Reigniting the human connection inside your business.

An introduction to the My Most Trusted network.

In the beginning there was the referral, then the black days of hard selling.

Then spam, social media and messages left right and centre.

Learn how to reignite the human connections inside your business.

Enough to make you scream

Reigniting the human connection inside your business.

Watch this short video on building your credible relationships and become relevant with 150 people from your Linked in connections in a very short period of time.

We train you to follow a proven system that you and your staff can adopt for just 10 mins a day 3 days a week.

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Boots the chemist happy for a £3 sale

Turn your clients phone into a payment gateway, perfect for the market stall situation!

Boots are selling a £3 product within their TV advertising

They are using Dynamic QR with a generic call to action

Boots the chemist
Boots the chemist

Small business dont need a fancy TV campaign, the adoption of professionally produced dynamic QR can be much more inventive than BOOTS the chemist.

If you are thinking about getting more involved with the resurgence of QR on the smartphone, think “in situ”

And simply linking to a website is just one of many ideas you might like to adopt.

A Boots the Chemist comparison for small business.

This example turns your clients phone into a payment gateway, perfect for the market stall situation!

This QR is a smart form shop connected to a Barclays bank account through stripe.

The re order call to action is on every piece of packaging especially the gin bottle itself.

Gin reorder

This QR is for the in situ stall marketing.

The QR is all over the stall and backdrop

gin shop
gin shop

Monthly subscription Christmas club

Melodramatic gin Christmas club
Melodramatic gin Christmas club

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William Nicholls
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Your local data expert

local data expert
local data expert

We will show you how to legally collect and organise client data from your premises for future profitability straight off the clients  smartphone.

Professional dynamic QR

Scan campaign reporting system

Call to action built into high quality QR for print

Flyer design with integrated dynamic QR

Business card design and print (250) 5 day delivery. vCard on one side and campaign QR on the other

Smart Form Page to collect data

Secure data transfer (https://) from QR to CRM and Newsletter system

Automated secure CRM connection to manage data

Lawyer endorsed legal GDPR

Newsletter advice

Ecommerce advice

Campaign advice

Data for YOUR balance sheet for future campaigns and its going to add value to your balance sheet

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Give yourself a chance

Give yourself a chance

Certain areas of business you cannot afford to be flippant or dismissive.

Whilst walking through a huge Mall recently I observed continued flippancy when it comes to connecting to the most powerful device ever invented, the smartphone.

Surely it’s the most important way of collecting client data ?

And the number one way to do that is dynamic QR with a clear reason for the Smartphone user to engage ?

Easy to be critical about anything, when you are a so called expert, but to witness wanton ineptness makes me angry.

I recently made some suggestions to a major global Estate Agent brand about similar observations only to be asked politely to take my ‘polite’ observations down.

I obliged, but why create two penny brochure advertising a property for £1.3 million with such terrible mistakes?

Spelling was fine, property was beautiful, the QR was an unmitigated disaster.

Give yourself a chance

Taking QR seriously begins with talking to people who understand the products capabilities.

It isn’t just tech, it isn’t just print , It’s a hybrid that requires a clearly executed strategy.

QR is a product specifically designed for the phone

We are going to invite you to some future EVENTS ( On your PC probably )

Before hand, can we get your creative juices flowing.

Reach for your phone, open the camera and point.

Nothing you see within these QR solutions has anything to do with a PC or WordPress websites!

It has everything to do with smartphones in the field, in situ and trusted by the user.

Source of QR: A flyer in the Hotel room

Thru Progressive Web App’s and Smart form pages

The data is transmitted 100% securely using https

Source of QR: A flyer in the waiting room

vitamin suite
vitamin suite

Source of QR: A fully serviced business card with vCard on front.

Hotelier press release
Hotelier press release

Source of QR: Pan company serviced business cards

Flyers and window posters that change regularly.


Source of QR: RSVP wedding invitations

wedding rsvp
wedding rsvp

Source of QR: Every GIN bottle. Packaging and a market stall QR display

gin shop
gin shop

Some QR Call to Action ideas for your business.

QR call to action ideas
QR call to action ideas

Failing small business trapped in the slow lane

blocked in by trucks

Massive growth towards the smartphone is crushing the very life out of your business.

In the very 5 seconds you think your business should get noticed, you are being dropped like a stone.

We are all on a busy road boxed in by big wagons, it’s uncomfortable and you cannot wait for the open road again, this is just like your website!

Look at the picture above, which car is yours?

Look again and you can see an alternative, an empty railway.

The Landscape for small business using the internet effectively is being driven down by blinkered thinking, yet simple value solutions are finally here, especially with online stationery.

Failing small business trapped in the slow lane

Dynamic QR

Ingenious in situ point and shoot solutions.

Loads in one second on the very device everybody carries.

Obvious isn’t it?

The challenge is that print companies simply do not understand the technology, it’s not their core skill.

And webmasters cannot implement the technology without the skills of a print and copy designer, it’s not their core skill.

Do you feel that you are missing out on the smartphone revolution?

Are you frustrated that you are not getting enough customers and don’t deliver a world class service?

Request a free demonstration and see for yourself how our services can engage your customers.

They’ll be able to learn about you, interact with your business and order products and services, whilst holding their smartphone – the single device that is always with them.

The vast majority of Maltix clients come to us in confusion and exasperation because their online stationery is, well, a constant disappointment.

Talk to an expert, click CHAT, leave a message we will get back to you.

William Nicholls

Founder and MD Maltix LTD

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