40% of all Estate Agents are going out of business

Especially the ones that know that this probably cannot happen.

Just like policemen, estate agents seem so young these days dont they?

Older estate agents, almost certainly in their 60’s know what’s coming, it’s in their waters.

There is no shortage of property thats a farce, in fact its a ruse invented by ebullient estate agents and mortgage brokers.

The reality is that the housing market is driven by avarice and cheap money alongside the removal of the Gold standard back in 1970.

The public used to hoard precious metals, now they hoard DEBT.

It’s got to the point whereby folk in their 70s with a mortgage PAYED OFF cannot afford to retire.

We now have UK National Debt running at close to 3 trillion. Just to explain that NOT in estate agents terms, debt is not an investment.

If each pound was the size of a grain of sand, 3 full Olympic sized swimming pools filled with sand would represent £3 trillion, get the picture?

Even the basics of basic mathematics covers the reality of “to the power of”

property investment is over
property investment is over

The party is over for decades.

So how do some estate agents survive ?

Number one : Drop the website, its not suited to the smartphone.

Number two: Get off the high street, you cannot afford it.

Number three. Embrace social networking on the phone.

Number four. Quickly learn how to manage your data properly for SMS, CHAT and WhatsApp.

Finally: Get you online stationery in order, we are going back to the 1970’s in a whole new HOLISTIC way, that starts with your business cards.

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“Lies, damned lies, and statistics” is a phrase describing the persuasive power of statistics to bolster weak arguments.

40% of all Estate Agents are going out of business SCAN OR CLICK

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