Business push and pull, what does that mean?

A marketing phrase that has incredible meaning when in the company of the Smartphone.

It’s an analysis of your business touch points.

And the reaction to the touch points your clients are engaging in.

Push and pull using a PWA

The predominant communication device for the majority of touch points is now the Smartphone.

The smart tech to engage the Smartphone user with your touch points is called a Progressive Web APP or PWA

What is a touch point ?

That depends on the kind of potential client you are engaging with.

You will almost certainly have many many more touch points if you are dealing with an engineer or mechanic for example.

Because of the detail they require to make a decision.

Or a nurse who has been trained to follow procedure to the letter and can only make a decision to a stick point.

Very often you have a combination of two work disciplines in a buying couple.

The solicitor is very detailed but her husband who’s an artist for example.

Do you know your business touch points?

Knowing your touch points decides on the push and pull requirements for each combination client you are dealing with.

Whats push ?

The pertinent information you garnish that is relevant to your business via the smartphone.

The tools within a 2021 Progressive Web APP

push and pull technology with a PWA
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I’m not in a sales job! Yes you are ..every job has an element of sale.

If you have people inside an organisation who are not fully aware of the importance of making clients or potential customers happy.

This is by definition breaking the sales cycle.

So knowing your touch points is one thing, but how do you ensure you deal with the clients needs ?

listening for touch points to engage a PWA effectively

Have you have listened and made a note of the clients objections, needs and requests ?

Or are you so busy with your spiel that you haven’t heard a thing ?

Pushing pertinent information to clients Smartphone requires a PWA.

Information, documents, deals, promotions, QR, vote, countdown, user feedback, Chat, SMS, notifications and lots more.

You name it, directly to their Smartphone.

Whats Pull ?

I’ts how you deal with the information that comes to you from the push.

Remember the PWA is using the internet as a conduit or a ledger.

A PWA has wings on social media

Your customers are engaging and sharing your PWA with their friends, colleagues and family on social media.

A PWA is never downloaded like the old APPS its as free as a bird.

The information coming into you can be from complete strangers looking to engage.

Or clients you are already deeply involved with.

PWA on your clients smartphone

Immediacy is 2021

How you deal with the incoming has to be precise and immediate.

This is not like an email coming in you can ignore for a few hours or days.

All the pull you have created has to be dealt with just like a telephone call

immediacy is the order for 2021 on the smartphone

I’ve Pushed I’ve Pulled on my PWA so where does this all go ?

Connecting a PWA to you CRM


Client relationship management CRM in the cloud

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