A conversation with Debbie Bryan

Motor vehicles are very important, I bought mine from a lady who was leaving Gozo and was desperate for the sale.

I drunkenly negotiated down to 6000 euro, that was 10 years ago.

After all this time, I’m not convinced electric cars are the answer, maybe hybrid, I’m really not sure, and why change ? I can hardly get into 3rd gear on this tiny island.

I do have a fantasy car, yes the 30 year old MG RV8 supercar with a 3.9 litre Range Rover engine, but it’s a time for reality not fantasy, nothing worse than a silver haired man in an open top sports car.

10 years on, the French eh?

You can imagine the advertising for this Renault convertible of mine 10 years ago. It would’ve said wonderful things about the performance, comfort and economic ability.

But with 60,000 miles on the clock and the inevitable niggles of a older car, I don’t suppose Renault themselves would appreciate my advertising patter, conjured up whilst negotiating a heavy storm this morning.

Fairweather windscreen wipers

Fairweather windscreen wipers from your Renault dealer today!

It’s quite ridiculous that windscreen wipers perform beautifully when it’s dry but simply stop when it’s raining. Or indeed that the entire front section of the car has to be removed to replace a light bulb and indicator light, the French eh?

A conversation with Debbie Bryan

Debbie Bryan Taj Mahal
Debbie Bryan Taj Mahal


Had a wonderful call with Debbie Bryan today, international motivational speaker and personal coach.

Grounded in a past career with sales teams and busy gym hair salons it was a pleasure to talk to her and we will talk again soon with our common brogue of Somerset and Wiltshire.

We agree on so much and I always know, whatever, it’s gonna be an easy conversation, we both sing from the same hymn sheet on life and attitude to life.

Sore arse and stiff sand

We launched into talking about her charity trip to India.

A trip in trepidation for a lady in her mid fifties, the challenge of 360 km trip across India.

40 to 50 miles a day on the pushbike starts to get into your nether regions, broken roads, deep sand but never a broken spirit.

Debbie was inspired by friends who took a similar trip in Brazil a couple years ago and she’s already planning for a Vietnam Cambodia trip maybe next year.

Crash bang wallop

When you consider 12 years ago Debbie was involved in a terrible accident that nearly removed her ability to walk, raising £1500 for charity on a sponsored pushbike ride across India sounds unlikely.

But thats the spirit of the woman, self motivation and driven energy.

On her trip she was inspired by the people who came out of their houses and off their fields to touch her blonde hair and take selfies.

Despite the poverty everybody’s got a smile and a smart phone !

Target setting and talking to the trees.

On a trip like this their are the inevitable lows, and those lows can resonate to fellow cyclists.

So Debbie made wishes, she talked to the trees, get through this and something nice might appear, however unlikely!

“I wonder if I will get a glass of wine tonight” ” Maybe some ice cream” “Perhaps there will be porridge on the breakfast menu ” ” oooh chicken would be nice”

We spoke about what happens in life when you ask for things because nearly every occasion there was wine there was chicken there was ice cream.

There was even porridge waiting for her at her accommodation, and that made the stiff ride through the sand worthwhile.

Debbie is an an atomist a bit like me she believes in that, if you talk to the entities around you, you’ll get what you want in life.

I would say Debbie is resilient, a problem solver who believes in herself and the motivation of others.

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