APP to APP share

APP to APP share is earned from the customer service referral.

PWA provides customer service to delight the Millennial and Gen Z market
to create the referral.

Today Millennial’s, those born from 1978-1992, represent 32% of spending in the personal luxury market.

An APP is the route to market on the smart device.

The all new Google developed Progressive Web APP (PWA)

Increasingly your clients are the Millennial’s and Gen Z,s

Ignore their needs at your peril.

If you think your website has your customer service covered you are almost certainly wrong.

WHY is APP to APP share important ?

Immediacy using PWA

A PWA is lighting fast

Doesn’t need to be downloaded

As light as a butterfly for Smartphone memory use

Built specifically for the small smartphone screen

Loaded with Smartphone user friendly gadgets

Spits out notifications for deals and promotions

Acts like a one on one walkie talkie

Future connection ready

Defaults into action alongside a website URL

Works offline

Provides immediacy for Smartphone user engagement

Revels in A to Z business in just one place

Time to explore how to create fantastic referrals on social media from a new PWA to Social media APP’s

App to APP share from delighted clients on social media
APP to APP share on social media

Delighted PWA users spread your APP for you on Social Media APP’s

You earn their referral from customer service immediacy.

The referral is earned from excellent customer service

PWA customer service
Social Media

A PWA displays all the right signals and reasons for the Smartphone generation.

Embrace Smartphone customer service with a PWA and very happy clients will spread the word for you.

What has changed ?

Websites on the Smartphone can work alongside a PWA off the same URL

APPLE STORE and old Native APPS are toast.

Are you toast on social media ?

Old native APP’s have been problematic.

A) Has to be downloaded from an APP store

B) Extremely expensive to produce, get approved and host

C) Lost or hidden inside the APP store

D) Far too heavy on the Smartphone memory.

How important is the Smartphone generation in your business right now?

Today Millennial’s, those born from 1978-1992, represent 32% of spending in the personal luxury market.

By 2025 they are expected to make up 50% of the total market.

130% of market growth in the next seven years

Attributed to the Millennial and GEN Z generation


70% of time spent on social media
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