Can you afford to pay your staff?

Free advice

Not being able to pay your staff their wages on payday can spell disaster for your business and your mental well being.

Have you pre-warned staff of this ?

It doesn’t mean they will be any less angry or upset by the news.

But it won’t come as a nasty shock to them on payday.

Don’t be surprised if you are met with a hostile response.

Exacerbated with rumours of lay offs and redundancies from their friends and family.

Your employees are likely to be much more concerned with their own financial situation.

They will be understandably worried about how they will be able to meet their own bills.

Can you put your finger on a few things that might help ?

Not too sure how to go about it?

Perhaps you have suffered unexpected expenditure that has hit your cash reserves?

Have clients failed to pay you on time and this in turn has had a knock-on effect on your cash flow?

Back to basics for a minute, are you a business or a charity ?

Have you let late payment slip as a priority ?

Have you adopted an ‘everybody in the same boat mentality’ ?

What are you going to do about it?

An option to get cash you are owed

Into the business quickly.

Tempted to invest into the internet as your salvation ?

Thinking of asking a local website builder to give you a quote ?

Maybe you have already done that and received a truly bewildering response in a quote that brings water to your eyes.

If you could use the internet to dramatically reduce your variable costs and operate much more efficiently, would that be a good place to start ?

Reducing costs is just as effective as growing your business.

Except reducing your variable costs is easier and cheaper to implement.

Can we suggest you look at the internet in a holistic way.

In a way that does not require capital outlay.

That runs off your wi fi connection through the cloud.

And reduces payroll simply by implementing it ?

Knowing where to start is always tough.

Maltix started with a CRM

A CRM is like a central control for a TAXI business or Emergency Services, hierarchical in nature that records every piece of outbound and inbound communication.

It will compartmentalise and tag or log every piece of information for future searches.

A CRM is completely malleable to your organisation, like a piece of clay !

So cheap to rent, yet so powerful in driving down costs

Hugely drives down:

Paper wastage and time loss.

Drives up:

Staff efficiency

Customer service

If you have got to start somewhere, start here today, sign up for free trial with free support.

Debt collection services.

Debt collection

A subsidiary of Maltix UK and Malta ltd

Persistent, relentless, experienced Debt collection and documentation fulfillment services UK and EU.

Subtle, experienced and persistent DEBT collection services in the UK and Europe
Better in your bank account than theirs eh?

Maltix offices have a discreet specialist Debt collector at very reasonable rates.

We have over 30 years of Debt collection experience using proven methods of professional letter and email writing services.

An email and professional letter writing division.

With credit control letters and emails.

We specialise in the collection of monies.

And professional letter or email writing services.

Government documentation fulfillment
30 years experience, UK EU
Government documentation fulfillment
30 years experience

Official documentation fulfillment.

Quarterly subscription.

Rates are extremely good value with quarterly subscription for individuals at €5 per month  .

€25.00 per month for companies of less than 5 employees

Larger companies €50.00 per month.

Maltix-print offers a full letter writing/email service, filling out of Government forms or any other forms included in the quarterly subscription.

Debt collection services Malta and Gozo
Claim whats yours

Credit control services

Credit control services are charged by the number of letters.

Up to ten collection letters €10.00 euros

From 11 to 25 €20.00

25 to 35 €30.00

Additional letters can be negotiated.

Resolving difficult money collection issues at minimum cost
Resolving difficult issues at reasonable cost.
Beat those penalty deadlines with official documentation.
Beat those penalty deadlines

UK payment in Sterling

Euro payment in Euro.

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Encourage customers to distribute your business on Social media.

APP distribution

Leave the marketing of your business to the experts, your clients.

Do you feel like a Jack of all trades and master of none, ring a bell ?

Find yourself spending time on stuff that detracts from your core business ?

Got a budget for marketing experts ?

Or do you try to do everything yourself ?

Let’s look through the other end of the telescope for one minute.

Less reliance on a marketing expert.
Progressive Web App

Smartphones are now the majority route to business.

A Progressive Web APP is designed for the Smartphone user.

It’s like a walky talkie website that has taken all the right vitamins.

Invest in a fixed cost feature rich PWA with Maltix and watch your customers use social media on your behalf.

In other words, give your customers and potential customers the tools to distribute your promotions and communications.

Free up the real experts to market your PWA , your clients.

Whats wrong with spending time and money on website marketing ?

For years a whole swathe of small business has been sucked into social media alongside a website not built for the small screen of the Smartphone.

What changes with the deployment of a PWA?

Websites and old native APPS do not have walkie talkie technology inside them.

The Smartphone PWA actions instant 2 way communication.

Instant real time 2 way communication.
Chat in store

This type of APP is specifically designed to distribute.

And to be shared on Social Media without the need of an APP store.

Works offline on any device.
APP doesn’t need to be downloaded !

Using live notifications and SMS directly to your APP users.

Distribute one use redeemable vouchers.
Encourage your customers to distribute.

Guest lists

Responsive guest lists for weddings or birthday parties.
Book signing, Celebrity visit etc
Get creative!

Buy one get one free.

Use QR intelligently on paper or send via SMS or notifications
Not just for the food industry!

One off redeemable QR PWA codes sent via SMS and Notifications.

Watch your customers distribute, its amazing.

Free product promotion.
Shop with us today and get a coffee at Starbucks on us
Creative juice !

People like virtual cash.

Promotion terms and conditions on the back

Click the window or Social Media QR code for £20 off your next spend above £100.
Redeem online or in store.
Distribute on SMS and notifications.
Tell 10 friends and enter our free Hamper draw.

Contactless booking from QR or directly in APP

APP appointment
APP appointment direct from APP
Fill your quiet spots using SMS or notifications to PWA
10% off hair treatment Monday to Wednesday 11 am to 3 pm

Put social media to work.

Two way communication

There are 3.8 billion smartphone users now.

A sea of illuminated faces.

But what are people doing on their smartphone?

The answer is you never really know, except they now do everything on their smartphone.

If the smartphone user cannot use your services in the blink of an eye, you have lost their business forever.

You only get one kick at the cat.

In other words, if you want to do business through the majority business route these days, then you had better take the smartphone user seriously.

Why are most websites unsuitable for the Smartphone?

Put social media to work via social intercourse.

They were probably created on a large screen PC or MAC usually in WordPress.

Clunky and impersonal with no heart, just like a prospectus left behind at a trade show.

Websites are all about me me me, yawn yawn.

Anonymous contact pages and non existent reply services.

“We pride ourselves in replying to inquiries within 72 hours”


What makes the Smartphone user so different to the website user ?


Immediate interaction.

It is a phone after all !

Now now now.

Right this second response or I will disregard you.

The exact modern attitude from the smartphone user.

Maltix PWA

No interaction, no conversation, no business

Every part of the business transaction has to be executable from the Smart phone.

Or put this another way.

If you provide immediacy inside your business.

Actively pursue business through an immediate business mentality.

And provide the tools for the client to engage with.

How much business will we generate ?

Maybe you have heard of a sales cycle ?

The reward for making the client happy is the referral.

It’s FREE and generated by your own customers.

The Smartphone is perfect for happy customers referring your business ideas via social media.

Why is that not happening on our website ?

Because a website is not a Walky Talkie.

It does not contain the tools required for social intercourse !

What tools ?

Immediacy tools that are joined up in the core of your business operations.

Not a boring list of tools please, give me an example

A typical Estate Agent example.

House for sale !! look at my website me me me

Yeah, we know its hidden on the website database, it’s there somewhere.

Try this REF code phone office hours to make an appointment or send an email.

Smartphone user reaction



Smart Estate Agent using a Progressive Web APP (PWA)

House for sale !


Shop window, for sale boards, social media, website, paperwork, vehicles, emails

Luxury House Video Maltix PWA

Camera QR code here for video/ walk through/ floor plans/photos/ Geo code map

QR code and PWA distributed via Social Media.

They both have wings for maximum social intercourse.

Wow this PWA works when I’m in a tunnel on the train, cool it works offline

Maltix PWA

TING Chat, how can I help you, this is Sharon from Smart Estate Agents

SMS DING Notifications of other similar properties.

Real time PWA notifications of other similar properties PING Sunday morning.

Book an appointment online now with a REP

TWING – Here are your Reps details, chat now

TING Auto receive our track and trace form page for your safety.

KATCHING Share our Smart Estate Agents APP on social media for a free redeemable Coffee smartphone voucher.

SOOTCH Sign our digital contract here

SPLOSH Pay on our digital banking portal here.

KLONK Your digital keys are available here.

Now you know what people are doing on their Smartphone

Whatever your business be a part of this Smartphone revolution today with FREE on-boarding.

Looking to add another string to your Consultancy bow ?

Join the Partner programme

Digital signature benefits.

How to grow your business in a down turn using APP technology.

Benefits of Electronic Signatures | Ignorance isn’t always bliss

As the old saying goes, ignorance is supposedly bliss.

And as enjoyable (and easy) as it can be to turn a blind eye, it could mean costs to your business.

When it comes to clients, tenants, customers… Whoever.

When signing contracts, it can be a security sensitive issue if something seems unfamiliar.

Signer’s don’t want to feel that their deal could no longer be valid because of an electronic signature.

And businesses don’t want to feel that a client could easily walk away from the work and efforts put into the deal up until that point.

So it’s no shock that businesses feel that the tried, tested, traditional method is the safest bet.

This isn’t the case though.

Digital Contracts have been developed over a considerable amount of time.

With full EU and UK compliance.

Maltix wants to highlight the insecurities of using wet signatures…

How exactly is your document traceable…?

Benefits of Electronic Signatures

When using a pen and paper to sign a contract, how can you prove that person signed that document?

How can you prove it wasn’t forged…?

Signing contracts online means that a signer’s email address, IP address and geo-location are tracked.

This information makes it easy to link the person signing to the electronic signature, and is displayed as a certificate once your contract is signed.

Documents changed before or after signing.

Benefits of Electronic Signatures

How do you know that someone hasn’t tweaked a detail in that long contract they just signed?

How does your signer know that you haven’t changed something once it was sent back to you?

By sending digitally, you and your signer are both secure in the knowledge that nothing can be tampered with.

Information can only be input where you have specified.

Once signed; it’s done and dusted.

Filing is a costly losing game…

Benefits of Electronic Signatures

How do you store your documents?

Physical documents not only take up a lot of space but take up a lot of time when it comes to finding what you need.

One of the benefits of electronic signatures is that documents are kept in your Signable account which makes them searchable.

Now finding what you need takes seconds, and valuable office space is kept free.

And losing documents? You can’t misplace them from within your account.

Win win.

Restricted documents? 

Benefits of Electronic Signatures

It’s not uncommon for contracts to contain restricted information.

It can be difficult to restrict access to physical copies from employees.

In Signable you have the option to set teams and permissions.

Controlling who sees what without holding up team members from carrying on with their job.

Connecting your electronic documentation to other stuff.

Driving down variable costs is so important in business these days.

We cant make you read this, but its important that you at least take an interest.

You can join your digital signature into the heart of your customers smartphone

Your documentation can be distributed right off your Progressive Web APP

And signed documentation can store alongside your clients record in your CRM

If you still have any questions around the benefits of electronic signatures, we suggest a free trial

That way you can see how simple Signable is to use and how it will help your business…


Imagine a year from now.

Shop APP

Smart phone technology is incredibly disruptive.

And now it has combined with low build and running costs for the first time.

It has the ability to smash any proven business model in just a few months.

The change can happen so fast, all the clients from an existing business model can be stolen in the blink of an eye.

It’s customer voluntary, thats the problem.

Not a problem for the customer though!

Imagine a year from now.

The client is taking the marketing away from the traditional marketeer.

This isn’t about SEO, or Pay per click, or Blogs

It’s got nothing to do with advertising with Google Ads or Facebook.

Nor Instagram or any of the other social media.

In fact Social Media is simply becoming a distribution ledger, just like the blockchain.

So what change is happening with business adopting a PWA ?

Two way one on one communication.


The Progressive Web App costs one tenth to build compared to the old Native APPS in the APP store.


The technology that runs inside the new PWA is all included in its production.

A PWA is feature RICH inclusive and runs like magic on all Smartphone devices.

It ticks every single communication medium for the Smartphone.

Instant 2 way communication included.

It’s personal.


A PWA can be shared at infinitum on social media, it has wings.


A PWA doesn’t have to be stored on a users Smartphone.

It actually works offline with no interruption.

A PWA can connect to a QR code at lightning speed.


The PWA joins everything up.

A one stop spot for the Smartphone user.

Built specifically for the majority business communication device.

The Smartphone.

Affordable small business adoption for the first time.

Do you think Social media is professional for business?

How to grow your business in a down turn using APP technology.

Facebook is for amateurs ?

Instagram for voyeurs ?

Twitter for curtain twitchers?

Maybe you are right.

For years a whole swathe of small business has been sucked into social media alongside a home made website never built with the small screen of the Smart mobile device in mind.

Do you think Social media is professional for business?

There is a mountain of evidence that suggests their are two culprits who forced small business onto amateur social media.

One is 100% guilty my lord

The other is in redemption.

Apple and Google.

The first crude APPS were built back in the 90’s the build cost was stratospheric and developed for the gaming industry.Then along came Apple with their fantastic devices, the only trouble was they got greedy and the avarice was developed into the myopic APP store and NATIVE APPS

But it was the genius of Steve Jobs who actually stated this vision:

Open structure APP development for the Smart phone.

His death saw the death of the idea, it then became a closed shop to generate revenue for Apple.

A Corporate firewall with pretentious pricing and an overlord pricing structure to suck as much money out of small business as possible.

And the small business that could afford it , went with it because they had no choice.

So in other words the most important piece of software ever developed for the Smart Phone never took off in business, hamstrung and treacled down by two massive Corporations.

So why is the APP much more important than a website for business ?

Firstly, the telephone is a talking device yes?

The natural medium for business discussion and shopping.

Texting is associated with the smart phone.



Live notifications

Ability to share an APP via an APP

The first search engine friendly APP

An PWA that is never distributed from a store.

An APP as free as a bird, with wings.

How does this relate to my business?

Visually, think of social media as the airport runway and flight routes.

Think of websites as the freight carrier.

Visualise the APP as the passenger carrier for the masses.

The majority of joined up business is conducted on the mobile smart phone.

The evidence is overwhelming, just look around you.

How much does this investment cost?

So what has happened in a very short period of time that helps the APP be developed and hosted for 10% of the price the old NATIVE APP ?

So a development cost of £10k is now £1k

In fact Maltix are the first fixed price PWA Development Company.

Technology developed by Google that has fulfilled the original dream of Steve Jobs.

In fact Apple and Google are now in retro collaboration for the common good.

What is this new version called ?

Progressive Web APP commonly called a PWA

PWA APPS are built for the fast fingers of a Smart phone user.

With instant two way communication channels to market and manage change in your business or organisation.

The PWA is the cleverest thing ever invented for the Smartphone user and your reward is APP share across social media.

Grasping the benefits for your online and mobile phone business or organisation presence takes 5 mins.

Time to stop beating yourself up by trying to use Social Media effectively.

Invest in a fixed cost feature rich PWA with Maltix and watch your customers use social media on your behalf, spread your business on your behalf, share your marketing on your behalf.

Its a dramatic shift of faith, but lets face it, social media barely works for most small business does it? it so amateur, so yesterday.

Please share the wings

A business APP as free as a bird on social media

Share the wings

Click and connect with a free QR code

Contact tracing

Click and connect with a free QR code.

How to use your free sample within a contactless world in a sea of smart phones.

QR codes were invented by Toyota to track car assembly back in the 1990’s

These codes have not changed really, but what has changed is how we can use them in a contactless world in a sea of smart phones.

Most of us realise that the smart phone is core central to business communication yet we still hand out business cards and print prospectus and manuals !

So connect the print bit to the smart phone bit with a free sample today.

Connect a video, a form page, a newsletter, a contract, a business card, online booking, map, internet connection, website page, eCommerce shop, track and trace, menu,

Its actually endless and the perfect paper based tool to join to the smart phone

In just a second you connect

Give people a reason to connect

Create a call to action

kaboom !

Get your COMM’S in order with an APP based professional business telephone.

phoneless office

A state of the art APP based professional business telephone.

That means everybody in your organisation seamlessly access their COMMS right off their mobile phone.

Yep, you got it, not only can you easily go paperless these days you can go phoneless.

One less contact point to catch nasty diseases.

APP based professional business telephone.

Save money on your business comms with CircleLoop.

All your calls, numbers and features, all in powerful desktop and mobile apps.

Circleloop APP telephony is the perfect professional TEAMS telephone.

CRM integration for the homeworker and on the move.

Capsule CRM training from Maltix

CRM integration on the move.

Do you want to say goodbye to this forever?

Moving to a CRM that connects to PWA is the future of client management with Maltix support

Talk to Maltix, lets get your contacts into the CRM and set up your TAGS and hierarchy.

Set up the basics with you via CHAT

FREE 2 month TRIAL click HERE

CRM integration: Free help from Maltix

Moving to a CRM that connects to PWA is the future of client management with Maltix support
Bye bye

Today, we can record every phone call, email, purchase, form page, complaint, CHAT, payment, digital contract, everything between customer and company.

Sharing these interactions across your technology helps create a more meaningful overall profile of each customer.

Search any single daily transaction in the blink of an eye.

And it’s all made possible by integrating your CRM with your website and Progressive Web APP.

PWA build and support from Maltix
Passion and real person support in preparation for your digital office journey.
Maltix PWA pre christmas sale with bundle
Click image for PWA info with massive free bundle

A successful CRM integration produces better decision making, more empowerment, happier customers, and a stupendous return on investment.

£12 per month sound affordable to you ?

Moving to a CRM that connects to PWA is the future of client management with Maltix support
Goodbye and good riddance

What is CRM integration and why should you use it?

Your customer relationship management (CRM) is the heart of your business, the central repository of customer data.

It’s crucial you bring in data from other customer touch-points like marketing, service, live chat, and eCommerce.

This creates a deeper understanding of each customer, their interactions, issues, behaviours, likes and dislikes.

How CRM integration works

An integration operates something like online dating: two parties, using a go-between platform, connect and share details.

Chicken and egg
PWA first or CRM to manage the data first ?
Start your free trial

Get a quality CRM into your life on a free trial.

Talk directly with Will Nicholls MD of Maltix
Your Free trial with Chat
Free CRM trial with free support
FREE for 2 months with FREE support then £12 per month

UK support times.

Chat with Maltix about using a CRM and PWA now
Start the ball rolling today on CHAT



CAPSULE CRM connected to your Maltix PWA APP keeps all data in one secure place for hierarchical searchable access from any device.

Even a small organisation has complex interactions with a complexity of clients.

Scale-able architecture is important.

A CRM is like a central control for a TAXI business or Emergency Services, hierarchical in nature that records every piece of outbound and inbound communication.

But its deeper than that because it will compartmentalise and tag or log every piece of information for future searches.

A CRM is completely malleable to your organisation, Maltix will help you get up to speed.

The same central secure system for all staff members.

Recording everything outbound and inbound via a Capsule CRM is incredibly cheap to run, it can be operated from disparate offices or on a mobile device via the APP.

And managed accurately and remotely through stunning reporting systems.

Connect a Capsule CRM to your APP to handle and record all incoming and outgoing DATA.

Every piece of technology can be connected to your CRM.

Your new Progressive Web APP is no different.

Maltix distributes CAPSULE CRM training videos here are examples:

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello organisation

Even a small organisation has complex interactions with a complexity of clients.

Don’t spend time sifting through emails or juggling multiple spreadsheets.

With Capsule, you have a home for all your contacts and their key information.

You’ll even be able to see the whole history of your relationship with a contact – including email, calls, files, notes and more.

Bring your contacts with you

We will help you import your existing contacts with an eye on GDPR.

We support the following Outlook, CSVvCard, Google Contacts, Spreadsheet