A conversation with Dave Crane

In the car this morning I was having a conversation with my wife talking about our experiences of looking after cattle and horses in very cold spells {like you do}

We shared the mutual physical problems of frozen water troughs.

My part of the conversation took me to Agriculture College in the early 80’s and the importance of clean water.

During this thought process, I remembered the very lecturer and I chunked immediately to how I made my decision to leave further education and not become a vet.

I was convinced that the lecturers were regurgitating information from their university notes from way back in the 50’s and 60’s.

This was the day I realised I was a futurist, a dreamer if you like.

Recently I realised that I wanted to BLOG about other peoples business and dreams as well as my own.

Moving ahead some 40 years

I’m a sociable kind of guy, COVID was not good socially, but I became more focused on social interaction and joining up rented technology to enable me to grow a business idea.

So my Ltd Co, got a tax code, got a VAT number.

My CRM became automated using Smart Form Pages and I segmented data for future newsletters and I integrated Xero for the dreaded Co accounts

But something was missing.

And my daily blogs, newsletters, website and networking pretty much failed to bring in business.

Everything I had taught myself and everything I had payed for just wasn’t working.

Three things have changed that.

Working with Scott Cundill on the My Most Trusted project right from the start.

Removing the Mentors who became my modern day University lecturers of old

Meeting Marc Jarret and my involvement in his WhatsApp networking groups


I meet new people, social people, disparate people who all have something quite incredible in common.

Their life and their business have become emancipated by the solitude of COVID

The common ground of WhatsApp and My Most Trusted is permeating into fresh business practice with new ways to share and create exciting business connections for mutual benefit.

On a call with Dave Crane last night

We met proper on a Vanquish WhatsApp group call last Friday.

I added him into My Most Trusted referral circle, we arranged a Google Meet call.

We shared our business concepts and dreams.

Dave spoke of a new virtual Country of Digital Nomads and the power they possess for work change and support

The most important part of the call ?

Creating business dialogue to work and make business together.

Mutual symbiosis respect and introductions.


William Nicholls Blogger and networker

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  1. I am looking forward to many amazing opportunities to work together in the future Will. I LOVE your technology and it really steps up the game for any business owner with a busy schedule and a great product or service to offer…

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