“I am beginning to realise by Payroll is out of control”

Something that’s not at all obvious in ordinary circumstances, but as the screw continues to turn over the next few months and years, NOW is the time for decision making.

Early decisions will make a real difference

If you do what you always done your gunna get what you always got.

Granny Vincent

But I’m not motivated enough yet to make changes, my mind is closed, I’m not sure.

Then why are you reading this ?

Talk to a change expert today for free and lets think about placing cloud technology into your business to dramatically control costs.

Will Nicholls Director Maltix.co.uk

Moving your business to the Cloud is a bit like re building a motor car.

You have a large choice of components to choose from and the suppliers are all over the world.

Jaguar E Type 2 year project.

Sure you can buy the Haynes manual and through a lot of pain trial and error, eventually get the car on the road.

Most people take their car to the garage who have the experience to avoid the grazed knuckles and temper tantrums.

Maltix offers a fast garage service to get your cloud business vehicle on the road and running smoothly and profitably as soon as possible.

Once you start, the journey embarks on a logical course of efficiency savings, business simplification , survival and future growth.

The Components can be purchased in the Shop as the project evolves.

Lets start with a FREE Map for the journey

Wouldn’t the check out girl chat when a client is purchasing in store ?

Human or Virtual interaction at the checkout

So why haven’t you put CHAT in your website?

DID you know ?

Your checkout can have a virtual assistant 24 /7 !

You can have Video and Voice screen sharing ! WOW

You can hire live agents for £1.50 an hour !

You can have auto translations into dozens of languages !

You can have in chat payments in your store !

You can integrate chat directly into your shopping cart !

Put live chat into the heart of your online business.

Apps are replacing websites why?

Because 55% of all websites are accessed through a phone.

Not a happy experience for most people, modern folk don’t mess around, they want it instantly on their phone, with an order now pay now mentality.

An APP is different, its designed to work on a mobile phone, its specifically designed to intermingle with all social media especially Facebook.

And the phone owner deliberately adds the APPS they want to their mobile phone

Why ?

Because their hairdresser has realised and had an APP built for them to book a haircut.

Because their garage has taken the care to build an APP and sent it to their clients to book a service or an MOT or free carwash with next petrol purchase promotion.

Because their Lawyer has digital contracts and can conclude business in seconds.

Because their local shop has connected their web store to their APP and the client can get a delivery.

Because the Driving instructor can manage his booking calendar and can convert happy newly passed clients into new clients via social media.

Because the Indian restaurant can SMS their clients through the APP to manage their order times.

Need I go on ? Special deal £199 including first months subscription of £11.99

So where’s your APP ? BOOK HERE

Some common signs that your wage bill is out of control.

Using a daily or weekly book keeper

High Accountancy fees

Printers in your offices

You employ a Techie

You have a server in your office

You visit your bank regularly

You allow email on employees PC

You employ a payroll person in your offices

You send bills in the post

You still use cheques

You use Bank POS machines

Streamlining your business for survival is no longer something for the future


Lets have a chat 07397901597 or 0035679914000

Apps are replacing websites

A couple of FACTS

99% of website traffic goes to 1% of all the websites.

80% of Apps in the APP store never get downloaded

So why build an APP and put it in the APP store , that doesn’t make any sense does it ?

Especially when 60% of all traffic is now conducted directly through the mobile phone


Why not build an APP that’s 2020 generation that sits on your clients phone nestled alongside your clients SKY and Weather APP ?

Now you have invested in a bit of tech that is permanently ready and waiting to serve you client personally.

Sounds better doesn’t it ? Oh yeah baby

Get started on a £99 learning call

£11.99 monthly

The Logic of joining a clients mobile phone to your business.

What APP’S are on your phone?

I’m guessing Sky news, Facebook, Linked in, What’s app, Google photos, Zoom, Weather and maybe a few more.

So how many times a day do you pick up your phone ? shall we just say lots !!

So, maybe you are a professional, a Lawyer perhaps or an Accountant or an Estate Agent or Conference organiser.

Or maybe your the shop around the corner or a hairdresser or a car mechanic, gym or the odd job man, driving instructer or a restaurateur.

Lets say what you do or how you make a living is irrelevant because if your APP isn’t nestling alongside the Facebook app or the Sky News APP on your clients phone then ask yourself why not ? 75% of the entire world own a mobile phone.

APP’s are replacing websites, lets repeat that more audibly ………. Progressive Web APPS ARE REPLACING WEBSITES !

Until now, APPS have been ruthlessly exploited by tech companies as expensive and difficult to develop and even worse, 80% of APPS in the Apple store never make a sale!

Not any more, you can create an amazing APP perfect for your business to do business directly on your clients phone for a training fee of £99 and then £11.99 per month subscription.

Maltix will teach you to build your own app in no time like this one! Barber shop


The recommended Maltix platform is a unique mobile app creator with a wide range of features and components to help you develop a fully responsive app that will boost business.

Anyone who wants to build an app (which, by the way, also functions on desktop as a sleek website!) with absolutely no coding or previous developer skills required.

These apps are intuitive and straightforward to use, bringing significant benefits and potential to your brand or organisation, thanks to a comprehensive range of features that you’d usually have to break the bank for a developer to create.

Sign up for your £99 training and your shiny new app will be up and running in one day.


Every app comes with a guarantee of these powerful core functionalities:






From your subscription platform, you can distribute your app directly to your customers via SMS, email, social media, a widget on your website, or even a QR code.

They get the link, they click on it, they have the app easy !


Your apps are more shareable via SMS, email, or social media.

Maltix apps work across all devices and OS types, they can be shared across previously incompatible devices. So there’s no stopping it…it really can go viral!

Private sharing is also possible


Make any changes you want to your app, hit the publish button, and see those changes appear in real-time.


Contact Maltix today and get access to features including: