Maltix uses the latest generation of cloud technology to join up all your dots.

“The fear of data loss and non compliance with GDPR made us focus on the best expertise out there, Maltix introduced us to Consultants with quite a pedigree”

“We were too busy working IN our business not ON our business until we met the Maltix people”

“We never really understood the internet; our systems were cobbled together, over staffed and not customer oriented.”

“We have dramatically streamlined our staffing to be customer focused , organised, measured and controlled.”

“Maltix people solved our internet jigsaw puzzle in the most dramatic fashion, we are focused with happy staff and are profitable again.”

“Sending out the odd Facebook message and handling everything from an email browser was our recipe for disaster.”

“If you are not connected and interacting immediately with your clients, you’re out of business.”

“With one click I can see my financial and sales pipelines, I am now back in control of my business.”

“Maltix calmly automated our entire money collection system. We now use an auditor at year end only.”

“There is a business revolution going on out there guys, Maltix understands, they implement and they train.”

“Maltix sourced all our joined up Cloud technology to future proof our business.”

“Maltix is a beacon in the 4th industrial revolution.”

“It means that through the cloud we can rent systems that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive for small businesses.”

“Working with Maltix has shown us how the internet is joining things up and consequently our cost savings are magnified dramatically.”

“Maltix quickly convinced us we were either in it or going out of business.”

“Rent and wages were consuming my business, I’ve seen the light and changed my work life balance in 90 days.”

William Nicholls Founder and Director of Maltix.co.uk