The competition has stolen your staff.

Hotel Directors

Hotel Directors listen up.

Amazon and Supermarkets have stolen half your staff.

The few you have left are stuck doing annoying admin and jobs they didn’t sign up for.

Will Nicholls
William Nicholls Director Maltix.

Thought Leader: William Nicholls

The competition has stolen your staff.

Technology isn’t here to replace human interaction.

The Hotel industry is in a recruitment crisis.

Covid hasn’t just cut guest numbers, it’s sent staff packing back to their countries… where they’ve stayed.

And they are not coming back.

Added to the nightmare is the local supermarkets and online retailers like Boohoo, Amazon and top supermarkets are paying better wages than hospitality.

Hotel staff are spending time multi-tasking, doing manual administration and tasks not originally in their job description.

And not focusing on their area of expertise or looking after the guest experience, which doesn’t always allow for an engaged workforce.

The only solution to this dilemma is using technology that powers your guest experience from beginning to end.

You can’t avoid it any longer – you need to make better and more efficient use of technology that will save your staff from doing time-consuming jobs and manual tasks,

Here are pain points that we hear time and again.

Will occupancy return to 2019 levels?

Does it matter?

You need to be at the top of your game regardless.

Staycations are booming at the moment, but are they going to be consistent?

The travel industry is going to change as international travel opens up and occupancy rates are bound to improve.

  • Have you ensured your technology will future-proof your business?
QR resurgence
QR Smartphone resurgence ( Dummy )
  • Technology has changed hospitality forever.

    The hospitality industry has relied on manual processes and staff to operate hotels and restaurants. Progressive Web APP’s (PWA) are designed specifically for the Smartphone user.

Does your hotel still rely on these manual processes ? you’re behind the curve.

Technology such as contactless check-in, APP food-ordering , Room service and bookings are now the norm, and will be expected by a large portion of your target market, ON THEIR SMARTPHONE.

  • A number of hotels have technology at their fingertips they aren’t making the most of. Having an integrated CRM system, for example, can be a powerful tool to use your guests data to market to them using upselling and cross-selling campaigns, using SMS and APP notifications allied to digital loyalty cards.

  • The technology available for your hotel can change the way you speak to your customers, and generate more revenue for you.
Room service
Room service off your clients phone
  • New normal and Covid readiness

    Covid has changed the face of the hospitality industry forever.
  • Guests are more concerned about safety than they have been before, and you need to make sure your hotel is as safe and reassuring for nervous guests as possible.

  • Using contactless technology, for example, will reduce the points of human-to-human contact, putting your guests at ease.
  • It also focuses on business flow, logic and touch points for happier customers within your Hotel.
CRM connected to APP
CRM connected to APP
  • The online experience is not about googled websites !

    According to our research, 55% of millennials research their holiday destinations on Facebook or Instagram.

  • You need to ensure that your online platforms (APP and social media presence) are accessible and enticing, and will draw your target market’s attention to choosing your hotel for their stay.
Social media share
Shareable discounts and promotions

  • APP in APP tools are essential for clients sharing your deals, vouchers, promotions and loyalty card naturally on social media.
Point your camera to QR
Instantly connect paper to Smart phone
  • Adopting social media as your natural APP distribution ledger is dramatically different to the tactics of SEO and Google search


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Ghost kitchens are stealing our business.

We found a solution.

ghost kitchens
Ghost kitchens stealing our business.

An article written for Sandeep Kumar Spice Cottage, Victoria Australia.

Sandeep was interviewed by 9 News and the Newswire article is a precis of that interview.


With all thats been going on its been a rollercoaster ride in our well established local Indian restaurant.

The Spice Cottage brand is well known and well respected for over 20 years !

But something began to happen around August last year.

We had a complaint on a food order we didn’t make.

AND when we asked them to bring the food in we discovered something horrendous !

The packaging had a QR code, when you held up the camera to view it linked to a food delivery APP called Indian Belmont, Belmont is our town.

Where the food comes from is a mystery to this day, but we are aware of perfectly legal ghost kitchens or black kitchens that simply fulfil orders off their own geographical delivery APPs.

Ghost kitchens are stealing our business.

This is how we are fighting back:

We bought our own food delivery APP !

We were already using ORDER-UP

And use them to distribute our own APP.

So after the APP was launched we printed an APP code that we stuck on our food cartons.

Alongside it says. ” Next time order direct for a free main course “

We get at least 10 orders a day now on our own APP and we deliver.

An article by Sally Gleeson newswire contributor.

My Realtor brokerage was strangled by my Agents.

Summer Hopkins
Summer Hopkins realtor.
changes in my industry.
Mrs Summer Hopkins

Summer Hopkins is a Registered Realtor from Mississauga Toronto.

She was asked to write an article for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce after addressing the needs of fellow Realtors online.

This article was consequently published on subscription Newswire.

“If we do what we always done, were going to get what we always got”

That was the opening conclusion in a pretty damming report of MY business !

I was in tears and angry for 2 days and two nights.

We firstly identified 5 problems in the business using a smart consultancy service registered with the certified management of consultants (CMC) 

My mindset had to change and it started when I sacked my marketing manager.

He simply refused to change our quite expensive strategy.

That was really tough, he had worked for me for 8 years.

Problems identified by the certified management consultancy.

Intermittent inventory levels.

Online competition.

Not addressing the needs of a Smartphone user.

High marketing budgets.

Poor database management.

My Realtor brokerage was strangled by my Agents.

The changes are very much work in progress, to be honest it was a struggle to transform old practices in our office alongside communications.

The first task was going paperless. Removing the printer was a massive change.

It’s as if a cooker had been wrenched out of our kitchen!

The next big change was putting our entire database into a CRM.

That took a long time to literally handball all history, names, telephone numbers, emails and addresses into one cloud system and then joining to an accountancy package.

We opted for Xero.

The training for Agents to use the CRM resulted in a couple more casualties I’m afraid.

But we are getting there, the changes are being managed by younger team members who have rapidly risen through the ranks.

The speed they get stuff done is mesmerising, its as if all the time they spend on social media is just an extension of what they achieve at work!

Very impressive.

Our inventory levels have grown by 16% in 8 months and the marketing budget has dropped significantly.

Our attention to detail with client Smartphone communications pays dividends through natural online marketing.

I’m pleased and happy to share.

The next phase is quite revolutionary, we are copying trends from other markets.

Listen out for an update in a few months time.

Summer Hopkins is a registered realtor, business woman and writer.

Our in house food APP trebled repeat Hotel business.

Chris Cintron
Chris Cintron Hotelier

Chris Cintron. Hotelier New York.

Hotelier, evangelist and publicist.

It’s been a tough 18 months but we had time to think and do some Hotel upgrades that needed getting on top of.

That’s done now along with a new booking system and food order system.

The bit we nearly missed was a food delivery app. I resented the charges of Uber eat and the like and researched the idea of a food delivery app.

Initially I was so desperate to keep my kitchens rolling and retain some good people, I was only thinking delivery within a few blocks to give the staff work.

That went fine, we continued with 2 delivery companies initially and put our app details inside the delivery packaging using a QR code.

We toyed with the words but ended up with “next time order here for a free beer “

Something we were not expecting began to emerge.

We hesitantly opened the Hotel with closed restaurants on special deals, we put the app QR code in the rooms for room delivery only.

So not only did we get orders from downtown, we also got orders from our own Hotel rooms.

By chance the app we opted for doesn’t have to be downloaded from the app store and once it has been used once we can send out notifications.

I was talking to the Chef team about the surprise we were experiencing, and Doodle, the pastry chef said ” Lets put our signature dessert dishes on the app”

In the next breath he said ” Cornhusk Meringue and a thang for Ma’am”

What he meant was, promote special room rates alongside the food.

With over 800 orders off the app we can now send regular notifications through the app right onto the clients phone.

Yeah, although we were not monitoring repeat business as well as we should, now we can see it and its working !

 London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful.

Chris Cintron. Hotelier New York.

Hotelier, evangelist and publicist.

I’ve divorced my webmaster.

Damian Halliday

Damian Halliday

A news wire article.

I have changed my business whirling’s by questioning the motives of my webmaster.

Apart from the never ending bills and frustrations with the dilemma of marketing my business.

I wasn’t happy with the route my tech team had chosen.

I’ve divorced my webmaster.

I came to the conclusion that the modus operandi of my Website developer, social media specialist and SEO master were in cahoots.

A never ending journey of false horizons and undelivered promises and deadlines.

I seemed to be the meal ticket in a project I could never understand.

My journey of change came about from some chance reading of the Smartphone generation, the Millennials and the Gen-z’s ( scary )

Ok, I’m a fashion retailer, and I have to keep up with the trends, but the realisation that my business growth is wholly dependent on people who didn’t share my passion bothered me.

It was a conversation with my 16 year old son that changed everything.

My question was “What’s the big deal with social media Mikey ?”

He rolled his eyes.

“Its where we go Dad, its how we get stuff done, its where we share”

So when I slept on that statement, I realised something.

My children have iPad’s and access to PC’s but never really use them.

My children’s world is the Smartphone only.

I’ve divorced my webmaster.

So what does get stuff done, its where we share actually mean for me as an online retailer?

Another part of my journey was explained when my wife bought a new Apple watch, the kids unwrapped it and set it up.

It was the first time I actually realised that the watch is just a replicate, a slave or a mirror of what’s on the phone and in that moment of realisation, Mikey said, yeah its kind of like a APP.

“Eh ? an APP is a mirror of a website ?” “Mikey yeah kind of but we share all the stuff through APPs on social media, websites

What stuff I enquired ? “Coupons, voucher discounts, promotions, deals, duh they come in on the notifications and we share them “

Aged 56 Im getting it, the APP is where its at !

Damian Halliday Blogger and News wire contributor.

Food delivery APP’s guarantee a loss making restaurant.

Chef fighting back

“With delivery sales as much as 70-80% of restaurant sales, the delivery companies are now taking 18-30% of restaurant revenues”

Deliveroo, Hub Grub, Uber Eats and the like enjoy huge growth on the back of restaurants who are trapped by the problems inside their business.

With an open mind, restaurants re- imagine a picture perfect secure future, illuminating real growth and profits for 2022

Open your eyes and watch your business grow with the happy faces of your customers repeat business.

Do these words resonate with you ?

“Food delivery companies offer good value because they do all our marketing” WRONG !

“Allowing food delivery companies open access to client data is cool with me” WRONG !!

” A food delivery app doesn’t work inside a restaurant ” WRONG !!!

” Ghost kitchens can’t steal my business, people trust our brand ” WRONG !!!!

” Hotels cannot use their own food delivery app inside their Hotel ” NUTS !

Introducing the restaurant Progressive Web APP ( PWA ) for Restaurants, Hotels and Ghost kitchens.

why pay 30%
Opting in to a 2.9 % delivery charge

Restaurants client data is theirs, it has incredible value.

Tune in to the sound of your till ringing, reach out and grasp your future with your own APP.

“Not taking responsibility of your own app is the equivalent of handing your restaurant booking diary, names and telephone numbers to your competition ”

Consider this, for the price of a modest piece of kitchen equipment, restaurants can take control of their future dreams and profits !

Delivery companies charge restaurants a minimum of 25-30% for their standard service of placing an order, picking it up and delivering it.

Ref: The Guardian.

Have you heard of this simple truth ?

Every delivery sale is a money-losing proposition for restaurants being forced to pay 25-30% to the delivery companies.

Ring a bell ?

Depending on “marketing and promotion” options, restaurants can pay even higher fees.

None pay lower.

When delivery sales were 5-10% of sales:

Delivery fees took 2-3% of total restaurant revenue.

With delivery sales at 70-80% of restaurant sales, the delivery companies are now taking 18-30% of restaurant revenues.

Given restaurants dependence on the delivery companies, governments examine the predatory pricing practices of the delivery companies.

Have you heard of restaurants being hood winked into signing contracts ?

Restaurants sign contracts with the delivery companies to become part of their platforms.

But the contracts all include a provision:

This allows restaurants to end the contract anytime they choose. Ref: Seattle times

When delivery-fee caps are imposed.

Restaurants can legally end their existing contracts and sign new ones at reduced commission fees.

Food delivery APP’s guarantee a loss making restaurant.

But Restaurants are fighting back for a sustainable APP delivery business.
Chef Leigh Say, Nosh Stalgia Restaurant Delivery app, England.

Sound familiar ? ” Over 80 delivery’s a week, averaging £22 per head.

“On a good week we took £7k and after food delivery costs , we never broke even “

“We now envisage clear and solid app delivery profitability & growth”

Looking forward to 2022

Restaurants fight back to see a sustainable APP delivery business of their own.

New cookie cutter Progressive Web APP (PWA) technology has burst onto the scene.

It’s relatively cheap and has all the tools for the individual restaurant or kitchen to manage their own APP delivery business.

The ongoing savings are revealing for the long term survival and success of any restaurant.

For the price of a modest piece of kitchen equipment, restaurants take control of their future dreams and profits.

View the benefits at a glance:

Stop handing your client data to another’s business model.

Retain your own client data for YOUR own balance sheet.

USE the delivery companies to establish your future marketing. ( Talk to a partner today )

Enjoy a new dawn of multiple subscription QR codes with ongoing expert advice.

Take control of quality delivery using your own staff.

Become all ears to the power of multiple repeat business.

Envisage new profits with your own restaurant food delivery PWA that has a 2.9 % card payment fee using Apple Pay.

Focus on contactless client payment to all authorised staff.

Dream of a limitless food inventory.

Tap into APP order process functions.

Rely and trust the cast iron driver notification within your organisation.

Let us show you a focused picture of clear change for you restaurant.

Can you see your packaging carrying QR codes connecting to future deals on your app ?

Revealing repeat business through your Digital Loyalty card ?

Clear GEO fenced delivery areas ?

Latest client “touch it and they’ve got it app technology” no app store download required !

Your app appears and functions offline, tunnels, boats, poor reception etc ?


Book a call for more information.

My Gym is working out.

As a Gym owner for 4 years now, I asked my girlfriend to write some marketing spiel for the campaigns we used on our email newsletter.

Goddammit , she didn’t write the newsletter she wrote something to me.

She put it on the refrigerator, it was her perception of my Gym business plus some observations in our relationship no doubt!

  1. Book Keeping
  2. Keeping good employees
  3. No time off
  4. Mentally exhausted
  5. Dealing with competitors
  6. Dealing with people
  7. Landlords
  8. Social media reviews

I am sure its the same for every business, its not easy, but something sprung to mind.

If social media is so damn important these days, how can we use that to our Gym members benefit ?

After hiring a part time social media evangelist, we began to get more enquiries, but not necessarily more business.

We set about finding what was wrong.


On our newsletter we conducted a poll asking subscribers if we could improve our monthly newsletter.

An underlying swell of dissatisfaction came back, it wasn’t the Gym, it wasn’t the information we were publishing.

One lady member said our newsletter was “prescriptive and short on shareable stuff

That unlocked a piece of information we had never thought of.

I was initially upset by some of the replies, but gradually, with my girlfriends help, we began to discover that we were not publishing for their Smartphone needs.

Or to put it another way, the Smartphone actually has a user, its a human being that we had been ignoring.

We were publishing for the Gym not the person.

My Gym is working out.

In other words, they were looking for shareable information with their buddies on social media.

Back links to our website wasn’t doing it for them.

The newsletter statistics showed reasonable readership, but very poor interaction that led to new business.

No click throughs on stuff we thought were important, we were out of touch.

“It’s as if we were missing the kudos my customers were looking for in their social media presence”

We were miscommunicating !

My Gym is working out.

They wanted Smartphone shareable information and not on a monthly basis.

A daily basis.


This is my Gym and my health statement.

We rebranded our mindset based on this statement that now adorns the fridge !!

“I want to share my investment in my social circles and I need the information to do that”

2021 we have it all to play for, we want to survive and grow.

We SMS everyday.

We send notifications sometimes twice a day.

Free weekday guest member.

We have completely revamped our APP subscription options.

And improved the smartphone reservation system.

Removed contracts and gone paperless.

We respond in the chat room immediately and answer form page enquiries within 2 minutes.

Focused on a shareable digital loyalty card for the Smartphone.

We push out a relentless offering of promotional vouchers and deal coupons that are Smartphone redeemable and social media shareable.

We let social media do the rest.



Dean Paul gyms. El Paso.

Future proof Estate Agents ? no everything is fine.


Morag Mclintock business journalist newswire 2021

As an observational writer Morag Mclintock is a retired Estate Agent from Dumfries who ran an Estate Agency with her late husband for 25 years until 1991.

Future proof Estate Agents ? no everything is fine.

We never saw the down turn that seized our business and we never prepared for the future, I don’t even remember discussing making changes to our organisation.

People rang in, we answered the phone and arranged viewings as normal.

We assumed that the growing business would continue, but it did not.

The phone stopped ringing, and walk in’s dried up just enough to put us out of business in October 1991.

We made 8 staff redundant, including my sister.

I have an uneasy feeling that some past similarities are emerging in the market place with soundbites I have heard before.

” This house had 12 viewings today ” ITN news

” Anxious buyers feel they are going to miss out ” SKY news

” The ONS figures put the average price of a home in the UK at £250,000 in February, an increase of £20,000 on the same month of last year”

” Prospective buyers are reporting that properties for sale are flying off the shelves, so an amount of panic buying has set-in” Dumfries and Galloway news.

“Stamp duty deadline at the end of next month” The Sunday Times.

“Scotland average property increased by 8% to £162,000” Office for National Statistics

Future proof Estate Agents ? no everything is fine.

The tragedy and the impact of the bankruptcy of our business was one thing, but the pain we experienced with our children who had all bought property as they got married in the late 80’s was even more upsetting.

Early marriages were tested and unfortunately the seeds were sown for future unsurmountable problems.

The problem all those years ago was a surge in interest rates.

The new problem I feel in my bones is unidentifiable by me, I’m no economist, but something feels wrong with the property market.

And the majority of business owners under 50 have never experienced a serious downturn, they are as naïve as I was at the same age.

What I do know is that Estate Agency and Property sales seem to have become super elevated in society, and the ease of borrowing has all the hallmarks of the pre 2008 crash.

If I was an Estate Agent again, I would be looking to slash my variable costs, particularly staff costs.

And I would find ways to focus on my bread and butter customers, and look for new ways to communicate effectively.

If I had know then what I know now, maybe we would have survived as a business.

Morag Mclintock is a retired Estate Agent and observational writer from Dumfries.

The Real Estate industry is resting on its laurels.

Outsourced QR expertise for Estate Agents

It wasn’t that long ago that Estate Agent offices disappeared and consolidated on the back of huge jumps in interest rates.

Now we have a Government manipulated property market alongside money so cheap it beggars belief.

But those are not the Laurels under scrutiny today, this market could last for years and whether prices continue to rise or fall a bit, thats irrelevant to the Millennials aged 20 to 50.

Julia Skern observations as a new house owner purchased on her Smartphone.

“We are not old enough to remember any corrections or problems in the property markets, its a none sequitur in fact it’s a red herring.

Julia Skern posted her joy of discovering and purchasing her new house on her Smartphone.

A republished Newswire article.

I’m 33 years of age, I know !

red herring
Bayr ny Skeddan , my red door on the Herring Way Isle of Man.

The Real Estate industry is resting on its laurels.

More than 70 percent of today’s buyers search for homes online using their Smartphone.

From blockchain to quality video tours, technology is shaping the real estate industry for the better.

Now is the time to focus on the Millennials expectations and that will hedge against any bumps in the market place for sure.

They love moving pictures to send to their friends on social media and they adore connecting to QR codes for property videos.

If they love it, then Property Agents can feel their love with a little focus on change.

“I noticed a wee Agents window in my village had made the effort to connect to my phone, and I bought the house.”

An article from Julia Skern a surfing and observational writer originally from Cornwall who has just bought her first house on the Isle of Man.

Julian Skern: Newswire article 2021

Imagine the additional spousal pain you can avoid now whilst you are still alive.

OPES TRUST Financial Services

1. Your Final Chapter

From experience and some of our earliest cases trying to resolve an estate of a client we found that the deceased had a will but not signed properly, no original or an abridge marriage certificate, their antenuptial contract is mis laid or gone.

Husband & Wives

The bread winner make all the decisions, paid all the bills run all the finances without the wife ever being involved and have excess to any login details to bank accounts.

They don’t even know how and where they will get any money until some funds get paid.

And dying intestate is the ultimate cardinal sin.

Employing and retaining quality people is a CEO’s often neglected responsibility.

2. CEO & Business Owners

Are so concerned about the productivity or the bottom line of the business that they overlook the stress their employees are going through.
They might be overwhelmed working from home and still do all their basic housework looking after the children coming home after school.
Maybe sitting with an unrepaired vehicle due to a cut is their salary prompting short term insurance premiums.

They even had to cut back on their medicals.

Shock truth: The miserly wealthy risk their wealth through poor planning.

3. Short term Insurance
Just read an article about the super wealthy that are under insured – see article

Family business Directors fail their family through negligent forward planning with a professional.

4. Family business

Currently busy with client husband passed away who had 20% share in a family business, whilst in hospital the family lend the wife some money to pay for medical costs, now they want her to donate her the shares that she might be entitled to as full settlement of the money they lend her, without any valuations of the family business to determine the value of the shares.
In short there is no buy and sell agreement in place or any other agreements in place.

Francois Meyer | Financial Planner

+27 82 453 0388


Financial Services | FSP 45423

228 Canary Street, Wierdapark, Centurion, South Africa

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