Apps are replacing websites why?

Because 55% of all websites are accessed through a phone.

Not a happy experience for most people, modern folk don’t mess around, they want it instantly on their phone, with an order now pay now mentality.

An APP is different, its designed to work on a mobile phone, its specifically designed to intermingle with all social media especially Facebook.

And the phone owner deliberately adds the APPS they want to their mobile phone

Why ?

Because their hairdresser has realised and had an APP built for them to book a haircut.

Because their garage has taken the care to build an APP and sent it to their clients to book a service or an MOT or free carwash with next petrol purchase promotion.

Because their Lawyer has digital contracts and can conclude business in seconds.

Because their local shop has connected their web store to their APP and the client can get a delivery.

Because the Driving instructor can manage his booking calendar and can convert happy newly passed clients into new clients via social media.

Because the Indian restaurant can SMS their clients through the APP to manage their order times.

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