A Leg up for the a savvy Salon

A highly recommended and hugely successful Third party APP for the Salon business is called FRESHA

So why does an APP come along and offer a booking and management system for FREE ?

A Third party APP sounds great doesn’t it?, after all its FREE !

Its got a cool booking system and a simple CRM.

The Fresha example in the Salon sector.

SALON APP case study
Case study link end of article

It has 50,000 Salons on board and manages over 2 million appointments.

A very successful APP you would think.

Salon APP case study on data

Old APP versus new APP comparison

Old and new APP comparison from Maltix

Just cast an eye on the feature comparison above.

The problem with 3rd party native APPS from maltix

Salons are using a restrictive piece of old technology.

And your client information, the life- blood of a Progressive Web APP you happily share with a FREE stranger ?

So what, its FREE right?

A reality check for the Savvy Salon

By using a FREE third party APP you are relinquishing your DATA and diluting your brand.

And you are never going to communicate with your clientele like you can with a PWA

Can you connect a native APP with a PWA ?

Why a PWA is better than an old native APP

Fresha native APP for the salon industry from Maltix
Adding a free third party APP to your PWA is nothing short of genius

Request an on boarding form, we arrange a time to go through it on Zoom or chat

Onboard for free PWA adice from Maltix

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