60% of your target audience is now on the Smartphone, latest.

Neglect their needs and you are .

How can we start ?

But we already have a website


You can add a Progressive Web APP to an existing website in tandem on the same URL


Build the website and the PWA as a one off on the same website URL


Replace an old website but cannabalise the good bits

The Smartphone user has radically changed the online business model in 18 months.

Creating a strong digital identity is at the heart of modern business.

Most businesses still do not understand the importance of having both a website and an app.

Just like old NATIVE APP development, creating a website is an expensive and drawn out process which often feels entirely out of your control.

Choosing a management back office platform, design/layout and then hiring a developer to put it all together can leave you at your wits end.

You will then often be reliant on going back to the same developer if you want to make updates or add anything new to the site.

Thankfully that’s not the case with Maltix.

So take 100% control

Your 2021 Progressive Web App PWA functions as a website too!

With many more Smartphone features and capabilities that you would expect from a modern site.

The design and structure of your PWA will remain the same when used as a website.

Keeps your digital presence unified and removes the need to fiddle around with settings.

A Maltix PWA comes packed full of features and components to improve both your APP and website experience.

These include Social Media integrations, member logins, video integration and more.

Maltix builds your PWA with extraordinarily low development costs using a new all platform code developed by Google.

We hand over 100% control directly to you and no techie required.

Remove the techie from your life forever

Your PWA has Noddy proof updating tools, you can work on your app and keep it fresh all on your own.

Noddy proof management
Simple management system run from your assigned common sense office appointee

No paying for consultation, design or update fees.

yes to no techies
Say yes to no techies

Maltix gives you complete control over how your app looks and works, now and forever.

Match powerful features on the fly helps to keep your PWA up to date as your business expands, grows and evolves.

Add and remove functionality as you launch new products and services.

Push updates and SMS to your customers to keep them on the same page.

Your Maltix built app will always be your app.

Say yes and on board for free today

Inclusive price £1218 including hosting.

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