Basic smart form page advice, a free piece of cake.

A free piece of cake.

Yesterday I felt a little brave and went to a Mall Christmas shopping.

Probably a stupid decision with everything that’s going on.

But it was very quiet.

I was astounded,not to see a single shop using QR codes, not one !

QR code

Of all the things you can connect to a QR.

One is probably the most important.

A basic smart Form Page

Why is that ?

A QR can connect to all sorts of things, some ideas

What is a Smart form page so important ?

I stopped for a coffee and a sandwich and I have to say, they were using QR codes on their tables to show their menu.

No paper menus were available.

That’s good I thought, they are trying to make things a little safer.

But that was all, it just connected to their menu, missing a fabulous opportunity to collect email for newsletters or social media share or telephone numbers for SMS.

But you need a Smart form to achieve that.

A form that defaults to the menu after the client has filled in your requested information.

( For their benefit, of course ) maybe a free piece of cake!

Do you want a QR code that is connected to a Smart form page ?

A small step can have enormous consequences for change.

PWA’S are built for the fast fingers of a Smartphone user, with instant two way communication channels to market and manage change in your business or organisation.

Voluntary social media distribution of promotions, redeemable vouchers, coupons etc

This is what a Progressive Web APP can connect to

Connect a QR to a Progressive Web APP and something extraordinary happens on your clients Smartphone

Maltix provides all the tools of the trade for your journey with the Smartphone user using the new technology called PWA.

The old Native APP was so expensive, small business simply could not afford it.

The New Progressive Web APP is a fraction of the price with all the benefits and technology built in.

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