Maltix: let your data flow

Our purpose is to save your business money and help you to stay compliant.
Maltix people are a connected group of business graduates with a passion for Cloud technology and the benefits that this brings.
We believe in renting and operating proven business systems in the cloud to measure and manage your business.
We believe that employing techie folk in the office is outdated because the joined-up components in the cloud provide all necessary support remotely.
We believe in automating your core business systems by connecting your customers through their smart devices.
We believe that traditional office and booking systems have changed and uncompetitive business practices are holding back growth and prosperity in your business.
Cloud systems head the crusade for happy staff, happy customers and profitable business.
“A big part of our business is telephone based. Switching to app based technology in the cloud has saved us an absolute ton of money.”
Maltix people solved our internet jigsaw puzzle in the most dramatic fashion, we are focused with happy staff and are profitable again.”
Beautiful seamless integrated technology