How to volunteer client change in your business.

PWA v Native APP

They say its easier to lead a bull into the pen than push him !

And the explosive growth of business on the Smartphone is perfect for leading your business through advocacy.

By tapping into the millennial smartphone mindset.

And exploiting the sales cycle reversal for your small business.

The good old fashioned referral is now volunteered on social media.

Small business can reap the benefits by using a Progressive Web APP

sales cycle
The sales cycle is reversing.

How to volunteer and lead a client on their Smartphone.

PWA smartphone marketing is instant and personal.

The secret is exceptional PWA customer service.

With a focus on immediate client response.

And a system to remember all the touchpoints of your customer journey to date.

two way comms
Two way comms and customer service is integral to a PWA

Use the APP in APP components within your hosting package.

By using social media as your primary business distribution ledger.

Offer irresistible deals.

Shareable promotions.

Quiet time offers.

Encouraging social media APP to APP share.

Social media share
Shareable Discounts and promotions

What has changed and why so quick?

Smartphones are becoming super dominant for small business.

The stats are phenomenal. source GMS 2020

And users are demanding new experiences that a website was never designed to fulfill.

Maltix is showcasing a new Google engineered APP called a Progressive Web APP or PWA.

A PWA is very light on its feet, and doesn’t clog up Smartphone memory.

In fact, it doesn’t need to be downloaded.

PWA’ s work without downloading. “touch it and you’ve got it technology

Super fast and actually works offline in tunnels or with poor reception.

A PWA gives the manager exciting two way options to engage a Smartphone user.

And distributes on its own merits through social media.

Why the PWA is perfect for small business.

Offers a quicker release time and connects lighting fast to an existing E-commerce store

Decreases the gap between businesses and customers:

Saves you from third-party APP store subscriptions:

Ensures you are not lost in the APP store.

Guarantees your APP is never deleted.

The old Native APP is toast.

Why the majority of older APP’s are deleted within a week.

Difference between PWA and older native APPS highlighted
Maltix fixed cost PWA development

Lancome Case study Data SourceGoogle

PWA blog volunteering client change using the two way technology of the PWA
Small business CASE STUDIES

Book a one on one meeting to explore more.

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APP to APP share

poor customer service

APP to APP share is earned from the customer service referral.

PWA provides customer service to delight the Millennial and Gen Z market
to create the referral.

Today Millennial’s, those born from 1978-1992, represent 32% of spending in the personal luxury market.

An APP is the route to market on the smart device.

The all new Google developed Progressive Web APP (PWA)

Increasingly your clients are the Millennial’s and Gen Z,s

Ignore their needs at your peril.

If you think your website has your customer service covered you are almost certainly wrong.

WHY is APP to APP share important ?

Immediacy using PWA

A PWA is lighting fast

Doesn’t need to be downloaded

As light as a butterfly for Smartphone memory use

Built specifically for the small smartphone screen

Loaded with Smartphone user friendly gadgets

Spits out notifications for deals and promotions

Acts like a one on one walkie talkie

Future connection ready

Defaults into action alongside a website URL

Works offline

Provides immediacy for Smartphone user engagement

Revels in A to Z business in just one place

Time to explore how to create fantastic referrals on social media from a new PWA to Social media APP’s

App to APP share from delighted clients on social media
APP to APP share on social media

Delighted PWA users spread your APP for you on Social Media APP’s

You earn their referral from customer service immediacy.

The referral is earned from excellent customer service

PWA customer service
Social Media

A PWA displays all the right signals and reasons for the Smartphone generation.

Embrace Smartphone customer service with a PWA and very happy clients will spread the word for you.

What has changed ?

Websites on the Smartphone can work alongside a PWA off the same URL

APPLE STORE and old Native APPS are toast.

Are you toast on social media ?

Old native APP’s have been problematic.

A) Has to be downloaded from an APP store

B) Extremely expensive to produce, get approved and host

C) Lost or hidden inside the APP store

D) Far too heavy on the Smartphone memory.

How important is the Smartphone generation in your business right now?

Today Millennial’s, those born from 1978-1992, represent 32% of spending in the personal luxury market.

By 2025 they are expected to make up 50% of the total market.

130% of market growth in the next seven years

Attributed to the Millennial and GEN Z generation


70% of time spent on social media
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Why do you let the telephone ring off the hook ?

PWA manage my data

Would you let the telephone ring off the hook ?

Think of every bit of data coming your way as an incoming telephone call.

A cacophony of noise !

Real time data should be used real time

Why do you let the telephone ring off the hook ?

The top benefits of taking data management free trials.

Logical data flow for your business is something to trial because its the next big step tackling customer service on the Millennial’s Smartphone.

Why do you let the telephone ring off the hook ?

Would you let the telephone ring off the hook ?

Drive down fixed and variable costs especially staffing

Improves field to office efficiency

Helps all staff focus on business touch points

Create smart customer service

Encourage Social media referral

Leap frog your competition

Identify where your incoming data is coming from:

Conduct A to Z business on your clients smartphone
Data collection management
Data collection auto management

Then start some free trials to see how cloud based data management will work inside your organisation, some prompts.

Smart Form pages

CHAT room


Smartphone text

Telephone call

Document signature responses


Social media channels

VIDEO responses

Smartphone multi-channels from PWA

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The combination of self help and customer service 2021


The combination of self help and customer service 2021

The entire website industry has focused on customer self help for many years.

website self help self service changed the sales cycle forever

From a business perspective driving down variable costs and allowing visitors to sort out their own problems initially sounded like a good idea.

The idea that expensive telephone support could be removed altogether was attractive to the board.

But unpleasantly attractive to the customer.

Many business fell on their sword, ask any bank just for starters.

Live ticket and a myriad of customer service tech evolved to help customer service.

CHAT rooms were embraced to provide customer service.

And then CHAT bots pretending to be a live support agent tried to solve the customer service problems of self help.

Now AI is all the rage.

And all along the most massive surge of change manifested.

The Smartphone USER.

In fact the whole idea of self help for the millennia generation suited their independent mindset.

Embracing self help smashed the traditional sales cycle.

PWA blog

Millennial’s simply by-pass the traditional sales cycle.

Their focus is on the referral.

The kudos.

The love of immediacy.

The personal relevance.

The ease of passing the word on social media.

The purpose of the website is being changed by the Smartphone user.

The self serving business interests of big business was just like squeezing a balloon full of water.

The new Smartphone generation took the best bits and took their interest and their cash else where.

PWA customer service

Self help and the Millennial.

Websites deliver customer self help.

PWA provides customer service.

A PWA linked to your customer service portal opens up social media as a distribution ledger.

Why is PWA so attractive to the Smartphone user?

The make of their Smartphone is irrelevant, it just works beautifully at high speed.

It works offline.

They probably dont know its a PWA, its kind of like a cool baby website that doesn’t sit on their desktop taking up valuable memory.

They never have to delete it when their memory gets full.

It talks to them from nowhere with stuff to spread on social media like discounts, promotions, deals and tips.

They can respond for immediate reassurance or support if they need it.

Book appointments.

Cast their vote and send feedback.

The vouchers and discounts are one time redeemable right off their phone in store or online.

And all this incoming notifications are relevant to their purchasing habits.

Incoming and outgoing PWA notifications enables forwarding on social media.

From their hairdresser, their garage, their local pub, their shops of choice,their dentist, their estate agent,their church, their political party, their airline, their online bank their hobby group, their friends and their friends friends.

Recipients can forward it from APP to APP

Don’t need to download from APP store

PWA flies through social media unhindered.

How convinced are you that the future is PWA ?

Maltix has a FREE on-boarding process and a huge bundle of other stuff that might be relevant to your business for FREE.

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PWA investment
PWA investment

PWA link to google

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The sales cycle is over.

Or to put it another way:

The way you were trained on the Sales cycle in the past is over.

And if you think that your business is NOT related to sales, you better think again, and sharpish.

The sales cycle is over
Millennial facts

Millennial’s represent 40% of the workforce in 2021.

Within 5 years they will make up the majority of the workforce (75%).

21% of millennial workers have switched jobs in the last 12 months.

PWA customer service
Customer service has to be on a PWA

The Millennial has destroyed the traditional sales cycle.

The sales cycle is over.

Three points to grasp about the millennial on their preferred device, the Smartphone

  1. Familiarity with technology and research.

They overcome their own objections before they even contact you.

Already know their needs and completely trust online credibility.

They have pretty much already closed the sale, probably just looking for fulfillment.

Duplicitous about purchase relationships and the website is just a research resource

2) Have strongly independent mindsets.

Millennial’s generate their own lead on your behalf !

Often trust a strangers Social Media referral

They demand customer service immediacy.

They expect you to remember their previous correspondence with you.

3) Flexible in their communication.

Millennial’s have different communication preferences relying on new technology.

They flit from one platform to another and expect you to pick up exactly where they left off.

Creating a domino affect in the workplace without the right tools.

The sales cycle is over.
Record every touch point off your PWA directly to your CRM

The Millennial’s Smartphone sales cycle requires a PWA.

PWA connected to a CRM
PWA is a game changer BLOG link

So if the majority of the sales cycle is self service and the millennial numbers are so large and expect complete A to Z business transactions on their Smartphone.

Where does that leave you ?

PWA connected to a CRM
PWA for the smartphone user BLOG link

What can we do as a business to catch up quickly and inexpensively?

How to connect a PWA to a CRM

A ) Adopt a PWA immediately.

And learn to use the integral two way Smartphone communication platform it provides with Maltix support.

Build in all your business touch-points for A to Z Smartphone business completion.

PWA investment
PWA investment

B) Choose a CRM

Capsule CRM training from Maltix
Capsule CRM with Teams FREE 2 MONTH TRIAL

C) Connect everything to your client records with FREE Maltix support

Connect PWA to CRM
PWA connected to CRM gives you control

The only part of the old sales cycle that is embellished by the Millennial ?

The referral is instant on social media.

Your PWA doesn’t need to be downloaded.

It’s as free as a bird on social media.

PWA customer service satisfaction refers your business on social media.
Social Media

Social Media !

Very happy clients refer your PWA link on social media
Your new leads come from nowhere !

Do you provide self help without customer service ?



A very important 10 minute read for business people.

Mobile e-Commerce sales expected to hit $2.92 trillion in 2020.

Store owners shop owners / agents can no longer afford to neglect the importance of having a mobile-optimised online store within a PWA as well as their website.

And when we say ‘store owners’ we mean anything related to stock and window displays all connected to the sale cycle.

Only very very happy clients refer your business on social media.

Look here
Alarming APP stats from Smashing ideas

According to Smashing Ideas, companies that switch to Progressive Web APP notice an increase from at least 20% by up to 250%.

Understanding how consumers are using their mobile devices in 2021

So before you get started on making changes adopting a PWA, read on for the latest and most relevant facts and figures to guide your strategy.

The most advanced smartphone communication device ever.

two way comms
Two way Comm’s and customer service is integral to a PWA

push and pull
Push and pull info and promotions with a PWA

In this article, we’ll provide you with important mobile statistics on key aspects of mobile usage for your store and Smartphone APP delivery strategy.

This is a 10 minute read and explains the dominance of mobile Smartphones and why the normal website simply cannot cope with he Smartphone users needs.

How Many People Own Smartphones?

3.5 billion smartphone users
PWA for customer service

There are currently 3.5 billion Smartphone users worldwide (Statista, 2019).

Considering the total number of people using phones globally is at 4.8 billion, that means that nearly 73 percent of them are users of Smartphones. 

This number is also rising rapidly with time, evidenced by the fact that just four years ago in 2016, there were one billion fewer smartphone users.

This is expected to rise to 3.8 billion in 2021, marking a 52 percent increase in a relatively short period of five years.

Time Spent on Mobile Devices

daily time on smartphone
Daily time spent on smartphone

Now that we have an idea of how many people own Smartphones, the next thing you need to know is how much time is spent using them.

People spend more time on their Smartphone than watching TV !

Time spent on mobile devices is forecast to hit just under four hours (3 hours and 54 minutes) in 2021

People Using Phones for Product Research

70% attempt product research on smartphone
70% attempt product research on Smartphone

PWA customer service
PWA customer service

This next mobile statistic will show you how mobile devices influence consumers’ product research process.

The latest mobile usage statistics.

Nearly seven out of ten internet users say they would look for customer reviews on their phones while in-store before approaching an employee (e-Marketer, 2020).

And researching product reviews isn’t the only thing mobile users are doing in-store.

58 percent of them are also looking for other products similar to the ones they’re thinking about purchasing.

And 55 percent are looking up product specifications.

Such mobile usage statistics highlight the importance of providing consumers with a positive super fast mobile PWA experience.

Half of them have already included it among their most important customer engagement strategies using product specific QR.

Product specific QR
Connect specific product info in store to QR

Mobile Shopping 

APPs on smartphone
Two thirds of smartphone users use APPS to purchase

More than half of internet users use their mobile phones to purchase products online.

Not only are people using their mobile devices to do product research, but many of them are also using them to carry out purchases. 

The latest mobile statistics hint at a high reliance online shopping on their mobile devices particularly Smartphone friendly PWA 

Millennial’s shop on their mobiles the most.

Nearly two thirds having purchased a product online with their mobile phone in the past month.

That’s just a touch higher than 55 percent in the 16 to 24 age group.

In comparison, over 40% aged from 55 to 64 have also done so.

With so many people doing mobile shopping, as an E-commerce business owner, you should consider prioritising your mobile PWA optimisation strategy.

A PWA is specifically built for the needs of the Smartphone user.

Users who have come across a negative experience on a mobile website are a lot less likely to buy from that business

The Option of Mobile Shopping

poor customer service
Poor customer service on smartphone

Many shoppers consider the a poor customer service immediacy as a deal breaker every-time.

So if you’re still not convinced of the benefits of setting up your e-Commerce offering for Smartphone mobile commerce using a PWA, consider this statistic:

Almost six out of every ten shoppers say that being able to purchase products on mobile devices is a key factor when it comes to choosing brands or retailers to buy from (Google, 2019).

A PWA strategy ensures available via your website for PC users.

AND availability and interaction to Smartphone users via a PWA off the exact same website address !

A PWA snaps into action dramatically quicker than a website and provides all the needs of a Smartphone user with no bother.

Mobile Time Spent With Digital Media

70% of time spent on social media
70% of time spent on social media

PWA customer service
PWA customer service

Smartphones currently account for 70 percent of the total digital media time. (Comscore)

Using social media as you distribution ledger
Delighted customers distribute a PWA so easily, it doesn’t live in the APP store !


These mobile usage statistics can help you craft a mobile-first PWA strategy that will propel your business forward with higher engagement and stunning referral.

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All property agents.

QR codes for property agents

Get professional property video from your Smartphone to your clients Smartphone via QR code.

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Momenzo how to video
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connect to QR
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No splash no cash

I learnt this phrase from a very successful fruit and veg market trader back in the 80’s

The effort they used to put into display before the market opened was epic.

With all the high street changes and pressure from the internet, now is the time to focus on your shop window displays.

But like they said on Star Trek years ago “It’s lifeJimbut not as we know it”

How to turn your shop windows into a smartphone feast using QR code .

No splash no cash:

This is how you turn your shop windows into a Smartphone feast.

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Connecting the Splash to the Cash

A tiny window display in the back streets of Venice.

No queues because of their ultra fast service ethic.

If it looks wonderful you want to buy it.

With QR codes connected to professional Momenzo videos, you invite a visual feast.

Smartphone users love visuals and QR is the easiest way to deliver that.

Turn your Shop windows into a Smartphone VIDEO MECCA

Retail is detail- How to join up to 200 QR shop window codes on a 12 month programme with Maltix.

QR to Smartphone video
QR to Smartphone video solutions

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Seven Progressive Web APP statistics.

Free advice

What are some of the most important PWA statistics that we should pay attention to in 2021?

Businesses that switch to PWA notice an increase from at least 20% by up to 250%.

Over the last decade, mobile consumption is on the rise.

According to Statista, the number of smartphone users in 2021 is estimated to reach the mind-blowing number of 3.8 billion worldwide.

This is over 50% of the entire global population !

But, if that was not enough to convince you, just keep in mind that adults spend on average more than 3 hours daily on their phones.

However, while the overall mobile consumption is undoubtedly on the rise, native apps, which used to be the pinnacle of mobile devices, are now slowly but steadily getting substituted by progressive web apps.

And today, we will see some key PWA statistics that prove it.

No APP store
A PWA requires no APP store

For those who are not familiar with the concept, progressive web apps, also known as PWAs, are web applications that behave and feel like a native mobile app.

And they don’t have to be downloaded from an APP store !

The key PWA statistics that we should all know in 2021!

1. PWAs have 36% higher conversion rates than native apps

In a study conducted by the TOP 30 PWAs report, the average conversion rate for progressive web apps was 36% higher than the one for native mobile apps.

The main reason why, as explained by Tom Karwatka, CEO at Divante LTD, is due to a curious phenomenon called the “mobile revenue gap”:

pwa statistics

This gap, as Tom explains in his article, is particularly noticeable in the retail industry.

Mobile traffic and consumer time on mobile are much higher than on the desktop.

However, despite the higher consumption of content on mobile devices, and the amount of time spent on it, ” mobile sales numbers are much lower.

According to Tom, there are numerous reasons why conversion on a mobile can be significantly lower than desktop, in some cases 2-3 times less, including:

  • Poor overall user experience on mobile.
  • Security concerns related to unknown sources.
  • Navigating through the app is difficult.
  • Challenging to see product details, or input personal data.
  • Can’t open nor browse multiple screens to compare.
  • Cannot use APP offline.

The majority of these issues, however, can be solved by switching from native apps to progressive web apps.

Because they combine the best ot both worlds – desktop and mobile.

And provide smooth mobile look & feel with the functionalities and user experience of desktop.

This explains the importance behind the first one of our essential PWA statistics – the higher conversion rate compared to native.

2. Progressive web apps register 50% higher customer engagement

two way comms
two way comms

Next on our list of key PWA statistics is the higher customer engagement of Progressive Web APPS compared to old native technology.

According to Smashing Ideas, companies that switch to PWA notice an increase from at least 20% by up to 250%.

This is a significant difference that often translates to increased revenue for businesses.

Some companies that noticed an improved customer engagement include:

  • Lancome – which registered 53% more mobile sessions;
  • MakeMyTrip – 160% more mobile sessions;
  • Twitter – 25% more pages per session;
  • Trivago – 150% more repeat visits;
  • OLX – 250% more repeat visits;

Considering the fact that 65% of users download zero apps on their phone.

It is no surprise that PWA’s, that allow them to access their favourite website in a smooth and comfortable way from their phone, are significantly more engaging.

And drive more revenue for businesses in the long run.

3. Businesses switching to PWAs notice a decrease in page loading speed of up to 10 times

Only the PWA is built for the tremendous speed for the Smartphone user.

Speed is one of the most important factors when it comes to smooth digital experience.

Studies have shown that 53% of users will leave a mobile website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

For this reason, next on our list of PWA statistics is page speed, and how companies can benefit from it by switching to progressive web apps.

Speed is one of the most exciting features when it comes to PWAs.

Combined with their capability of working in offline mode, they make it possible for users to access their favourite APP in practically any moment.

Some of the companies that managed to reduce page load time by switching to progressive web apps include:

  • Wego – the travel booking website decreased their page loading time from 12 seconds to between less than 3 seconds, in many cases even less than 1 second;
  • Twitter Lite – this PWA is interactive in less than 5 seconds over 3G on the majority of electronic devices, with 30% faster average load times;
  • Forbes – the homepage of this progressive web app loads completely in just 0.8 seconds;
  • ZEE5 – after launching a PWA to expand its reach, the streaming platform achieved 3x faster loading times, and reduced buffering time by 50%;
  • Treebo – managed to drop its median interactive time to 1.5 seconds;

According to these PWA statistics, overall speed is not the only thing that improves when companies switch to progressive web apps.


Another key speed aspect that improves is TTI, or the Time to Interact – in other words, the time until a user is finally able to interact with your page,

Even it hasn’t loaded completely yet.

This is due to the fact that PWAs use the so-called “service worker” cache to store detailed information and the features of the app so they can load immediately once the app is accessed.

4. On average, PWAs cost 3-4 times less than native mobile apps

Drive down variable costs
Stay competitive using a PWA

Another mind-blowing fact from our list of PWAs statistics is the cost for development of a progressive web app compared to a native mobile one.

On average is 3-4 times less to build and host– but it can reach up to 10 or even 15 times in some cases.

Building a regular app from scratch is usually associated with high development costs.

Especially if the app is more complex and requires advanced features.

Additionally, the fact that each APP store and operating system require a completely separate development only adds to the cost.

In monetary value, this can mean an APP starting from £10,000 for a single app store !

In comparison, a Maltix PWA is significantly more affordable to manufacture and host.

The same development works for all APP stores and operating systems at once.

5. Progressive web apps cost 33% less to maintain

PWA from Maltix
Costs a lot less to build and host

Of course, when we are talking about costs, the investment for building your mobile presence doesn’t just end with the development of the APP itself.

It is just where it starts!

Once your APP has been launched on the market, you will have to continue providing an ongoing maintenance to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Maintenance for native mobile apps might require up to 20% of your initial APP development investment per year.

For example, if you spent £10,000 on building your native app, you could expect maintenance costs of £20,000 per year to provide a great mobile experience for your users.

Depending on the complexity of the APP, you could also incur additional costs for servers, bug fixing and updates, emergency maintenance, payment processing, push notifications, and so on.

Maltix is the first APP Company to offer fixed price APP build with fully inclusive features.

Free on-boarding
Incredible Bundle DEAL

According to various PWA statistics and studies, progressive web apps require 33% less maintenance costs compared to their native counterpart.

One of the biggest reasons why is because you don’t have to maintain different APPS across different APP stores – with their specialised development tools, coding languages and resources.

With a Maltix PWA, you only have to maintain a single web APP

Another thing to take into account is that a company that runs a website and a mobile app needs to maintain both, which typically require separate – and more expensive – maintenance.

And more often than not, it also requires hiring separate teams to work for iOS, Android, and web.

However, because PWA have multi-platform capability, the costs as a result are significantly lower.

6. PWAs can be up to 90% smaller than native mobile apps

PWA fact

Next on our list of PWA statistics is size.

One of the biggest benefits of PWA is that they are significantly smaller and lighter than native mobile apps.

The majority of them are no heavier than 1 MB! Let´s see some actual examples:

  • Twitter Lite – the progressive web app Twitter Lite is one of the best PWA examples when it comes to improved efficiency and customer engagement. The company managed to achieve a size of barely 600 KB – in comparison, the weight of the app in Android is 23.5 MB, and in iOS – the overwhelming 116.5 MB! By using fewer and cached data, and smaller media resources, Twitter was able to provide a lighter and more accessible app for its users.
  • Pinterest – another success when it comes to the efficiency and accessibility of PWAs is Pinterest, which managed to achieve a size of just 150 KB – compared to 17 MB in Android and 56 MB in iOS, it comes as no surprise that new sign ups increased exponentially, and time spent on Pinterest from mobile devices increased by 5%.
  • Starbucks – with a ultralight and fast progressive web app of just 600 KB in size, Starbucks has increased its daily active users by two times. In fact, the order rate from mobile phones is now nearly the same as the one for desktop.
  • OpenSooq – the new PWA of OpenSooq is only 28.3 KB, and it has improved the company´s engagement rate with a 25% increase in average time on page. Which, as a result, brought 260% more leads.

To sum it up, Progressive Web Apps provide a great workaround to the typical problem that many mobile users have.

The constant and highly annoying task of having to delete old apps to make room for new ones. 

PWAs are so light and practically don’t take any significant space on a smartphone.

You don’t have to worry about having enough space for it.

The amount of space that old native mobile apps occupy is one of the biggest reasons why people choose not to download them, unless it´s absolutely necessary.

7. The average bounce rate of a PWA is just 42.86%

To top off our list of PWA statistics, it is also important to notice that the average bounce rate for progressive web apps is barely 42.86%.

In comparison, an average mobile bounce rate is about 60%, the same one for tablets is about 49%, and for desktop – anywhere between 41% and 55%.

Of course, this will also depend on the industry as some industries will experience higher bounce rates than others.

PWAs register enhanced user engagement.

Faster loading times of less than 3 seconds, and a higher number of mobile sessions and page views compared to mobile websites, only shows that PWA’s are slowly, are substituting native mobile apps.

Are you ready to build your mobile presence?

PWA bundle DEAL
PWA bundle DEAL from Maltix

Maltix has all the right tools and resources for you.

If you are still not convinced after our compilation of PWA statistics,

With our premium pricing plans, you can also enjoy advanced features such as:

Included in production and hosting plan from Maltix

  • Multi APPS from a single account
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Easy distribution via email or link
  • Member login
  • Live Real time updates
  • e-Commerce integrations (including Shopify & Woocommerce)
  • Live chat
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Form & vote building
  • Countdown
  • Social account integrations

Third party additions for advanced PWA solutions

Enabling your customers to market your e-Commerce Store.

Using social media as you distribution ledger
Using social media as you distribution ledger

Marketing an e-Commerce shop is complicated and expensive.

Hiring marketing experts or becoming an expert yourself can feel like a never ending journey.

And probably an unwelcome never ending journey to boot.

Are you looking through the wrong end of the telescope ?

PWA puts the onus of distribution onto the clients to distribute on social media
Are you looking through the wrong end of the telescope ?

The reality of even the most simple e-Commerce shops.

A single online store is competing with about 20 million other stores.

Vying for the interests of 2 billion or so online shoppers !

Building an e-Commerce Shop website starts at around £6 k from the quotes we have seen banded about.

Then you have to fulfill the inventory inside the shop… ouch

With high street names disappearing like aeroplanes in the Bermuda triangle, retailing has become a complicated mix of virtual and real.

One thing for sure, marketing is incredibly complex and expensive.

Why are there so many experts forging a career in the marketing of e-Commerce ?

Its just a single link connected to a brand with stuff for sale right ?

Who are the real experts in marketing ?

Maltix people think the experts are the 2 billion shoppers out there.

They are the doing the donkey work of trying to find your store right ?

And the majority are shopping on their Smart device.

They estimate that over 20 billion Smart devices are now in the marketplace.

It comes down to the attitude of the Store owner

The store owner should focus on enabling their customers to market their e-Commerce store.

A huge departure from expending incredible effort simply to get found in the first place, wouldn’t you agree?

Inside the basics of a sales cycle, only very happy people refer your business to others.

That can easily be as low as 10%.

That referral used to be down the pub or over a dinner party with friends.

Referrals take place predominantly on social media these days.

Very often in the form of encouraged referrals.

Often daisy-chain referrals among complete strangers.

Vouchers, discounts, special promotions, referral rewards, QR, APP share

So what do we mean by enabling the customer ?

Influence your customers
Influence your customers to augment change in your business

The Smartphone is a talking device.

A smartphone user depends on natural two way communication.

Smartphone users engage in instant communication , on many platforms.

Many E-commerce stores actually have live chat at the checkout.

It’s that immediacy that helps create happy referrals.

Can a website fulfill all the needs of a Smartphone shopper ?

Lets take a holistic view of the e-commerce playing field to solve the riddle.

Visualise the APP as the passenger distribution for the masses.
An airport runway is connected to the sky.

Visually, think of social media as the airport runway connected to flight routes.

Think of websites as the freight carrier.

Visualise the APP as the passenger distribution for the masses.

What is the value of this approach ?

Every visitor is yearning for the right attitude from the store owner.

An APP is built for the two way conversation of the Smartphone user.

It provides the immediacy, reward and distribution runways for the masses.

The value is the referral and free distribution.

APPS are not anything new are they ?

Well actually yes, the new Progressive Web APPS (PWA) are very new.

distribute information
Distribute information and shareable promotions.

Older APPS were hugely expensive to build and two way technology was seen as an extra and not taken seriously.

All older APPS are stuck behind a Corporate firewall called The Apple Store.

The majority rarely get downloaded.

PWA is more like a baby website.

On or offline on a Smartphone.

A PWA is a website that has taken all the right vitamins to become an APP.

And its not distributed from a Shop.

A PWA is as free as a bird.

It has all the two way communication devices built into it from day one.

PWA costs 90% less to manufacture.

Fixed price production and hosting.

onboard for your PWA
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Now its affordable for small business for the first time ever.

And your PWA runs off the exact same website address as your store.

The link from your store sits on your PWA

Your PWA is now the distribution force for your E-commerce store.

Marketing e-Commerce stores on your PWA.

What 2 way communication and free distribution can a PWA achieve ?

Use PWA notifications to manipulate business needs directly with the client
PWA Notifications and SMS direct
SMS Use PWA notifications to manipulate business needs
PWA link direct to e-Commerce distribution by clients
PWA to shop
PWA live engage via CHAT
PWA single use redeemable coupons
for free distribution channels on social media
PWA coupon distribution on social media.
PWA QR direct with promotional ideas via paper
PWA link to QR codes
PWA single use redeemable vouchers from Maltix
PWA voucher redeem on social media
A PWA can be shared infinitely via social media. You just need to encourage it
PWA share
Ask your SEO expert to SEO your PWA
PWA loves SEO

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