRM is like a central control for a TAXI business or Emergency Services, hierarchical in nature that records every piece of outbound and inbound communication.

It will compartmentalise and tag or log every piece of information for future searches.

A CRM is completely malleable to your organisation, Maltix will help you get up to speed.

The same central secure system for all staff members.

Recording everything outbound and inbound via a Capsule CRM is incredibly cheap to run, it can be operated from disparate offices or on a mobile device via the APP.

And managed accurately and remotely through stunning reporting systems.

Connect a Capsule CRM to your APP to handle and record all incoming and outgoing DATA.

Every piece of technology can be connected to your CRM.

Every piece of technology SHOULD DEFINITELY be connected to your CRM.

Your new Progressive Web APP is no different.

Maltix distributes CAPSULE CRM training videos here are examples:

Free CRM trial
FREE CRM trial

With your FREE CRM trial signed up for, Maltix will connect to a QR or Smart Form page DEAL.

Automatically connect to CRM or forward to administrator

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Goodbye spreadsheets, hello organisation

Don’t spend time sifting through emails or juggling multiple spreadsheets. With Capsule, you have a home for all your contacts and their key information. You’ll even be able to see the whole history of your relationship with a contact – including email, calls, files, notes and more.

Bring your contacts with you

We’ll do the hard work for you by importing your existing contacts.

  • Outlook
  • CSV
  • vCard
  • Google Contacts
  • Spreadsheet

We keep everything in sync, so you don’t have to

Keep your Capsule contacts in sync with your favorite apps to see their latest tweet, invoice amounts, if they’re on your mailing list, or how many open support tickets they have.

Quickly find key information about your contacts

With quick search, you are never far away from your contacts.

Text, email and field matching allows you to find any person or organisation

Full text search allows you to quickly find any text within all your notes and emails.

It’s the little details that make a big difference

Never ask for the same information twice – with every interaction you have with a contact in one place, you have everything you need to build lasting relationships.

  • Use our social search integration to auto-enrich contacts
  • Categorize your contacts with searchable customised tags
  • Statistics at a glance

Incoming calls

All information is there and I can instantly proceed with the call as informed supplier to that client.

Matt Day

Creative Director, Liquona LINK

Task Management

Get on top of your to-do list with task management

Make sense of your to-do list with features that help you to proritise your tasks, plan your time and meet deadlines. Linking tasks to contacts, projects or sales opportunities means you’ll always know what a task is related to.

  • Receive task reminder emails at the start of each day
  • Add your own custom task categories
  • Create repeating tasks

Get a complete picture with calendar view

Switch to calendar view to see how your task list is shaping up for the week or month. Calendar view

– just drag a drop and drop

View tasks in your own calendar

You can subscribe to your tasks and view them on your personal calendar. We currently support:

  • Apple Calendar
  • Microsoft Calendar (2017+)
  • iCalendar

Capsule CRM to manage permissions

Manage user permissions to control who sees what

Access to records on team membership

Three different roles that can be assigned to your users too.

This ensures that users only have access to the records you want them to and allows for an increased level of security and organisation.

Flexible security features that put you in control

Capsule provides easy-to-use security features that let you control how users log in.

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Single Sign On with your G Suite domain
  • Restore deleted records within 30 days

Complete security

Capsule CRM procedures that keep your data safe

  • Data Encryption Data
  • Regular Backups. Our systems automatically replicate your data across multiple locations in real-time to maximize availability.
  • Up time Monitoring. Our monitoring alerts us to any trouble and we have staff on-call at all times to quickly resolve unexpected incidents.
General Data Protection Regulation

Inline with GDPR requirements, we have updated our data processes and practices to maintain full compliance.Learn about our GDPR commitmentPCI DSS Compliance Logo

Secure payments

We maintain PCI-DSS certification for payment collection. We do not store credit cards.

With Capsule for mobile you can:

  • View tasks on the move
  • Manage your upcoming and overdue tasks at a glance and see where they are in the calendar.
  • Caller ID on iOS
  • Automatically log calls
  • Add notes after call.
  • Start calls, messages or emails Start calls, text messages or emails directly from a contact’s profile or view a contact’s location on a map.
  • View and search for sales opportunities Quickly find a sale opportunity and see key information related to it including linked contacts and tasks.
  • See all information relating to a contact See history of emails and notes about a contact including attachments.

Always in sync

Always in sync

Capsule Mobile PWA works offline

Download Capsule for iOS and Android


Keep track of every sales opportunity

Use opportunities to track potential sales with a customer and set the value and milestone to keep track and gather reports on your business deals.

See the bigger picture with our easy-to-use visual pipeline

Manage all your open sales opportunities on one page and easily see how your business is doing.

  • Track sales as they progress through your sales process
  • Easily manage opportunities with our drag and drop interface

View your sales pipeline in a way that makes sense

View vital statistics about your sales pipeline, future sales projections and summaries all on one clear and simple dashboard.

  • View the conversion performance over the past year
  • See where opportunities are in your pipeline
  • See which tags are most commonly applied to an opportunity
  • View the value of opportunities in your pipeline

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