An APP with SMS

Maltix APPS are new generation PWA developed with the considerable resources of GOOGLE.

Maltix provide a hosting price inclusive feature rich platform

SMS is just one of the two way communication channels within a PWA

Positively all the tools of the trade for your journey with the Smartphone user.

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And then distribute like wildfire on social media with APP share and direct marketing.

An APP with SMS

PWA has all the tools of your trade included
Your PWA has all the tools of your trade included.

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So here are the inclusive CORE features exclusive from MALTIX priced in sterling.

Maltix PWA using SMS
inclusive feature rich pricing
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You want to send SMS to your clients ?

On the very phone your APP sits on just waiting for action ?

SMS Credits allow you to share your APP directly to your user’s mobile phone using SMS Text Messaging in any Country.

1 SMS Credit is for 1 SMS Text Message where your users will receive a text message prompting them to download your APP.   

On the Maltix subscribed APP hosting plan you will receive SMS Credits each month onto your account.

Additional SMS Credits are currently priced as follows:

100 SMS £10 (0.10 per SMS)
250 SMS £20 (0.10 per SMS)
500 SMS £40 (0.08 per SMS)
1000 SMS £70 (0.07 per SMS)
10000 SMS £500 (0.05 per SMS)

SMS to anybody who has shown an interest in your PWA marketing
SMS is just one of the rich features included in your PWA.

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