How to get the APP you want

Professional WPA business APP

An information video from Maltix based on looking at existing APPS

How to get the APP you want: An information video from Maltix based on looking at existing APPS

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APP that distribute on social media.

Shop APP

An APP that distributes like a firestorm on social media.

Driving down your variable costs

Distributed by your clients and customers because of the amazing features your encourage them to share.

Its Groovy, fantastic value and will utterly out perform your website on the smart phone

Lets get your business into the heart of your clients phone.

Lets get your APP right next to the Facebook APP on your clients phone

Old NATIVE APPS in the APP store

Professional WPA business APP

Why the old NATIVE APPS in the APP store are toast.

The WPA APP ( Progressive Web App ) is a trailblazing GROOVY APP that sits right next to Facebook on your clients phone and distributes like a firestorm on social media.

The mobile device is a safe place for everybody.

In fact, one of the reasons why web standards take long to implement is because of their secure implementations.

This means there is a blinding alternative to Google and Apple App Stores for customers to take advantage of the recent PWA APP Development team at

There are no security advantages offered by old fashioned and expensive Native Apps in the APP store

https:// is standard hosting on any Maltix produced APP !

Apple Pay is just another payment provider. The web has been monetised for over 25 years and the ability to receive money online is now easier than ever, especially within new PWA APP’S

There are options for a third party payment gateway integrations such as real-time credit card methods, ACH, PayPal, STRIPE and many others.

Therefore the monopoly on monetisation has evaporated and APP STORE APP’S are now TOAST.

Taking advantage of these low costs (less than a 3% of your sales) is a significant saving compared to the Apple Store charges of up to 30%

Including direct notifications that pop right up on your clients Smart phone.

CHAT rooms, real time updates

appointment scheduling

eCommerce integration

member logins

user feedback

form and vote building


Some APP’s really making a difference, have a look


Each APP example here built using the Maltix Tech team in the UK and now available anywhere in the world !

We work directly with clients or through third parties.

Many marketing companies now recommend WPA APP’s for search engine optimisation and social media advertising. Just throwing your APP into the APP store is ancient history.

For ideas CLICK on the navigation on each APP and see their individual drop down menu, most have 10 to 20 pages to give you some ideas how your APP might navigate.

Many APPs we build for secure groups for example a hospital , a trauma ward ,a doctors surgery or a private investment group.

Here are examples of a home page that immediately verifies subscription and log in area to push notifications.

We supply you with a data collection sheet to supply text, images, video etc and all the support you require pre production.

We price right out of the trap, give us an idea and you get a price.

We will then sign off each page with your prior to construction and add any technology we have discussed in our correspondence including Newsletter technology or CRM data management.

Claim an important little space on your clients phone.

Professional WPA business APP

What APPs are on your phone? Probably not too dissimilar to most other peoples phones.

Probably Facebook, Linked in, weather, email, Sky or BBC, Zoom, Banking and a whole bunch of others you haven’t opened for ages.

I hate to break this news to you but over 90% of APPs never leave the APP store, they are lost in space behind a hopelessly outdated and seriously expensive Corporation firewall ( iOS )

One central distribution point is a crazy idea that somehow took off with the sales of I phones and I pads.

Then of course you have the added complication of Android and the massive growth of business on the mobile device.

SO listen up.

Google invented WPA recently (Progressive Web Apps)

For the very first time in APP history we can provide an installable, App-like experience on any desktop whilst taking a mobile-first Approach for a fraction of the cost of the old NATIVE APP in the App store.

This becomes possible thanks to the use of a single code between all platforms.

“These Maltix produced Apps aren’t packaged and deployed through stores, they’re powerful little websites that took all the right vitamins…”




LIVE REAL-TIME UPDATES and client notifications

DIRECT DISTRIBUTION through your website and social media

BREATHTAKING cloud integrations for example Shop platforms