Building online relationships is now the most important strategy.

Every relationship starts somewhere, Im sure we all remember when we met special people in our lives for the first time.

Building online relationships is now the most important survival strategy.

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Its a special emotion isn’t it ? the recall of the conversation, what they were wearing, the weather on the day. All locked away in a special compartment for special people.

Building relationships for business is much more complicated these days, especially when many of us still rely on paper with time poor busy lives.

But new relationships are more relevant then ever before and its how you professionally foster relationships that makes a massive difference to your business growth and survival.

With the dramatic rise in contactless technology and and smart phone technology, I think we all agree things have changed beyond recognition in the last decade.

Sit in any public space and just count the illuminated faces from the smartphone, its utterly epic.

So, from a business perspective, the smartphone is the dominant tool, but beware the business that cannot deliver the needs of their smartphone user.

You can see those illuminated faces , each connected to super fast fingers and minds that chunk in disparate directions in the blink of an eye.

Engaging any new business online is now super dependent on speed, content and instant two way communication.

The modern smartphone is a 2 way device, not just talk anymore.

If your trying to deliver content from your business that falls short in any way shape or form, your toast.

Any of this ring a bell with your business or organisation?

Maybe you have not heard it spelt out to you this way before.

But without doing the right things right, you stand no chance, not a look in, you are never going to build an online smartphone relationship in a million years.

So whats changed ?

The pandemic is obviously causing colossal change especially on the high street, but its affecting other sectors in different ways.

Who would have thought that the Doctors and Dentists surgeries turnover have dropped by as much as 70%.

Or that airlines, road haulage, ferries, steel, horticulture and charities could have such catastrophic downturns in their sectors.

It may well be that a vaccine begins to return our economy around again, but will it be the same as before?

And who will gain by focusing on customer relationship the most ?

Build relationships now, its imperative.

By building relationships now through the smart phone, you are tackling the most important recovery strategy any business person can adopt.

Your smartphone content has to be right here right now, full of help and advice, full of call to action, instant and joined up.

Call to action builds relationships on the smartphone

Implement one off redeemable smartphone vouchers.

Product purchase codes

Smartphone codes.

Accelerate the use of QR codes, shop windows, social media, product packaging

Connect QR to video, cartoon explainers, audio files

Some questions to ask yourself

Do you think your website works effectively for the modern user on their smart phone?

Chances are it works just fine on a large device, but on a small screen ? probably not.

And does it navigate in a universally accepted way or is it hap hazard or clunky on the smartphone ?

How seriously are you engaging instantly with potential new relationships through the smartphone ?

I guess you answer the phone instantly ? Or you , at least, have a sophisticated APP based professional telephone system ?

Do you ?

Answer emails instantly ?

Reply to CHAT instantly ?

Act on SMS campaigns instantly ?

Acknowledge and reply to notifications immediately ?

How are you managing the in coming communication ?

Are all your telephone calls recorded ?

Does all the incoming client data get stored in one central space in the cloud ?

Are your Form pages automatically populating your database?

Have you one central cloud based booking system ?

Google invented something, its a game-changer for the mobile phone.

Its a single type of code that builds APPS.

Have you noticed how few APPS ever end up on your phone?


Mainly because they are locked away behind a Corporate firewall called The Apple Store.

The new Google coded APP doesnt need a store.

Its more like a website built specifically for the smartphone, every type of smartphone.

Blazing speed

Works offline !!!!

Spreads as easily as the common cold and it can be instantly joined to by a piece of paper.

Its dramatically cheaper to build than the old APPS and is not only easily found by google ( no surprise there ) is flies through social media like a firestorm.

Its also instantly shareable unlike the old APP.

This APP has wings and its called a Progressive Web APP or PWA.

So Mr and Mrs business man, you have learnt something important today.

To connect and manage a modern relationship on the smartphone you have to start somewhere, because if you do what you always done, your gonna get what you always got.

And in this business climate, speed of change is everything.

This technology is cheap to rent, its super fast and it all joins up.

The first casualty of the Smartphone generation is the printer.

Younger technical people are more likely to have learnt how to join malleable cloud technologies to other cloud technologies.

Before you hand off this role, be careful to check they are fluent in change.

A rule of thumb, paper is as effective as a lead shield in an X ray department in the modern office.

The first casualty of the Smartphone generation is the printer.

Your customer journey.

This article is written by William Nicholls a Director at

The customer journey is a great start point.

How do you want to build trust and social intercourse with a new client.

Whats in it for them ?

Whats in it for you ?

At Maltix 5 years ago we started with a Capsule CRM and Mailchimp newsletter that we joined up, but our business model is almost unrecognisable from those days today.

Maltix is a PWA development Company collaborating with joined up tech partners whose technology is completely malleable to your business.

We make recommendations with our partner programme through free trials.

Capsule CRM free trial

Circleloop APP telephony free trial

We are also acquisitive, looking for independent partners who are connected to the business community.

Partners who understand the accelerated change thats happening now, and want to be a part of it an an independent consultant.

Joining Paper to the Smartphone

This sounds like an oxymoron in the context of this sales article.

But listen up, grasp this concept for change in your organisation and watch your smartphone relationships go stratospheric.

Your new PWA is feature rich, it talks to your new relationships in may ways.

Given a call to action, the Smartphone user will readily point their camera at your QR

Building online relationships is now the most important survival strategy.

Point your smartphone camera to the codes below, onboard with Maltix today for Free

Football club

Plumber Agents in over 20 stores UK
Live radio station
In store contact tracing
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