” Affiliate marketing involvement is the only genuine way to become an expert in the field and a trusted source for the referral”

William Nicholls CEO Maltix Ltd

Pillars of income

The holy grail of regular pillars of income is the subscription model.

“Monthly income just turns up like magic”

Maltix has a dual affiliate opportunity

  1. QR link promotion to an existing clientele
  2. VA sending 20 invitations a day into Linkedin using the Maltix Chrome extension. From experience we know the average VA will generate 1500 warm leads a year. No selling required, just 15 minutes a day using our pre populated platform, all monthly earnings automated directly to your bank account. Lots more detail for VA Roles

Projected Earnings

Lares is for VA CHAT production and support we are recruiting and training NOW

Apply to become a Maltix VA TODAY

QR link promotion to an existing clientele

Becoming a Business Affiliate is very simple, we even provide the back drops for you ! Zoom, Print, Projected, Monitor, TV