Potential customers sense estate agents previous rejections.

Paul Thompson

Nothing comes close to one word – REJECTION

Every experienced Property Agent has had a family member or close friend chose a another agent over them, thats rejection!

An article from Rejection coach Paul Thompson.

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson

Agents signing up a new property is akin to dating.

On our best behaviour, breathing deeply, trying to talk slowly as we try to impress.

But previous rejection scars are there for any new potential client to see hear and feel.

That potential customer will inevitably go elsewhere.

We all remember dates when the pain of rejection lingers for years.

Potential customers sense estate agents previous rejections.

We cannot expect all people to like us.

Building trust is more than the brand we represent.

We want to do business with, but when the rejections start to mount, it is hard not to become depressed.

Paul Thompson states it best when we lose out and get rejected to exclaim “NEXT!”

A top agent sucks it up, learns from it and moves on to find the next potential client.

For agents who are being rejected over and over, they must look in the mirror.

How do they look, how to they present, is their performance lacklustre?

The fault is usually not with the public but with the agent.

Too many agents fail and the turnover is incredible in real estate.

Agents do not learn, do not train, do not invest in their education, do not hire a coach and fail to practice.

Paul also shares the new failure of digital migration.

Much of this failure is endemic and cultural within an organisation and cannot always be attributed to the agent themselves.

The tools of their trade are missing.

Especially neglecting the immediacy of clients needs on their smartphone within the new digital high street.

No time to wallow in self-pity take action.

It’s a personal journey based on the choices you make.

It's a personal journey based on the choices you make.

An article from Rejection coach Paul Thompson.

Inactive Gym communications cost client memberships.

Brian De Beer

With so much change and uncertainty brought about by the consequences of Covid exacerbated by fake news.

Then you have the clients mindset questioning the value of a long term membership and the fear that exercise interruptus will recur.

Your Salespeople are Hot.

But Looks Don’t Sign Gym Contracts !

Brian de Beer talks to Maltix PWA.

Thought Leader: Brian de Beer.

Brian created the 1st sales force in the world, where 80% of the sales were generated by 80% of the sales people with over 1000 sales people in 8 different countries.

Your gym sales staff – You can MOTIVATE them (which lasts a while) or you can SCARE them (which generally backfires).

The real challenge is to change their ATTITUDE because that’s what lasts.

Contrary to popular opinion, sexy looks and flirtatious personalities do NOT bring in new gym membership contracts.

In fact, the introverted personalities who diligently follow the same process every day, close the most deals – because they flex the right muscles!

Regular customer communication process focusing on the Smartphone is key.

Gyms have high sales staff turnover – 80% of gym sales staff are inconsistent and underperforming. This isn’t because their sales skills are shocking but because their activity isn’t controlled. As a result their leads are also seriously lacking. The long and short of it is that there is no simple way to manage each individual and to track performance – at least not without the right assistance.

The ONLY thing that you can control as a sales manager of gym sales staff is how many people they speak to. It’s not about walk-ins, it’s about walking the right talk.

I have trained over 20,000 salespeople in gyms across 15 countries. From Virgin Active to Fitness First. Surprisingly, some of the best salespeople that emerged were accountants, nurses and teachers. Not surprisingly, sales success is about discipline and process and not about your personality type or how gregarious you are.

  1. You can’t depend on walk-ins to get results

    It would be awesome if new members would just walk into your gym in droves all by themselves and epic sales would happen automatically. But let’s be real… it’s just not going to happen.
    As with a six-pack and big guns, you need to put in the work.
    No solution and zero strategies equal an empty gym.

  1. A CV doesn’t give you the true story

    The little blurb written on the back of a DVD cover rarely does the movie inside any justice. The same goes for a CV or job application.
    A resumé tells you what you want to hear and not necessarily what the salesperson’s potential is.
    False advertising freaks everybody out, so don’t set yourself up to fall for it.

  1. Company goals and individual goals are not aligned

    Most people are in it to win it for themselves. They don’t care what your company goals are, “what’s in it for me?”, is the mantra for most of us.
    Don’t put company goals before individual goals or you’ll come off second best – guaranteed.

  1. You don’t have to be a sweet talker to sell contracts

    It’s more than just sweet-talking that wimpy guy into a contract by promising him Schwarzenegger results. It’s about consistency and a decent plan being put in place. You’re not trying to con people, you’re looking for long-term customers.
    Discipline sells more than charm.

  1. The only constant is inconsistent sales

    Great salespeople are as common as sweat on a treadmill. But without the right management, discipline and systems in place, they fail or are inconsistent at best.
    They’re not selling dodgy cars here. They’re selling wellbeing and a quality lifestyle. They should act like it.