Crisis management in a crisis

This morning at some unearthly hour I had a crisis telephone call from a very well known retailer on Malta.

I met the Director of the Company on the Ferry years ago, we discussed change and implementing new technology which she never authorised or discussed with me ever again.

In fact she stood me up on 2 meetings.

So somehow today its my fault for not taking executive decisions in somebody elses company 3 years ago !

“The server has disconnected and all the book keeping has been lost, two people working flat out since November, I was informed, what a waste of money”

This is a Company with a so called techie on the pay roll

Some observations from 3 years ago

They use 8 different bank accounts and manually reconciled tills from the 90s

Pay suppliers with post dated cheques.

6 staff members in a poorly lit office with paper everywhere in a grotty office with a high staff turnover.

I remember specifically saying to her, get rid of your email servers, use the cloud.

Remove the servers in your building completely and use the cloud

Centralise all your data onto a CRM and take control of your sales team, pipeline business and customer service.

Start collecting email and telephone numbers so you can set up an online store in the cloud

integrate a cloud based newsletter system to contact your clients with deals etc

Throw away the tills, buy ipads and install a cloud based epos system and integrate with retail apps.

Connect that to a cloud based accountancy system that controls your payroll

Move to integrated telephony and control your excessive billing

Get rid of your banking relationships completely and move to Revolut

And throw out those printers and fax machines

Fix the lighting and clean the windows!

She looked at me in horror, Now I’m looking at her in horror.

Wouldn’t it be nice was a wonderful song by the Beach Boys remember?

Circleloop Agent Malta

Wouldn’t it be nice to remove all the phones from your office and free up your space ?

Wouldn’t it be nice to answer the phone and have two hands free ?

Wouldn’t it be nice to click to ring any number worldwide directly from your CRM ?

And record every call

I love that Circleloop allows me to switch seamlessly between my phone numbers. So if I want to make a call from my London number, my Malta number or even my Italian number, I can do it instantly at the touch of a button.

“As a Europe-based business, working with clients from all around the world, the ability to add local phone numbers instantly has really helped us to serve our existing clients professionally, and win new clients overseas.

The ability to create a number, add a user and use our existing smartphones and desktops makes Circleloop perfect for Allies and our start-ups. Not to mention the savings from no line rentals, setup fees or bundled minutes to buy.

Wouldn’t it be nice enquiry for more information is a registered partner of

Have you past and present client emails ?

Does that data work for you….does it make you money?

There is a logical flow for you to think about to connect your DATA to your income

GDPR and compliance is step one recommends mail hippo an automated system and great value.

Step two is compiling your cleaned and compliant email list into a logical format ……… name, surname, email, address, etc etc

Step three import your data into a cloud based CRM and connect to a newsletter system

Now you are getting somewhere, now you are well on the way to controlling your future digital business.

Maltix has a free rolling 30 day programme on Google MEET to answer your questions and help you get started.

Book a suitable time here

“If you do what you always do your going to get what you always got”

Digital contracts revolution

It appeared to me this morning after signing two reseller agreements in under 5 minutes from start to finish, just how dramatically efficient Digital Contracts are. has been promoting a number of Digital Contract platforms for three years and although the principle is well defined under regulation, implementing Digital Contracts has been a mind set issue based on reticence, especially with the Legal profession.

With the massive interruption by Covid 19 , Digital Contracts are now enjoying legal adoption for the first time.

So does the Contract then get printed off and stored in a dusty back room somewhere ? well actually no.

Contracts are stored within the ultra secure data house adopted by the Digital Contracts provider, that’s good enough security for every bank in the world these days.

The Notary or Lawyer can then add it to their own Data House storage system like Drop Box for additional replicated safe storage.

The Legal Profession like any business is feeling the heat of the downturn, and efficiency savings are determining their competitiveness in a crowded industry.

So with the removal of paper contracts other streamlining opportunities are manifesting particularly a CRM system with dramatic knock on staff savings potential enabling the Legal profession to focus on competitiveness for future business.

When combined with automatic Form Page integration on the website, the digital circle is complete and directly connects the clients legal contracts on their mobile phone.

Maltix has a free Digital Contract advice service, make an appointment for a chat CLICK HERE for a suitable diary time

Revolutionise your BUSINESS telephony through an APP £5 per user per month.

We set Circleloop across an entire global gaming business in one day. The app sits on all employees Cell phones and we have disbanded the very expensive international PBX and removed every telephone from every office for our clients.

The best thing ever is that every call is now logged inside their Salesforce CRM

Thank you for the introduction Maltix… its the coolest thing since Steve MqQueen

Terrapin client office investments Au

Are you interested in the Business APP revolution for your clients ? Click here

Have you ever opened your heart to a stranger on the train ?

Have you ever opened your heart to a stranger on the train or in a bar somewhere ?

Do you have a business and not sure about the future ?

Perhaps you think that Covid is just going to go away?

Maybe in two years time when we look back the landscape might resemble the bumps on a piece of corrugated iron with wave after wave of infections and lockdowns but on the other hand there might be a miracle cure round the corner,
who knows ?

The future is unsure, but perhaps you have come to the conclusion that you do not want to get in the car and drive to work every day or get on the bus every day or get on the train every day.

Some very large companies have already recently announced that their entire payroll can work from home forever.

How can you do that in your business and what benefits will help your business survive?

Talk to today let’s get it off your chest and look at your business problems to come up with some interesting solutions for the future and then we can look at training you on the business technology you need in affordable chunks

Business technology in the cloud is cheap to rent and it all clips together beautifully.

If you do what you’ve always done your going to get what you’ve always got……….. talk to today and start a new plan.

Become a Consultant in your community working from home

The Maltix Consultancy is a self learning umbrella of folk who fundamentally understand that the days of fear and the stranglehold of techies in business are over. (Thank goodness)

We are largely a group of graduates who work from home and have a knowledge of particular industries and the connections to get the ear of decision makers.

Each Technology has been introduced by a Maltix person who has been through the pain of learning so you do not have to.

We share the technologies on offer because other Maltix people have researched them, installed them, joined them all up, taught it to others, discovered its peccadillos and this works all the way to the next referral!

Most Maltix folk are in their Autumn years, nearly all are either retiring or looking for Consultancy work from home. They are completely independent and charge their own Consultancy rates but are prepared to fast track their learning inside a tutoring programme as the work comes in.

They like plain talk , are not particularly technical but enjoy a business conundrum

They also understand that the if the modern small business is not joined directly to the smart phone of its clients, its not going to survive in this brave new world.

“Peter Drucker: You can’t manage what you can’t measure”

Its as fast and as eye catching as a beautiful girl in a JENSEN INTERCEPTOR, that’s why this page is named so.

Once approved as a Maltix Consultant the ad hoc tutoring available to you is called the Jensen Interceptor programme, its not published its just a handshake agreement.

Its chat, its screen share, its discussion, its sharing to measure twice and cut once before you embark on a proposal or costings. We will introduce you to specialist Consultants in the network as you require them, it could be data extraction, copywriting, GDPR advice, newsletter tutoring, website, banking in fact a myriad of different disciplines needed for the success of your project.

Becoming a Jensen subscriber is £249 per block of 4 weeks which is usually enough time to source, scope, price and pitch to commence a project.

Then ad hoc ongoing as required to ensure you are training the right person for the job so you can eventually “let the baby walk”

It operates under the tutelage of William Nicholls the Director of stationed on Malta.

As an approve Consultant The website is all your frontage.

The remote technology we employ is hosted and managed in a data houses, it doesn’t sit on some techies laptop or in a vulnerable office hosting facility. Its a beautiful fully functional dream machine ready for you to install into the heart of somebody else’s business with your consultancy oversee.

The astonishing aspect of this cloud technology is they are all fully independent with 24 hour tech support, the reality is you will probably never use them AND they all join up, so the data just carries on through its secure systems unhindered.

So you are potentially a Maltix candidate, you have business connections, you know the massive pain Covid19 is causing and the repercussions thereafter and you want to make a difference helping small and medium business adopt systems now to survive.

Where do you start ? ENROL