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A message from the CEO of Maltix Ltd

Welcome to the world first subscription based tech Co that showcases two primary technologies called Dynamic QR and Progressive Web Apps or PWA

The message is clear and blindingly obvious that the Smartphone is where future business should be.

QR is a phone window to a plethora of business problem solving ideas with full ICO data protection, data collection and management.

It sits in the heart of your business and provides a call to action for the very device everybody carries.

QR connected to secure smart form pages naturally collects and recycles your own data in a very professional manner, all on subscription with the support of real human beings.

QR reinvigorates print and is blindingly fast from phone to phone or phone to payment.

We are the first Company to publicly reject WordPress and the contract demands of website technicians, Domain name Hosting fees and the Google your business and the sheer hell of trying to keep up with it all.

The Progressive Web APP has arrived with gusto and Maltix is the first Co to offer super affordable subscription plan for PWA

Your PWA negates the need for a website and all the paraphernalia that goes with it!

Next generation small business does not have to spend a fortune with Google ads and SEO Go Daddy this and Apple APP store that, its over.

Welcome to the land of delighting your phone user, go shop today and get everything you need on the phone up and running in one day with zero nonsense and real human being support.

CHAT, lets simplify your online and offline business

William Nicholls

William Nicholls

CEO Maltix Ltd

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