Customer service on the Smartphone

Smartphone customer service

“You cannot manage what you cannot measure”

A new Holistic customer services approach to business with the Millennial generation aged 20 to 50.

We think that the majority of business people are fast asleep on this one.

It’s been a tough year:

Can we wake you from your slumber?

The components of a PWA
The all new Progressive Web APP or PWA

The Smartphone connected to a PWA offers an holistic solution and allows any organisation to manage their incoming Smartphone data professionally.

“With the CRM detailed to manage all scenarios it becomes an extraordinarily valuable repository for customer service”

The tools of a PWA in business
The tools of a PWA in business are ready for take off

The functionality is included in your Maltix PWA hosting package whether you see the value or not.

It’s there waiting for you to grow into it.

And we have an all inclusive long term advisory strategy for you.

We share industry specific best practice.

This schematic is a concise overview of all the possibilities from within your Progressive Web APP.

These are the components you can utilise to sequest and augment voluntary change in your business for customer service and profit.

Connecting your PWA to QR codes for the complete data management solution from Maltix
This is an indication of all possibilities from your PWA

Touch points are important when using the components of a modern PWA

Managing the touch points of your organisation on your clients Smartphone.

What is a touch point ?

Any encounter where customers and business engage to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions

Touch points are complex especially when you include the needs of the Millennial.

They expect you to handle EVERY touch point for their business in just one place.

Maltix builds your business touch points into your PWA.

We have a Free on-boarding process

Touch-points manage your clients needs and resolve potential customer service issues before they even start.

80% of your business touch points are on the Smartphone.
We say most small business’s are fast asleep understanding the needs of their Smartphone users.

Customer Service on the Smartphone.

What customer service are the millennial’s looking for on their device ?

What customer service are the millennial's looking for on their device ?

Opportunity to share on social media.

Added micro and macro value and reward, deals and promotions.

Instantaneous correspondence.

Immediacy with all your touch points.

Instant previous correspondence retrieval.

Ability to access your information off line.

A to Z completion of the sale on the Smartphone, including Telephony, CHAT, Form page, Bank, Documents signature, Delivery.

Millennial’s rely on the surety that all previous correspondence is remembered by you.

Your Customers and pre-customers are judging your competence.

Smartphone users judge your customer service on their Smartphone

This is the new Pantheon of business for the Millennial, you are being arbitrarily judged on customer service and your ability to manage their DATA from day one to completion.

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Free PWA on-boarding with Maltix
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QR code connected to a Smart Form page.

Start QR

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Connect QR to smart form pages and CRM

Maltix build you a QR code connected to a Smart Form page and CRM

We email all the code to you and you print it off.

You own the code and the deal includes 12 months secure hosting.

Connect Point of sale QR to smart form pages and CRM
Client’s point their camera to your QR

Two options of where you would like you clients information to go.

To an administrator or a Free trial CRM with Newsletter option.

Connect QR to smart form pages and CRM and newsletter
Completely automatic

You choose if you would like clients information to go to an administrator or your Free Trial recommended CRM

Your clients volunteer their information for a discount or promotion.

The Form page will securely record the clients wishes.

The code works perfectly on all printed or electronic marketing

QR code connected to a Smart Form page.

Connect QR to smart form pages and CRM

Purchase your QR/ Form page with 12 m hosting and connectivity.

Special DEAL connect QR to smart form pages and CRM

Connect QR to smart form pages and CRM
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Once you have registered, we will join your QR directly and hold your hand.

Free trial CRM connected to QR
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When we join it all up, this happens !

you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” 

manage incoming QR information on free trial CRM

And we have bigger DEALS for long term planning.

Connect QR to smart form pages and CRM 2021
12 month QR deals for business

Maltix offers a bundle DEAL on 200 QR codes over a 12 month period.

We connect each QR to multiple Smart Form pages of your choice and automate all incoming data to your CRM

12 month QR and smart form page deals from Maltix

All the help, advice and Consultancy you could possibly need is included in this deal.

Business push and pull, what does that mean?

push and pull

A marketing phrase that has incredible meaning when in the company of the Smartphone.

It’s an analysis of your business touch points.

And the reaction to the touch points your clients are engaging in.

Push and pull using a PWA

The predominant communication device for the majority of touch points is now the Smartphone.

The smart tech to engage the Smartphone user with your touch points is called a Progressive Web APP or PWA

What is a touch point ?

That depends on the kind of potential client you are engaging with.

You will almost certainly have many many more touch points if you are dealing with an engineer or mechanic for example.

Because of the detail they require to make a decision.

Or a nurse who has been trained to follow procedure to the letter and can only make a decision to a stick point.

Very often you have a combination of two work disciplines in a buying couple.

The solicitor is very detailed but her husband who’s an artist for example.

Do you know your business touch points?

Knowing your touch points decides on the push and pull requirements for each combination client you are dealing with.

Whats push ?

The pertinent information you garnish that is relevant to your business via the smartphone.

The tools within a 2021 Progressive Web APP

push and pull technology with a PWA
Click to see the tools or components of a PWA

I’m not in a sales job! Yes you are ..every job has an element of sale.

If you have people inside an organisation who are not fully aware of the importance of making clients or potential customers happy.

This is by definition breaking the sales cycle.

So knowing your touch points is one thing, but how do you ensure you deal with the clients needs ?

listening for touch points to engage a PWA effectively

Have you have listened and made a note of the clients objections, needs and requests ?

Or are you so busy with your spiel that you haven’t heard a thing ?

Pushing pertinent information to clients Smartphone requires a PWA.

Information, documents, deals, promotions, QR, vote, countdown, user feedback, Chat, SMS, notifications and lots more.

You name it, directly to their Smartphone.

Whats Pull ?

I’ts how you deal with the information that comes to you from the push.

Remember the PWA is using the internet as a conduit or a ledger.

A PWA has wings on social media

Your customers are engaging and sharing your PWA with their friends, colleagues and family on social media.

A PWA is never downloaded like the old APPS its as free as a bird.

The information coming into you can be from complete strangers looking to engage.

Or clients you are already deeply involved with.

PWA on your clients smartphone

Immediacy is 2021

How you deal with the incoming has to be precise and immediate.

This is not like an email coming in you can ignore for a few hours or days.

All the pull you have created has to be dealt with just like a telephone call

immediacy is the order for 2021 on the smartphone

I’ve Pushed I’ve Pulled on my PWA so where does this all go ?

Connecting a PWA to you CRM


Client relationship management CRM in the cloud

If you do not use a CRM now is the time with a FREE trial

Free support and advice on-boarding

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Panasonic exit the office telephone industry- why?

In a nut shell it’s expensive ancient history.

The telephone on the desk is rapidly disappearing.

Old Telephony doesn’t integrate with cloud based business systems such as a CRM

If a future office ever exists again, it will be with new APP based telephony.

Meanwhile, any organisation can adopt hosted phone systems.

So how does an APP based telephone system work ?

Your office number rings on your Smartphone, Smart device or in your PC headset.

You will never again get a crick in your neck trying to type and talk !

Crystal clear communications recorded inside your CRM ( It’s a choice )

Your CRM and Telephony APP are 100% integrated.

You know who is phoning you, it just pops up.

Answerphone messages are automatically converted to text on a notification email.

Your office times are whatever you decide them to be.

Maltix recommends a remarkably cheap UK based solution that integrates with a CRM

Check out some epic features for your business

Highly recommended and endorsed by Maltix


Free Circleloop APP based Telephone system that integrates with Capsule CRM
Free Circleloop trial click here

Highly recommended and endorsed by Maltix

Capsule CRM

Free Capsule CRM trial from Maltix
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A Leg up for the a savvy Salon

PWA wings

A highly recommended and hugely successful Third party APP for the Salon business is called FRESHA

So why does an APP come along and offer a booking and management system for FREE ?

A Third party APP sounds great doesn’t it?, after all its FREE !

Its got a cool booking system and a simple CRM.

The Fresha example in the Salon sector.

SALON APP case study
Case study link end of article

It has 50,000 Salons on board and manages over 2 million appointments.

A very successful APP you would think.

Salon APP case study on data

Old APP versus new APP comparison

Old and new APP comparison from Maltix

Just cast an eye on the feature comparison above.

The problem with 3rd party native APPS from maltix

Salons are using a restrictive piece of old technology.

And your client information, the life- blood of a Progressive Web APP you happily share with a FREE stranger ?

So what, its FREE right?

A reality check for the Savvy Salon

By using a FREE third party APP you are relinquishing your DATA and diluting your brand.

And you are never going to communicate with your clientele like you can with a PWA

Can you connect a native APP with a PWA ?

Why a PWA is better than an old native APP

Fresha native APP for the salon industry from Maltix
Adding a free third party APP to your PWA is nothing short of genius

Request an on boarding form, we arrange a time to go through it on Zoom or chat

Onboard for free PWA adice from Maltix

Basic smart form page advice, a free piece of cake.

A free piece of cake.

Yesterday I felt a little brave and went to a Mall Christmas shopping.

Probably a stupid decision with everything that’s going on.

But it was very quiet.

I was astounded,not to see a single shop using QR codes, not one !

QR code

Of all the things you can connect to a QR.

One is probably the most important.

A basic smart Form Page

Why is that ?

A QR can connect to all sorts of things, some ideas

What is a Smart form page so important ?

I stopped for a coffee and a sandwich and I have to say, they were using QR codes on their tables to show their menu.

No paper menus were available.

That’s good I thought, they are trying to make things a little safer.

But that was all, it just connected to their menu, missing a fabulous opportunity to collect email for newsletters or social media share or telephone numbers for SMS.

But you need a Smart form to achieve that.

A form that defaults to the menu after the client has filled in your requested information.

( For their benefit, of course ) maybe a free piece of cake!

Do you want a QR code that is connected to a Smart form page ?

A small step can have enormous consequences for change.

PWA’S are built for the fast fingers of a Smartphone user, with instant two way communication channels to market and manage change in your business or organisation.

Voluntary social media distribution of promotions, redeemable vouchers, coupons etc

This is what a Progressive Web APP can connect to

Connect a QR to a Progressive Web APP and something extraordinary happens on your clients Smartphone

Maltix provides all the tools of the trade for your journey with the Smartphone user using the new technology called PWA.

The old Native APP was so expensive, small business simply could not afford it.

The New Progressive Web APP is a fraction of the price with all the benefits and technology built in.

60% of your target audience is now on the Smartphone, latest.


Neglect their needs and you are .

How can we start ?

But we already have a website


You can add a Progressive Web APP to an existing website in tandem on the same URL


Build the website and the PWA as a one off on the same website URL


Replace an old website but cannabalise the good bits

The Smartphone user has radically changed the online business model in 18 months.

Creating a strong digital identity is at the heart of modern business.

Most businesses still do not understand the importance of having both a website and an app.

Just like old NATIVE APP development, creating a website is an expensive and drawn out process which often feels entirely out of your control.

Choosing a management back office platform, design/layout and then hiring a developer to put it all together can leave you at your wits end.

You will then often be reliant on going back to the same developer if you want to make updates or add anything new to the site.

Thankfully that’s not the case with Maltix.

So take 100% control

Your 2021 Progressive Web App PWA functions as a website too!

With many more Smartphone features and capabilities that you would expect from a modern site.

The design and structure of your PWA will remain the same when used as a website.

Keeps your digital presence unified and removes the need to fiddle around with settings.

A Maltix PWA comes packed full of features and components to improve both your APP and website experience.

These include Social Media integrations, member logins, video integration and more.

Maltix builds your PWA with extraordinarily low development costs using a new all platform code developed by Google.

We hand over 100% control directly to you and no techie required.

Remove the techie from your life forever

Your PWA has Noddy proof updating tools, you can work on your app and keep it fresh all on your own.

Noddy proof management
Simple management system run from your assigned common sense office appointee

No paying for consultation, design or update fees.

yes to no techies
Say yes to no techies

Maltix gives you complete control over how your app looks and works, now and forever.

Match powerful features on the fly helps to keep your PWA up to date as your business expands, grows and evolves.

Add and remove functionality as you launch new products and services.

Push updates and SMS to your customers to keep them on the same page.

Your Maltix built app will always be your app.

Say yes and on board for free today

Inclusive price £1218 including hosting.

Smartphone connectivity made in heaven.

Maltix PWA

Quick Response code is an old technology.

What has changed?

What QR can connect to has changed dramatically.

Smartphone connectivity made in heaven.

ITV have only just cottoned on today!

ITV started using QR today
800,000 QR downloads off the TV today!

Foresight for 2021

Some individual connection ideas you can use on the Maltix print code plan:

200 QR code deal on a rolling 12 month plan.

Tell us where you want to connect and leave the rest to Maltix.

12 month DEAL connecting QR training and support

Some ideas

Some ideas to connect QR on the Maltix QR print plan
Connecting QR to individual components.

Look what happens when you connect a QR to a Progressive Web APP.

Even more importantly, look where your business touch points are!

THE Smartphone !

Connect with your clients, their friends and their connections on social media or APP share.
PWA is the APP for the Smartphone user.

See how your clients can share everything on their social networks ?

Getting the picture ?

Remember, a Maltix Progressive Web APP is as free as a bird.

NO APP store required.

Market your business through your clients and their contacts on Social media and APP share.

Connect to your exact same website address ( no www. required )

Super duper fast connection
online or offline
PWA from Maltix
Align your website with a PWA on the same website address .
Align your Smartphone PWA alongside your website
Features and components inclusively priced with the Maltix PWA build deal
Blue icons are all available in the Maltix bundle DEAL.

Check out all whats included plus FREE trials in the Maltix bundle deal.

Old APP versus new kid on the block the PWA.

PWA and QR

Do we need a website or just a PWA ?

A fundamental question for 2021

PWAs are a sensible enhancement for mobile websites.

Compare old Native APP to new Progressive Web APP (PWA)

It’s a no brainer.

PWA smashes the pot
  • Maltix PWA’S
  • Build & launch in 10 days
  • Your own app for £39 per month
  • Distribute directly, bypass app stores, and install with one click
  • Business pays no commission on in-app purchases
  • Update the app immediately & as often as you’d like at no extra cost
  • Maltix build just one app that works across all devices and operating systems
  • Great social integrations for sharing and interaction
  • Works offline
  • Operating systems have no impact
  • SEO oh yeah

Don’t ask yourself Native app or PWA? that is a no brainer

  • Lengthy development process
  • Requirement to hire expensive developers
  • Create comparable features from £10,000
  • No built-in distribution. Place in the app store; takes up to 6 clicks to install w/ 20% drop-off per click
  • Business pays up to 30% commission to the app store
  • Delayed updates. Requirement to re-submit for lengthy app store approval
  • Expensive requirement to build an app for each platform
  • Limited sharing options
  • Works offline
  • Operating system updates can require re-submitting for approval and incur additional development costs.
  • Not SEO capable without serious extra cost

The question to ask yourself is much more startling

The question is much more fundamental.

Do we need a website or just a PWA ?

Do we need a website or just a PWA from 2021

QR codes with the new PWA

Success! You're on the list.

Why your website is Smartphone incompatible.

Smartphone incompatible

The Millennial smartphone savvy generation DUMP you in a split second.

And you dont even realise it !

Smartphone users are seriously duplicitous !

You thought your shiny website is perfect for your clients needs did you?

The savvy duplicitous Smartphone user

The 4 most common problems with mobile websites

  1. The structure of the mobile page is not simple enough to scroll
  2. The page content is not engaging enough.
  3. Pages are not set up for mobile functionality.
  4. The site lacks cross platform compatibility.

A PWA uses the same website address as your website.

This solution is an addition not a removal.

The 2021 solution right now is to get yourself a Progressive Web APP or PWA

A Progressive Web APP uses the exact same website address as your website !

Keep your website as is.

Cannibalise the good bits.

Not only do you keep the website as is, you cannibalise the good bits.

Why your website is Smartphone incompatible.

Some Examples.

An e-Commerce shop link for example.

Form pages that auto populate your CRM

Newsletter, Brochure and Blog links.

Digital contract or banking links.

Inventory database.

Imagery and Artwork.

Lots of stuff you have already invested in can be attached to your PWA.

We will discuss this with you when you on-board for FREE

Details of your CHAT Representative

Maltix free on-boarding also help you with the features and components that suit your organisation.

Features and components to delight your savvy Smartphone user.

With a big focus on customer service.

The PWA production cost is exactly the same for every Maltix client, all the rich features and components are included.

Your PWA will be built to address these Smartphone user points below.

Opportunity to share on social media.

Added micro and macro value and reward.

Instantaneous correspondence.

Connection to QR codes

Immediacy with all your touch points.

Instant previous correspondence retrieval.

Ability to access your information off line.

A to Z completion of the sale on the Smartphone.

PWA features and component benefits.

5 minute or a 15 minute read.

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