Restaurant food is not enough.

An article focusing on clientele perception as a route to market.

Lord Sainsbury was the Chairman of a major supermarket chain in the UK.

He was once asked:

“Is the Sainsbury’s supermarket offering for the middle classes or for everybody “

He answered:


The interviewer stated categorically “His brand would be damaged irreparably”

Many argue to this day that the brand never recovered from that statement.

So how a Business owner or Chairman perceives his clientele is critically important.

Using restaurateurs as an example, it’s probable that route to market and the target clientele will define the prosperity of a huge swathe of eating establishments in the future.

Especially if a restaurateur wants to do business with the majority section of potential clientele on their smartphone.

Much like Lord Sainsbury defining his supermarkets were “a shop for all”

A Restaurateur must firstly define if he can afford to wait for the customers to return.

Because if he cannot he has choices.

Restaurant food is not enough.

One: Are we a dining restaurant only and probably go bust ?

Two: Can we offer take away food?

Three: Can we deliver food?

Many restaurants have chosen to wait, but they cannot wait any longer, they are bleeding cash.

Some food establishments have opted for somebody else’s business model such as Bolt or Wolt, Deliveroo, Just eat and the like.

The upside of this is that your target clientele or who you perceive as your new customer base is relatively happy ordering on their Smartphone.

The downside is that the Restaurateur is paying 30% of the food cost directly to somebody else’s business model.


The food delivery business model is built on data capitalisation.

In other words the individual Restaurateur is donating his/her client data to another business model for FREE.

Restaurateurs do have other options:

One: invest in their own delivery APP

Two: Use the features and components of the APP to satisfy their Smartphone user target audience.

Use QR, SMS, Notifications, Driver notification, digital loyalty card, low cost payment gateway, APP in APP hosting, opt for a non-downloadable Progressive Web APP

Three: Retain and recycle their clients data.

Launching a food delivery APP for profit.

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Questions and Answers

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How DARK kitchens steal food delivery business.

Ghost kitchen

ghost or DARK kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant.

Other names are virtual kitchenshadow kitchen or commissary kitchen.

Our favourite is DARK kitchen.

Sound much more sinister doesn’t it ?

Almost ominous.

A DARK kitchen differs from a virtual restaurant.

A DARK kitchen is not necessarily a restaurant brand in itself.

A kitchen space and facilities for more than one restaurant brand

With more than one food offering.

This kitchen contains the kitchen equipment and facilities needed for the preparation of restaurant meals.

And has no dining area for walk-in customers.

Lower costs incurred by using kitchen facilities located outside of high-rent, high-foot-trafficked urban locations.

Dark kitchens have emerged as a business model in response to the rapid growth in consumer demand for restaurant delivery meals.

This frees up parking taken by the delivery vehicles, and allows them to enter new postcodes at low cost.

An opportunity for DARK kitchens to develop multi ethnic menus.

Compete directly with established restaurants in their back yard.

Using a DARK kitchen allows established restaurants with dining-in service to expand their delivery operations without adding stress to the existing kitchen.

How to set up a dark kitchen
How to set up a dark kitchen

How DARK kitchens steal food delivery business.

Individuals can set up a DARK kitchen to start their own brand, which is identified with their own online restaurant.

Each DARK kitchen has its own Progressive Web APP on a set of sub domain names delivering singular food styles or multi offerings into specific postcode delivery areas.

Every takeaway container has a dedicated APP QR code on its lid with a clear call to action for repeat orders.

This is where the DARK side of owning a PWA really becomes distributive.

A Progressive Web APP is incredibly cheap to own and host.

There is no room for the vanity of restaurateurs .

Most restaurants actual name is easily forgotten.

Much more likely a Smartphone user will search Indian food Frogmore street or Pizza Cardiff west or Fish and chips Brighton seafront.

Perfect for the Black kitchen to weave its work.

All the tools for repeat business !

PWA investment
PWA investment

BLACK kitchen requirements.

Own their own Progressive Web APP.

Manage their own drivers.

Define their postcode area.

Control their own payment and banking.

Print QR codes onto sticky labels.

Retain their client DATA for SMS and notification campaigns.

Get creative with their integral Digital loyalty card.

Cook competitively price quality food.

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Launching a food delivery APP for profit BLOG.

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Book a call or What’s APP

Launching a food delivery APP for profit.

Making the right commercial choices to invest in a food delivery APP is the start of an exciting journey.

Selecting a Progressive Web APP professionally hosted with well thought out components is one thing.

Launching a food delivery APP for success is another.

Take a Coffee break read and discover how to launch a food delivery PWA for PROFIT.

Restaurant premises.

Your PWA have it covered.

It has all the tools for:

Table booking .

Table service



QR in your restaurant is the new normal

Home Delivery.

Your decision to invest in a PWA food delivery system is probably based on the ridiculous delivery costs of the delivery companies.

30 % of your profits on every delivery is no joke.

And to make matters worse these companies are adding YOUR client data to their business model for valuation proposes.

You may also be looking to head off Ghost kitchens stealing your postcode business.

Our initial advice : Continue to use your food delivery companies to launch your own APP.

Having a plan based on best practice is essential.

The essential APP components are the tools of your trade:


Every client who downloads your PWA or even touches your PWA agree to future free notifications.

You can send notifications to everyone for free !


Early doors: 6 to 7 pm home delivery Monday to Thursday for 20% off

SMS included in your hosting package.

Add all new and existing telephone numbers to back office.


Order your Home delivery for the big game and receive a free £10 coupon for your next order.

Email marketing:


Export your emails into a regular newsletter campaign with coupons and deals

Digital loyalty cards.


Free bottle of wine with all order over £75

Free main course with your 5th order.

QR codes on your packaging.


Your PWA has a dedicated QR attached to it.

Print off QR onto sticky labels and attach to every single food delivery carton that leaves your premises.

Add a call to action: Order direct for 10% discount….forever.

Food home delivery APP Q & A

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“Delivery packaging QR with a call to action”

Packaging QR

Click for investment guide:

Why pay 30% delivery fee

Get started with your new delivery APP book a call.

Food home delivery APP Q & A

Restaurant APP

Have you tallied up the actual cost of using a third party delivery company ?

No need to mention names, but we all know their business model is adding your clients DATA to their already mighty database.

Why would they want to do that ?

Because their business model is a future flotation on the Stock exchange or something similar.

Restaurant APP 2.9% transactional fee DEAL
2.9% delivery fee

Does it make sound business sense to manage the entire delivery process yourself?

Food home delivery APP Q & A

Q: Why was an APP so expensive to build and host?

A: Because the old Native APP was impossibly expensive to manufacture and distribute from the Apple store.

Q: So how can a complete APP delivery system be so cheap with Maltix?

A: Because Google invented a new technology called a progressive Web APP (PWA) that works on all devices at ultra high speed.

Q: Does £299 get the complete system built ?

A: YES !

Q: What do I get ?

A: A complete replication of just about any established delivery APP out there.

Q: What are the running costs?

A: £1.80 a day. Or in other words, your first daily order above £7.20 will cover it.

Q: How do I market my new APP?

A: Maltix provide QR codes that you print onto sticky labels for every food container and vehicles.

Q: How else can I market ?

A: No APP download required, it distributes freely on social media. Encourage your clients to share your digital loyalty promotions.

Q: Why would my clients use our own dedicated APP for future orders ?

Digital loyalty card
Digital loyalty card

A: Because you have a built in Digital loyalty card.

Q: How does a Digital Loyalty card work?

A: You decide. For example. Free main-course with your 5th order. Or free bottle of wine when you spend £75. 20% off 6 to 7pm deliveries Monday to Thursday. Get creative !

Q: How do we track clients using the Digital loyalty card?

A: It’s built into the management system.

Stripe connected to Apple Pay

Q: How do we get paid ?

A: APP order payment system takes all payment gateways through Apple Pay.

Q: What are the transactional costs of payment?

A: Stripe negotiated 2.9% plus 20 to 30 cents per transaction.

Q: Can designated delivery drivers take secure payments as well ?

A: Yes through their Smartphone to your designated bank account.

Q: How do we control the delivery area?

A: Easy to use drag and drop Geo fencing feature in back office.

Q: How do delivery drivers gets notified ?

A: Rotated designated drivers receive email and SMS.

Q: Can I send messages and promotions ?

A: Every single client who touches your APP agrees to future notifications.

An APP with SMS
An APP with SMS

Q: Can we SMS ?

A: Yes free 200 SMS included in your hosting.

Q: Can I use the APP in my restaurant?

A: Yes. For table order and table booking.

Q: Internet connectivity varies in my area, does this matter?

A: No. The Maltix PWA has a “work offline feature” All orders are retained.

Q: I have multiple kitchens, do I need an APP for each area?

A: Probably. But lets talk about that.

Launching a food delivery APP for profit BLOG.

PWA blog

Any questions not answered ?

Want your own Food delivery APP ?

Book a call now.

QR enabled food delivery brochure.

Eventbrite: What is a Progressive APP ?

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Maltix Eventbrite
Join for a FREE live information share EVENT

Why the new generation Progressive Web APP is so important for small business.

An unrecorded live ZOOM EVENT:

Learn the difference between old APP and the new APP technology for small business.

Why a Progressive Web APP is such good value to build and host.

How to leap frog your competition and launch headlong into the new Smartphone generation.

And discover why every small business needs a PWA as we escape furlough for future survival and growth .

Will Nicholls
Director of

Detailed Mind map for every attendant !

Restaurant food delivery APP

Restaurant APP

Things are looking up.

Mobile usage has increased by over 70% since before the pandemic, and people have come to expect a mobile-first way to engage with the businesses around them. 

The weather is getting warmer, and we’re starting to see the light at the end of the (very long) COVID tunnel. 

That’s why at Maltix, we are offering a very special, limited deal to help you power up your business as we get through the pandemic, and beyond:

For the next 72 hours only, we create the perfect delivery APP for your restaurant.

Restaurant booking PWA DEAL!

Restaurant food delivery APP

Onboard today, book a 30 minute chat below.

Delivery companies such as BOLT, UBER EATS etc charge 20 to 30% ( OUCH )

For £299 Maltix will create the perfect delivery APP and you only pay 2.9% for each transaction.

Includes Apple Pay to your bank.

Limitless inventory.

Order process function.

Driver notification.

Digital loyalty card.

GEO fencing delivery area.

And more !

An APP that acts as a tool for customer engagement and conversion…..Powerful indeed.

Alternate text

An APP that’s accessible via a single click – no APP stores required.

An APP that can be accessed simply by scanning a QR code.

Just as a reminder, here are some of the features you’ll get in your Restaurant delivery APP

So act fast to take advantage of this deal!

£299 PWA APP build deal.

Up and running in days.

Book a 30 min chat to kick things off.

Create A Digital Loyalty Card

PWA loyalty card

Retain your customers with Maltix Progressive Web APP’s

Create A Digital Loyalty Card

Did you know that increasing customer retention by just 5% may boost your profits by 25% to 95%? 

With our loyalty card feature, you can improve your return on investment and keep your customers satisfied long-term.

Digital loyalty card for your business.

All included in your hosting package

Redeemed on an authorised mobile phone or tablet in house or online.

Book a Zoom call today to discuss some options for your business