Can a CRM really make that much difference in my business?

Good question, after all you have always done things the way you do, why change?

Firstly Client Relationship Management is something we all do isn’t it?

Larger business can afford a Relationship Manager or Client Account Executive, but your average mom and pop small business rely on their instincts, their memory and organised emails and phone address books right?

YEAH ! right

So lets say your a small business is up to 20 people is that you ?

I could say medium sized up to 100 people is that you ?

Lets use an example from the Maltix CRM today

Can a CRM really make that much difference in my business?

Actually we run 3 business from the same CRM but I immediately knew which business hat to put on.

Pam Schroeder phoned in, I knew it was Pam because the CRM told me and went straight to her record.

I knew immediately what we had spoken about before because every email, note and telephone call for the last 18 months is recorded right there in the CRM

Irrespective who she has spoken to in our organisation.

Out of 50 searchable tags on my system and 40 searchable records.

I knew Pam was interested in 2 particular products, so no beating about the bush, the system records everything.

I also knew she had received and read the latest newsletter, because the CRM and newsletter are joined up, the data flows between them seamlessly.

I knew she had not only read the newsletter but had opened the product video blog and watched it to the end.

Pam and I had Lots to talk about, she is very impressed with my memory (LOL)

She had pre-empted the reminder that I was going to phone her this week anyway, that’s the calendar reminder that integrates with our business g-mail inside our CRM.

So we spoke a bit on her needs she placed a small order and I added it to the order pipeline.

I can see whats coming in this month and anyway she is already added to my accountancy system so that is 100% automated, as is my bank account through the Maltix shop, vat sorted and everything.

The beautiful thing about all of this is that my telephony is integrated as well.

I can listen to all previous telephone correspondence to make sure I didn’t miss anything, not bad for £15 per month with Global coverage.

AND the killer is that my team can see what I allow them to see as well.

If Pam had phone in and the call was picked up by Andy in Scotland or Dorian in France, Pam would not have known anything different…. that’s astonishing isn’t it?

That’s customer care, client knowledge, succinct business recording, telephony, diary, notes, reminders, money pipeline, banking and accounts all 100% automated all in one secure place….. CRM

Now imagine your competition is this well organised and you ar not ?

Leapfrog your competition

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