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The future of mobile is here. In today’s fast-paced world, having a mobile presence is no longer optional – it is a must for companies that want to stay ahead in the game.

Predictions this year are that 70% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, and business that aren’t leveraging this traffic are losing out on a huge potential market.

However, native Apps are no longer the king of mobile – here is why you should own and operate a Progressive Web App instead: (PWA)

  • Save money – cut the costs of expensive native App development;
  • Save time – We get your App up and running in a single day;
  • Share easily – Skip App stores & share your App with a URL;
  • Get mobile – establish a powerful mobile presence today.

A website on the PC and an APP on the phone.

No APP store required!

It’s a website Jim, but not like we know it

“Once you grasp the importance of PWA, then imagine your small business accelerating at WARP SPEED using the “throw switch” options within your hosting and advice package”

William Nicholls International Development Director Maltix

This perfect small business solution is a website on the PC and an APP on the phone, no APP store required!


QR you PWA and get your information delivered by complete strangers on the the social media ledger

Functions of an APP in your business. (Throw switches)

Three APP options based on the hosting for the functionality you require.

We build it for you host it for you train you and support you

Features of a Maltix PWA in your business

A HUGE benefit: No APP store required

We build it for you host it for you train you and support you

A one off payment of £199 set up launch and support

A new generation APP is like growing a special plant.

You need constant advice on lighting, watering and feeding

That “horticultural” support is built into your subscription plan.

Your App subscription choices:



We launch and host it for you, train you and support you.

“Building a PWA into core business is more than just building the APP”

Riaan van Niekerk APL

“Get it right, and the PWA is gamechanger for small business”

Francois Meyer OPES

“Many a business has spent a fortune on native APP exposure, by and large it’s been a failure every time”

William Nicholls MD Maltix

Look at this holistic solution using a Hotel as an example.

Click the “Room Service ” Brochure for more detail and talk to a trained Partner

This is a journey on the phone

Talk to a partner about getting your PWA built and working effectively

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