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It’s now easy to accept payments straight away with QR codes.

Not familiar with them?

A QR code is a square-shaped bar code that prompts your customer to an action when they scan it with their phone’s camera.

In your case, it’ll take them to instantly settle up their bill.

Just remember that QR codes are only available on mobile with Merchant Accounts.

Revolut business Malta

Start straight away, no additional hardware

Streamline in-person payments with QR codes created straight from your Revolut Business APP.

No need to invest in another piece of kit to cart around!

Take payments touch-free for safety and ease

No more cash or cards in terminals – your customers can make socially-distanced payments

Get paid face-to-face effortlessly

Once you’ve generated the code, show it to your customer for them to scan with their phone.

Here is a recommended banking option from Maltix

Request payments in a few taps

1. Using your Revolut Business mobile app, create a Payment Request and select QR Code

2. Choose the currency, the amount and a description

3. Display the QR code for your customer to scan

4. They can settle up easily with Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, or Revolut

Sign up to Revolut business for priority customer service.

Available to Maltese business for the first time 18th February 2021

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