A Free QR gift from Maltix.

But have you thought about joining a 30 year old paper connection technology to your business? A free QR gift from Maltix to use immediately.

The pandemic has mostly seen a surge in virtual connection – think of Zoom, WebEx , Meet to connect without physically contacting one another. 

Try a Free QR gift from Maltix.

 QR is short for Quick Response ( can be read quickly by a camera on a smart phone ).

What can you connect to a QR ?

A PWA APP, is specifically built for QR.

Your QR uploads in the blink of an eye .

From your PWA APP you connect everything listed below and more because it becomes a virtual walkie talkie with your new and existing customers smart phone.

Think of your APP as the conduit to connect everything digital in one place that is specifically built for the modern Smart phone.

A PWA APP continues to work OFFLINE and its built to distribute on social media.

Some possible links inside your future PWA APP.

Free QR code, a gift from Maltix.

STEP one: Choose a link from your organisation that you want the QR to connect to.

Website page, Online shop, V card, Facebook, a Document, Images, Audio files, Video, You tube, Email, SMS, Form pages, Digital documents, Contact page, Booking forms, Share this APP now, online menu …… and more, lots more.

Think about your call to action from your physical shop window or your physical marketplace.

Internet connection, Virtual tour, Book a visit / showing , Shop now, CHAT now, Whats APP now, APP Share now, Feedback now, RENT now, BOOK now , Discount link, …. endless …… get creative !

Using an Estate agent or Realtor as an example, imagine a large quality printed QR in the main window with your snappy elevator pitch video presentation.

Now imagine a small QR for every property in the window connected to your inventory now listed and referenced on your PWA APP.

Do you think a visitor will be encouraged to watch a Virtual Reality property tour and book an appointment right off the APP ?

Or lets say you manufacture something and your product is linked to a You tube video

Or perhaps its internal like a Hospital advice group for Doctors and nurses …. take the example link below.

You betcha …………… Free QR code, a gift from Maltix. fill in the simple form page and we will whizz off the QR to print and use immediately.

STEP two: Fill in this simple form

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