Remove the commute.

A road map for changing your client and employee communication cycle, a new office the home working office, remove the commute.

Lets re-imagine a seamless remote office.

A Maltix road map that dramatically reduces office costs by removing the commute.

How do we remove the Commute ?

Lets join up the dots for a new kind of office manager that never commutes.

Communicating using the chosen methods of the customer.

Through their smart phone, desktop and smart device.

Your customers prefer communication through a Progressive Web APP, its two way and personal.

Employees using headset and CRM click to call APP based professional business telephony on their own devices ! FREE TRIAL

All calls connect and record through CRM Teams. FREE TRIAL

All data automatically collated through Smart form pages on PWA and Website.

Connect to a Mailchimp newsletter.

Join your Physical or E-commerce store in one click.

Two way communication through SMS, CHAT, APP Notifications and QR

Order your PWA to fly unhindered through social media, it has wings !

Can you see how the office is changing ?

It’s not a dream anymore.

Listen up and walk the walk.

Watch the info cartoon: a new office the home working office remove the commute.

Partner with Maltix

Become an alliance partner with Maltix PWA , its a new revenue stream for tech and business consultancies.

Join up with Maltix and offer this amazing new PWA technology, feature rich and a fixed price to your clients.

Low fixed pricing is perfect for the small business sector.

Learn the benefits to sell to your clients.

Use the simple PWA on-boarding process.

Enjoy a brand new revenue stream without all the saga of actually building and hosting the APP and associated technologies.

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