Business cards

250 business cards designed, printed and delivered worldwide from £69

Business cards have been around since Victorian times.

We love and trust business cards to get the message across, but these days the message is much more than a name and telephone number.

The Smartphone has replaced the telephone directory and the landline, so how can you invest in a business card that delivers your modern message?

Let us help! Talk to a Maltix Agent.

Unique design artwork based on your specific needs

The campaign – your campaign.

Business cards set the tone for your future leaflets and social media.

And that message can change regularly with serviced subscription services.

Start with your LOGO and message or strap line combined.

We can help you with that with unique hand made designs or through a massive choice of 10,000 templates we present to you.

A call to action is extremely important, with that in place it will run through your entire campaign for years to come.

Your business card can connect to an existing ecommerce store.

It can connect to smart form pages to take payments.

Or changing information like property of the week or star car or information Actor Avatar.

It can connect to centralised booking or internal systems like room service or discount vouchers or tickets or repeat business

The important thing is that the seeds of a quality business card can permeate throughout your entire business.

The possibilities are endless –talk to a trained partner.

How are you going to get the message out there ?

With the business card in place, the message you create can run like a river through your social media and the key is the customers smartphone.

And because of this, your brand and message will look fantastic on paper or online.

We specialise in making sure your messages are built to be shared through the smartphone on your clients social media!

A business card has two sides, and you might be more than surprised just how versatile your message can be.

You can learn the detail and begin the journey of how to achieve this by talking with a trained Maltix Agent.

Put trust in their experience.

We believe in delighting our clients for future recommendations.

We believe in delighting our clients with small projects that really work that become big projects!

We grow when you grow your business and that trust becomes mutual.

The ability for a client to scan your business card and transfer all your information in one second is now the norm.

But lets think about the reverse, how do you inform somebody in 60 seconds about your talents and professionalism ?

An elegant and very exciting NEW solution from Maltix.

V Card on the front

Avatar on the back

Talk to your AGENT about this remarkable new idea

Choose a presenter

Create 60 to 90 seconds of copy or we can do that for you

We connect it to your business card QR and voila!

Now Choose the template that suits your 60 second explainer

Think of a short TITLE

Choose your language ?

Talk to your trained AGENT for the best options for your business.

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