A second hand Rolex sold an expensive property.

Noah Keller cross marketing specialist
Noah Keller Swiss cross marketing specialist

Noah Keller

Gehobenes Cross-Marketing Zurich. Swiss newswire article June 16th 2021

Interviewed by Karl Zimmerman Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine

Noah is a savvy technologist, with a pedigree for luxury brand platform that conveys messages about quality, lineage, status, and taste

His techniques are mostly secret, but after an hour of close questioning he did give Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine just a hint of technique.

Noah works from home, with a passion for Apple devices and a garage with 3 rare cars alongside an everyday MG RV8 (which I fell in love with)

A second hand Rolex sold a €4.7 property.

Rolex submariner
Rolex submariner

Noah and his small Company specialise in referral rewards for up market products, especially jewellery, property and cars.

His logic is fundamentally based on statistics, he states an individual in the EU needs a net wealth of €5.4 million to be among the richest in Europe.

Prestigious clients

His strategy aims to sate highest brand value and pricing power by leveraging multiple brand elements, such as heritage, country of origin, craftsmanship, scarcity, and prestigious clients.

Earning the trust of wealthy clients is a hard fought and well defended journey.

The reality ? Only one telephone number and one Smart QR code on an actual Gold embossed business card that he distributes to clients old and new from his last introduction or sale.

This week, A rare Rolex client who wanted a house for his newly engaged daughter.

The rest is secret, except that I know what a telephone number is but what is a Smart QR ?

And the property price ? €4.7 million

Karl Zimmerman Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine