QR websites are not the same.

Outsourced QR expertise for Estate Agents

By 2019, 55.5 million people in the UK aged 16 to 64 were smartphone users.

90% of phones now have QR code capability.

Driven by Covid, the vast majority are experienced QR scanners

The new touchless society.

The QR revolution is now entering core systems and compliments website investment.

The research is based on a simple trust that the prospect is highly likely to engage with smart QR when given the opportunity.

Estate Agents and Realtors.

QR typically loads in under 2 seconds.

Pro smart QR offers many smartphone friendly templates.

This QR loads directly to a optimised property template.

PC LINK click here but on the Smartphone its different.

Scan it to understand it !

QR for the Smartphone.

This is a live property for sale to SCAN

Video & GEO enabled Location services is ON

The future is outsourced Subscription QR.

Property Agents continually neglect the needs of the Smartphone user.

Estate Agent/ realtor QR advice

And risk being vulnerable to early adopters.

Subscription QR is a paper based Tech solution with a focus on adopting QR in the Property market

Pick up your Smart phone ( People dont carry PC’s around with them !)

You can print this off and Scan with a Smartphone, hand it out to your colleagues, fax it !

You can also Scan off your PC , you can also use QR smart links, a bit like a short website link, but this is a Smartphone first document.

Created by Toyota in 1994, once the QR code is scanned it will then take you to a specific address.

It’s astonishing what a QR code can be connected to !

Tick the boxes and email to yourself

QR code uptake has increased exponentially with 70% of all Smartphone users expecting QR in their daily routine.

They know from experience that the QR code always leads to Smartphone friendly information.

The Smart QR industry specifically adopt smartphone friendly widgets and content.

For example, a smartphone enabled PDF, obvious isn’t it ?

Certain industries have embraced QR but the property industry remains way behind the curve and almost certainly vulnerable to early adopters.

Somehow the Estate Agent / Realtor industry harks back to the tradition of the appointment with an Agent and neglect the needs of the smartphone user.

Maybe there is an inherent lack of detail within the industry ?

Gone are the days where the detail can be discarded because the smartphone user has upended the sales cycle.

By the time your average Millennial make an appointment, their research is already done !

And woe betide the Agent / Realtor who fails in the detail on a property instruction or introduction, especially during the stress of a pandemic.

The other startling problem in the Property industry, is that there is usually a fundamental issue with the technology employed by Estate Agents and Realtors.

The typical technology would be infinitely more successful used in tandem with QR.

Millennials avoid websites like the plague, they are impossible to navigate at speed and load slowly in comparison to a PWA or QR code.

(The burger bar navigation on A Progressive Web APP is so simple on the smart phone )

The presumption that a database driven website, with glossy images created on a large PC connected to a high speed internet connection somehow works on the small Smartphone device with a satellite connection is a mistake.

It’s as if Agents and Realtors are held to ransom by their in house ‘tech experts’ who in turn have a deep self interest in staying on the payroll.

The future trends are all pointing in one direction and thats outsourced subscription cloud solutions.

Adopting QR in the Property Market.

1. How to Use A QR Code:  always have a call to action.

2. Include The URL: Try to include the URL (web address) on the marketing material as not everybody will want to use the QR code e.g. if you are putting the code on a set of particulars then include the URL for the property on your website. This is so much easier using a QR URL like this https://archers-3bed/finchley

3. Help Test & Measure: With QR codes you can track how many people have scanned the code. Therefore allowing you to know how many people have scanned from a recent leaflet drop. This is how you test and measure marketing.

Campaign request Scan statistics

4. Where Should The Code Take The User To: Think twice about linking to your homepage.

Select a Subscription QR Company that provide a dedicated social media landing page or Property template for the individual property.

5. Size Matters: Only use high definition print QR codes that read within on second. Spend effort and thought on QR placement. Listen to the collective advice and best practice of an outsourced Expert.

6. Increase Website Traffic: QR code should face inwards and outwards on window displays, be at a scannable height and well illuminated with no sheen or plastic reflective covering. QR in the right position will be scanned day and night 24/7

7. QR Codes must link to Property Detail: ( Precise and standardised Property details )

This Property Detail template has the option of GEO locator. This example is switched ON.

Using outsourced Professional subscription QR and Agent or Realtor knows exactly where the QR was scanned.

3 bed rental detail
3 bed rental detail template

This Template is great for Property of the Week open space large QR showcase

Scan for photo and video
Scan for photo and video

8. Where Should Your Agency Use QR Codes: on all particulars, window cards, lists, leaflet drops, business cards & brochures, hoardings, vehicles and For sale boards as the main feature, Place Agent V Card QR in the property window if possible.

9. Every property in every sector within the Agent/ Realtors portfolio should have a professional VIDEO and the secret to this is to source a templated property Video APP

Momenzo Access
Momenzo Access for Agents / Realtors

10. Outsourced professionals monitor the the Code 24/7:  They never assume the code always works and have automated procedures that flag any QR link problem

11. Why Subscription QR is so important. An outsourced cloud based service. Every QR within your subscription you own for the Subscription period.

Any QR code can be changed after print

Any QR can be redesigned with a different call to action or role at any time its all part of the 24 hour service.

Sell a property, no problem, we will change everything in readiness for the next property.

Spot a typo, it will be changed immediately.

12: Using QR to automate your clients requirements.

Allow clients to book viewings directly into your Agents calendars, connect particular Agents to particular properties.

Use you subscription QR for Smart V CARDS

Example V card

You have my attention, lets discuss with an Expert

First name: Last name: Telephone: Email: Note:

Websites suck on the Smartphone

print with impunity

But can dramatically increase in tandem with Smart QR landing pages.

The average Smartphone user’s download patience has reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds in the last 18 months.

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Will Nicholls

Discovering trends through Industry research and development.

A Smartphone enabled document.

Independent and newswire publication update November 2021

Research and precis conducted by:



Research dissertation UWE Bristol Dr Phillipa Coles

Some discovery facts related to the Estate Agent / Realtor , and E-commerce industry UK, South Africa, US, Australia and NZ

The average Smartphone user spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone 7 days a week, equating to 50 days a year of their lives.

It’s easily the #1 place to go to visit the internet.

The average person picks up their phone 58 times a day or around 22,000 times a year!

70% of sessions on a Smartphone are less than 2 mins.

25% are between 2 and 10 mins.

5% are more than 10 mins.

The average Smartphone users’ download patience has reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds in the last 18 months.

The average website takes 10 to 23 seconds to load on a Smartphone.

The average APP has a load time of 2.75 seconds.

The average QR code download from click is 1 second.

Branding continuity continues to be regular problem between websites and APPs

Developers are still behind with industry brand guidelines advice.

In a major survey it transpires that Smartphone users are increasingly focused on APP options but particularly the immediacy of QR scan codes.

QR codes offer a “Right Here Right Now” approach

The Millenial and Gen Z generation continue the strong trend to avoid websites in preference to APP and QR.

Smartphone respondents repeat their preference for a Google like search experience within APPs.

With a minimum of 10% business growth projected every year.

Smartphone users actively look to turn on and turn off notification options for their preferred content engagement.

With a strong preference to search using the familiar “burger bar” APP navigation.

Advanced APP analytics confirm these trends with individual APP operators.

Smartphone users increasingly use APPs for their specific information research such as mortgage calculators or geo maps.

And a dramatic trend towards future notification requests.

All the reports highlight the severe shortcoming of websites to personalise targeted content to the Smartphone.

Smartphone users tend to avoid word documents, excel documents and PDF in their scrolling habits.

But via fixed position Smartphone QR codes, proprietors are now able to change the link or documentation associated with the QR call to action.

They are slightly more likely to engage with a live google document but prefer the instant update content within an APP or the point and get what they need immediately from a QR scan.

This QR trend is igniting a revolution and a reversal to print marketing techniques, particularly public spaces inside or outside.

The Smartphone user demands through QR are expanding, particularly video, appointment booking, discount vouchers, geo location and pay now functionality.

QR can connect directly to payment platforms such as PayPal or Stripe via Smart form pages and indirectly to e-commerce check out.

Dynamic QR continues to experience huge growth with a focus on touchless interaction but also specific information interaction.

Users still avoid downloading APPs onto their Smartphone desktop unless it’s a progressive web app or PWA which has up to 300 times less Smartphone memory depletion.

The “do and delete” App culture of Smartphone users is still very prevalent because of continued Smartphone memory issues.

The extrapolated information within the Estate Agency / Realtor and Retail sector.

“Connecting professionally to the Smartphone user for more Completions and more E-commerce sales”

The growth of instant gratification appears high on the Smartphone users agenda.

The route to instantaneous information has been calculated within QR scan reporting systems.

The “Call to Action” is increasingly getting more diverse and sophisticated, many bespoke to particular campaigns.

The pandemic drives contactless information more and more to QR codes for a myriad of instant solutions.

Reports prove that dynamic QR connected to instant updates is a more trusted conduit for Smartphone property information than websites.

Smart brochures and printed leaflets are seen increasingly as a trusted and rapid information point using smart QR, in part reversing the trend for paperless communications.

Although QR codes also have a live link capability for social media sharing.

QR scan reporting systems bear little relevance to high street opening times, suggesting highly visual QR uptake in multiple locations on a 24/7 basis

Including window dressing inside and out.

Vehicles, VCards, commercial hoardings, QR video alongside photos, for sale boards, bespoke brochures and leaflets.

Increasingly, high quality QR printed and framed for strategic alliances and affiliations gains momentum.

We hope you find this Medium.com and Newswire article of interest.

Research contributors: Maltix Fliplet UWE Bristol

Research Precis Compiler

Will Nicholls

The Maltix goal is to solve the problems of senior Business people using a portfolio of smartphone friendly digital solutions. WILL NICHOLLS FOLLOWS

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