A conversation with Allan Fine

Talking with a Director at Bristol fruit market yesterday, he confided with me that there are huge stress cracks showing in a once relatively mature and stable marketplace.

Enough for him to tighten his credit controls to a level that he nor his father have ever considered before. {1965}

He knows the risk of breaking old trusted relationships, but he would rather other wholesalers took the risk than his own firm.

The cracks aren’t just with the wholesalers who get up at 4 o’clock in the morning to pick up the produce and distribute, the cracks are beginning to show with the main ( Big Lorry) wholesalers delivering to larger restaurant chains in and around the west country.

So fruit and veg was definitely on my mind watching the MasterChef cookery program on TV last night with Marcus Wareing.

The knock out stages are where a potential winning MasterChef are given a specific task, get it wrong you get kicked off the show.

They are they tasked to do very particular meal descriptions and they have all the ingredients in front of them.

Repeatedly they chose to neglect the ingredients.

Therefore they were removed from the competition.

A conversation with Allan Fine

I had a bit of a wake-up call the other day with a famous Linked In Lead Generation Expert who has obviously been on the pans and in the ovens of LinkedIn probably forever.

Looking at his 27,000 followers should have been a clue I guess.

And I quickly realised, within 5 minutes, that although I had all the ingredients displayed in front of me AND I knew the recipe, I had seriously neglected my “Linkedin menu”

So I urge you to talk to a lead wizard expert and the man from Calgary is just the chap.

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Allan Fine
Allan Fine

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